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Looking At 2009 In Review

Doug Burton
January 11, 2010

It was the year of the book, the ballroom, and the Marriage Blessing. Seeds of change sown by new appointments in 2008 bore good fruit in 2009 as the True Children stepped up to leadership challenges in Korea and the United States.

As True Father himself announced again and again the year was significant for being the year of the Coronation Ceremony for the Liberated Authority of God as the King of Kings, the publication of True Father’s autobiography, and True Parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. It was also the year that weighty leadership responsibilities were carried by Rev. In Jin Moon in the United States, Kook Jin Moon in Korea and Japan, and Rev. Hyung Jin Moon in Korea and around the world, who collectively took the movement into a new era of professionalism, pride and transparency.

True Father’s autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, was a bestseller in Korea for months, and surfaced in an English translation in Washington with much fanfare on October 1.

It was a year of marriage blessings. While the January 31 and November 16 blessings were mostly for young members, the October 14th Universal Blessing Ceremony was a special event attended by all Blessed Families around the world. Respectful media coverage of the January blessing by newspapers in Denver and Baltimore raised eyebrows. Mainstream media woke up to the succession issue at the time of the October Blessing in Korea and produced scores of stories on wire services and in daily newspapers around the world.

In Korea Rev. Hyung Jin Moon raised the banner of the “Unification Church” on the headquarters building and personally led a grassroots witnessing campaign. In his four-city speaking tour in the United States, he asked for Unificationists to fully support True Parents’ efforts and to pray for those who had forgotten who True Parents are.

In the United States, Rev. In Jin Moon launched Lovin’ Life Ministries, anchored by a national worship service in Manhattan that combined Unification theology, the Bible, personal anecdotes and the insights of world religions topped off with the production value of a rock concert. Her handpicked band was professional from its first performance on April 12, and its vintage traveled well to Las Vegas in September and to Chicago in December. Church members got onto their feet and learned to dance under the hands-on instruction from Arianna Moon, Rev. In Jin Moon’s daughter. Rev. In Jin Moon refocused the American Clergy Leadership Conference and the Women’s Federation for World Peace on her vision of a rising generation of peace with good effect.

Under Rev. In Jin Moon’s administration, the website got a facelift and a new emphasis on professional reporting. In August the website opened a members’ login feature that limited access to internal church communications to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Witnessing Summits of 2008 blossomed into new brands of workshops in 2009 that emphasized dialogue, experience and self-discovery.

In Japan, Kook Jin Moon, guided the Japanese church to renew its fight against religious persecution by launching an unprecedented public awareness campaign aimed at the problem of kidnapping and forced confinement of members. Mr. Toru Goto, Japan’s celebrated victor over confinement, made three speaking tours in the United States and was introduced to large audiences by Rev. In Jin Moon. During the year, evangelical outreach in Japan proudly proclaimed the Founder’s name. Fundraising offices were reformed to comply with best-practices standards.

Time will tell, but there is plenty of evidence that the year of 2009 was a stepping-stone to greater things in 2010.

True Parents 2009 Events

Jan. 15, 31: Coronation Ceremony for God’s Liberated Authority as the King of Kings (in Korea on Jan 15 and 31, at the Manhattan Center on the 31st)

Jan. 31: True Parents Officiated over Inter-religious Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing Ceremony

March 27: True Parents celebrated True Parents Day in Las Vegas

April 11: Golden Wedding Anniversary (True Parents’ 50th Holy Wedding Anniversary)

April 21: Attended Round-Ball Tournament held in Korea

June 1: Autobiography celebration speech given at Convention Center in Seoul

June 4: True Parents Spoke to members at Original Diving Principle Workshop in Las Vegas

July 3: True Parents Celebrate 19th Declaration Day of God’s Eternal Blessing at East Garden

July 4: True Father celebrated U.S. Independence Day at Manhattan Center

July 7: Gave speech at East Garden during Hoon Dok Hae, which would later be known as “Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage”

July 24-Aug. 2: Attended Peace Cup tournament held in Seville, Spain

Aug. 31: 21st Ceremony for the Settlement of Eight Stages celebrated in Las Vegas

Oct. 1: 12 -hour Hoon Dok Hae at Sheraton National Hotel; Autobiography Party for diplomats and friends in government

Oct. 3: Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World celebrated at East Garden

Oct. 14: Universal Blessing Ceremony at Asan, Korea, worldwide participation

Nov. 16: Second Generation Blessing in Korea

Dec. 16: True Father spoke to church members, ministers and VIPs in Las Vegas rally

Hyung Jin Nim 2009 Events

Jan 31: Gives Blessing Address at Inter-religious Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing Ceremony

March 28: Spoke to members in Las Vegas

July 29 - Aug. 7: Offered condition of 21,000 bows

Sept. 1 - 6: Four-City American Speaking Tour together with In Jin Nim

Nov. 17: Inauguration as International Chairman of Universal Peace Federation

Nov. 24: Interview published in Joong Ang Ilbo daily in Korea

Dec. 19: Officiates at Blessing Ceremony of 1000 couples in Taipei

In Jin Nim 2009 Events

Jan. 30: Gave landmark speech to ACLC Convocation

Feb. 22: Completed 12-district USA listening tour

March 22: Organized Memorial Service on the Occasion of One-Year Anniversary of Hyo Jin Nim’s Ascension

March 28: Read True Father’s speech on True Parents’ behalf in a 1200-person rally in Las Vegas

April 12: First Sunday of Lovin’ Life Ministries at Manhattan Center

Aug. 4: Inaugurated Hero Hernandez as CARP leader (chosen by True Father)

Aug. 23: Introduced Mr. Toru Goto at Sunday Service

Sept. 19: spoke to Women’s Federation and introduced Toru Goto

Oct 1: Introduced True Father at Autobiography Party in Washington, D.C.

Oct. 23: Addressed WFWP Convention in Las Vegas

Oct. 25: Gave LLM’s first West-coast service in Las Vegas

Dec. 4: Hosted the Ambassadors For Peace Awards Banquet at Manhattan Center

Dec. 16: Introduced True Father at Las Vegas rally

Dec. 19: Addressed True Family Values Banquet in Chicago

Dec. 20: Produced Lovin’ Life Service in Chicago

Dec. 27: Lovin’ Life Service simulcast to 110 churches nationwide

Other 2009 Events

True Parents appointed Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim as continental director of North America region 1

Original Divine Principle workshops held in Las Vegas Toru Goto made three extended visits to the United States to promote the cause of Japanese Unificationists whose human rights have been violated

ACLC rallies for prayer at Ground Zero on 9/11 

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