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First Day of the Original Divine Principal Workshop in Las Vegas

Douglas Burton
June 8, 2009

The city infamous for Original Sin is hosting the Original Divine Principle Workshop, which got off to a strong start on June 4. Nearly 400 church members gathered this evening at the Riviera Hotel on the famous Casino Strip in Las Vegas to hear opening remarks from Rev. Michael Jenkins, Rev. Tom Cutts, Rev. Levy Daugherty, and Rev. Ki Hoon Kim.

"The giving of the workshops has to do with coming back to the Garden of Eden and restoring the family of Adam and Eve that would have been established without the Fall," explained Reverend Jenkins. On March 17, 2007, True Father proclaimed the onset of the Pacific Rim Era from his base in Hawaii. In October 2008, the Original Divine Principle workshops began. True Father personally instructed and prepared Rev. Jeong Eog Yu to give these lectures; later he authorized Rev. Hideo Oyamada, Rev. Ki Hoon Kim, Reverend Jenkins, and Dr. Chang Shik Yang to lecture as well.

According to Reverend Jenkins, True Father chose Las Vegas because it has a self-centered culture of false love that he wants to spend the next four years reversing. His commitment may be compared with his campaign of many years to defeat world communism. "You are special for having chosen to sacrifice to be here for this event," Reverend Jenkins told the gathering.

Rev. Ki Hoon Kim explained to the participants: "True Parents invited you here because they want you to become like Adam and Eve before the Fall. True Father has said that the Family Pledge is the key to open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven In this workshop you will receive that key and learn how to use it. True Father told me last year that we need an Original Divine Principle workshop to include elements that were left out of the published version of Divine Principle 45 years ago because they were too controversial at the time."

"True Father really wants us to know about spiritual world and he wants to open up you spiritual senses during the workshop." he added.

Written by Douglas Burton 

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