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Haitian Church Thanks US Supporters for Wire Transfers

Douglas Burton
February 2, 2010

Unificationists in Haiti are buying food, water and clothing with thousands of dollars of cash shipments from the Unification Church in the United States, Rev. Theodule Paul reports in an email to

The funds allow the church to extend aid to thousands of church allies who also are quake victims. "We have our own problems but we have also many people [who] depend on us -- many Christian ministers, many Ambassadors for Peace; really many other Associations visit us with hope to receive some help," Reverend Paul writes, adding: "their situation is so terrible that we have the obligation to help and to share what we have with them."

The stench of decaying corpses of some of the 200,000 victims of the quake continues to plague the residents of Port au Prince: "Many of the collapsed buildings hide dead bodies. The streets smell of death. The officials of the [national] government or municipality are really incapable of insuring the demolition of collapsed houses. Even our church center presents a real danger for us, because it could fall on pedestrians at any moment."

Unificationist Evelyn Drake of Tampa accompanied a team of 14 doctors and nurses that arrived in Cap-Haïtien on the North coast of Haiti, 120 miles north of Port au Prince, on Monday, February 1st, according Richard Sapp, Director of Disaster Relief Services of the International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF). Mr. Sapp and other IRFF volunteers partner with Christian Disaster Response, a nonprofit specializing in humanitarian relief operations.

Reverend Paul thanks the worldwide church community, writing: "We want to tell that we continue to count on you, we believe that God and the Spirit of our True Parents will always be with you and your families. We all thank you for your great generosity." 

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