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My Reflections on the events of September 11, 2001

Phillip Burley
January, 2002

I have been a professional intuitive/medium for the past 16 years. Born with second sight, I have experienced the manifestation of the other world all of my life. I have also been a very successful talk show host, heard around the world. Because of the nature of what I do and the people my work touches and influences, I often have visitations from the world of spirit that guide me specifically. I want to share some of my own experiences surrounding this whole present reality that has come upon the world, starting September 11, 2001:

Though I cannot give an exact date without consulting my diary, which is presently packed away in a storage vault, I had a visitation from an angel several years prior to the September 11 event. (Even prior to this, I woke one morning from a dream/vision in which I saw a huge bomb go off at or near the World Trade Center. I told my wife of what was coming but did not put great weight upon the possibility. Everyone knows the rest of the story.)

With the angel visit, the angel told me that he had been sent by Heavenly Father to show me America. The angel and I stood as two giants on the Eastern shore of the U.S. We could see clear across the country. At first, the angel drew my attention to Boston where he said, "Boston is the intellectual center of your country and you pride yourselves in it." There was no judgment in the voice but a cautionary tone in the angel's voice and words. He then pointed to Washington, D.C. and said, "And Washington is your country's political center and your country takes great pride in its government and world power." Again, no condemnation. Only a caution to be careful of this pride. Finally, he caused me to look down on New York City and said, "New York City is your country's financial center in which also you pride yourselves." Again, came the sense of "watch out that you don't pride yourselves too much." At that point I had the feeling that all the things we falsely prided ourselves in (including these great cities and what they represent practically and spiritually) was temporal and could come tumbling down anytime.

The angel continued and caused me to look again at New York City saying, "America is a sleeping giant." He then gestured towards the rest of America and spread out before he and I was the body of a giant whose head rested in New York City (The giant was sleeping on his left side and NYC was his pillow.) The feet of the giant rested in Los Angeles.

I was made very aware of the hair of the giant as it appeared thick and bright red. The angel indicated that this color of red symbolized lust; lust for power, lust for money, lust for sex and more. At this time I became aware of some of the undermining, and spiritually debilitating conditions of our country and its possible reasons for decline. Again, the angel did not judge, only cautioned and warned.

The angel told me to follow him as "the Father in Heaven" wanted me to see more. We walked in our gigantic strides down the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, stepped over Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and with a few strides crossed the nation of Mexico. All this time, as we walked, the whole nation of America laid out before me to our right. Covering the sleeping giant were all the states sown together as patches in a quilt.

Finally, we arrived on the West Coast and California. The angel stepped up onto the shore and motioned for me to follow him. We were at the location of Los Angeles. He then reached down and pulled the quilt up and off of the feet of the sleeping giant. I looked down, horrified, at what I saw. There were two giant rats gnawing away at the feet of the sleeping giant.

I then woke up, deeply disturbed and wanting to pray and tell others. I knew that the rats symbolized many things eating away at the foundation (feet) of our nation. Parts of our body may be damaged and not inflict nearly as much immobilization as the damaging of our feet. How can we stand if our feet are "gnawed away?"

As I sat totally entranced at seeing live the second plane hitting the second World Trade Tower and watched on into the day and the next day, not even changing from my pajamas, I recalled the above dream. That Wednesday I went on the radio and related this experience to my listeners. On Thursday morning I was awakened by Jesus standing at my bedside and Saint Germain standing behind and to the side of him. It is not uncommon for me to have such visitations--again because of my spiritual gifts and because of the lives my life touches.

Jesus said, "We know how disturbed people are and how helpless they feel. You can help. Next week on your radio show tell them of my appearance and my words. Tell them that I instructed you in this and that we are requesting that those who want to help can do so by raining down prayer droplets of love on Afghanistan and the world. And by this I mean literally seeing one's prayer thoughts raining down on each person and changing them and upon all people. And continue to do this as often as you can. You may not think it will help but it will.

Knowing the power of thoughts (as in prayer) I knew that what Jesus, supported by Saint Germain, proposed was not outside the reality of spiritual possibilities. The next week I told this story and am now passing it on to you.

Thought is energy. Witness how thoughts cause people to be mobilized to action. Take away thought and there is no activity but what the body does on its own with the heartbeat, digestion, and countless other activities. Why prayer works is exactly because authentic prayer is the concentration of thought energy, mobilized by motive or intent coupled with the emotion of empathy and/or love. Thought is the vehicle or rocket and motive combined with love boosts the thought into orbit and propels it towards its target! This is also why negative thoughts are just as effective as positive thoughts in effecting outcome.

There is a greater unfolding on earth at this time then any of us can comprehend. The efforts towards outreach by the few which grew into the many is having an historical impact upon humanity. What all the exhortations of all the religions of the world could not do this so-called tragedy has done. Never before have so many been so united for a righteous cause. The sleeping giant has been awakened and may it, along with all people of consciousness, never slumber again into naiveté, ignorance, indifference or false pride.

My angelic visitation told me clearly that the destiny and turning of the world physically and spiritually is not in the hands of man but in the hands of God. This experience happened far in advance of the September 11 event. This tells us that the Powers that created and maintain the universe knew what was coming. It was a tragedy beyond belief. One in which we could have been more clearly warned but were not. Why? It is my sorrowful conclusion that it had to be this way to wake up the sleeping giant. Ironically, as I returned from my radio show, I happened to have my car radio on a station in which the host was quoting the Japanese leader who led the attack on Pearl Harbor in which, to paraphrase him, he said that by bombing us they had awakened the "sleeping giant" and that now the Japanese would experience the awakened giant's wrath. I had never heard this quote before that I could recall!

Such a catastrophe as September 11 is to be avoided--it brings in its wake repercussions of suffering that reach far far into the future. But how much greater could be the suffering of millions and millions of people (not to mention the immobilization of a great nation) if the festering and aggressive illness of hate on both sides were left to bring greater destruction. We have been spared, thank God!

I have shared with you my experience. On the foundation of a lifetime of visitations from above I embraced these unfolding vision-events with a seriousness unlike any time before. When I watched--as the tragedy unfolded before my very eyes--recalling all that I shared with you above, I knew my work had just begun and for this day I was born. Many authentic spiritual people, who have beeen discouraged in their efforts to be of spiritual value to others and the world, will now find themselves in great need. What is needed is not the commercialization of our gifts in our outreach. This will only bring more of the same incorrectly, motive-driven activities. Instead we need to humble ourselves to the Source of all true and lasting achievement and healing and help each other along the way to help the world as best we can, giving all credit to the One who gave all of us, in all nations--past, present, and future--the life of our life.

Unless we bring the current world events into perspective from a higher plane--from God's point of view (which in this case the angel indicated)--we cannot understand the greater reality and will for mankind. We will not learn from our errors and will again fall asleep, perhaps self-indulgent and self-satisfied and entering into another distant experience of a rude, destructive awakening. Is it avoidable? That depends upon mankind's turning to its noble character instead of its ignoble character. It is Thy way and not my way.

I wanted to pass this on to you. You may pass it on to others for their inspiration and insight. We should not fear the future. A Wisdom, a Love, a Power greater than all of us put together is in charge and, for however long it takes, the world as idealized by Him through us, will come into existence.

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