Unification Sermons and Talks

Rev. Philip Burley

Philip Burley Channels Saint Germaine

February 20, 1993
Ossining, New York

Hi, I'm here, I am here. Thank you for pulling me through with your loving, kind, helpful vibration as Philip speaks of it. As he spoke earlier, the vibrations of this particular atmosphere this evening are not most conducive to our coming as close immediately. But as I speak and through the energies which you have created here released through your vocal cords and through your hearts, I will come in closer and closer and you will hear me more and more in the vocalization of these words. He must get more and more out of the way, and I must feel your desire. As soon as you begin to field questions to me, which is our main emphasis here tonight, then I will be able to step in more fully.

I welcome your questions because not only do you have a need to ask such questions, but there are those in the audience who likewise who need the answer. In as much as these words are going forth to many people in written form, they will also serve to help others who are not even here. You may begin, and I will endeavor to do my best to bring forth the answers to your kind questions.

Question: How can we find out more about our own spiritual guides?

Saint Germaine: There are various forms, various means of doing so. There are those instruments who are prepared to bring forth such information who can clearly, decisively, hear and see (either one or both of those) and can bring forth such information. But until you can find such rare individuals, names are not important as much as the quality of the character of those who work with you. In order to know that, you simply have to take the time to examine your own character, for those that are with you will be very, very similar; will have similar virtues, similar ideas, similar hopes and dreams. In fact, it is they who have often put such ideas in your mind.

But you are not immediately like them, especially with those who were with you from birth; for character is something that is an essence but must expand as you go through life experience. But we in the spiritual world can see potential. And therefore we can know down the road who you will need at what time, for what purpose. As was spoken of earlier, there is an abiding law that always draws to you what you are.

You may also, as a final suggestion, practice meditation over enough time and ask that question, and see what kind of an answer you get. The major thing with your spiritual guides is they will answer to any name, if it is filled with love. They simply want to help you--those who are truly loving, high-realm spiritual guides--they want to help you.

I will take another question please.

Question: I have heard about ancestor liberation, and I wondered if you could explain a little bit what that means to the ancestor and to the person involved.

Saint Germaine: On a very, very practical level if there is someone around you in this earth plane that you do not want around you, you can simply tell them to get away from you. Or, because they are visible, you can avoid them. It is no different between our world and yours. It is very possible to alienate kind spirits around you by unkindness or by failing to listen. But fundamentally in order to remove entities from you, "liberate" them, to use your vernacular, you need to address them with the truth of the reality of their situation.

We are just as susceptible to enlightenment here as you are there. However because the dynamic for change and growth is more an experience from the earth plane, then there is a much greater opportunity here [on earth] to actually change the life course through the enlightenment. But you need to inform them as to what they're really doing. Many who need to be liberated are actually drawn to your vibration and they don't even know, in some cases, that they are connected to you. That is the ones who are in greater ignorance, or in greater darkness. They must have the light turned on to them, the light of understanding, by receiving the information as to the true reality of their situation. In plain language, they need to be told that they are in fact drawn to earthly energies. Now as I speak of these individuals, I am speaking of those at the lower end of the spectrum of ignorance, lacking in enlightenment, lacking in truth about life.

There are others who are not in this lower dimension, but simply have made mistakes on earth, who understand that they have made mistakes, and they come in order to change what they have done. They come to undo what they did in their lifetime. And they will work consciously to guide their earthly counterpart to whom they are drawn, their earthly descendant, and guide them to overcome a similar problem, or the same problem, in the earthly counterpart's situation. And as they help them to overcome, then they themselves grow; by law, they are then freed up, they are no longer needing to pay a debt in that area. It is a science even as much as your accounting. However, because our Father in Heaven is a God of love, He does shower us with amnesty, in which He is only asking us to pay a certain portion--but it must be paid.

Each of us in the spiritual world is in a different place according to what we have done with our life on earth. It is by law; it is by science. Nothing more, nothing less. If you have lived a life which is clear, high-purposed, pure and loving, positive, charitable, unselfish, then you will be in that realm where the qualities of that character are manifest with others who are like you, so you will feel exactly at home. You will feel exactly among friends. There will be no unfamiliarity of the environment or vibration.

Others are in lower areas where they have loved lesser things. Some have loved material goods, some have loved alcohol; some have loved a debased life of sensuality and abused their bodies considerably. Then they have gone to that region in the spiritual world further away from goodness; and they have then joined in those regions with others who are like them. All of these individuals are connected, in some fashion, to the earth plane. They have descendants, there are people on earth whom their descendants may have hurt, whom they may be connected to--all of their wrongs must be righted. There is no magic wand which God waves to reverse the wrongs done. God did not create you as a puppet, but rather as a free agent, and responsible. You must reap what you sow, and sow again and again to undo the wrongs which you have sown; that you might then in turn reap goodness, thus reversing in reality, not just figuratively, but in reality, your former acts. In this way, in the struggle to do so, in the attempts to overcome, you will find your character changing. Or through the process of hurting and going through the pains of overcoming and helping another on earth, your earthly counterpart, to overcome, you will find great struggle, great pain, great heartache. And you will be sorry, and thus repentant for what you have done. In this way, you shed the old self, through tears, through regret, through repentance, through generally speaking, suffering. And out of this is the birth of a new self.

The whole field of spirit liberation needs to be illuminated on earth, and that day is now. And the widening of the beam of this illumination is getting broader.

Someone may ask another question please.

Question: What influences from the spirit world can influence the quality of a married couple's sexual relationship?

Saint Germaine: First, you must understand that where there are problems on earth, these problems are possible because of ignorance of the individuals on earth first. If that did not exist, then such spirits could not interfere at any level or to any degree. If there is actually no basis for their interference, if there is none, then they have no reason to be attracted--they have no way, by the law of reciprocity, to be drawn. Even as if you did not have a problem with smoking, then you would not be tempted by cigarettes, if you have no base within you.

Therefore, we cannot just blame the spiritual world. We must look to ourselves and ask within ourselves, "what is it within me that I need to understand or change or grow?" At the same time, as there is a base within you or a basis for reciprocity, there can be those drawn into such a situation to magnify the fears, the insecurities, whatever the problem may be in the relationship. But I would not add fuel to the problem by only thinking of them, how they are interfering with your life. Remember, as I said, there is a law: the law is they cannot be engaged in your thought life or in your energies unless there is an opening to do so--an opening being an opportunity; an opportunity being something that is within you that has magnetically drawn them, that is like them. So you must ask yourself, "what is it in me, what is it in the other person (if it is a marriage), what is it in both of us or either one of us that is causing this?" Then repent for that in your life.

Such individuals should not just struggle and struggle, should not just receive exorcism, but should receive enlightenment, education, understanding. There should be ample discussion and full disclosure of the reality of what is going on. No secrets, but truly confiding in our earthly beloved one, as to what is really going on, bringing understanding. In many cases, many couples could be helped with these kind of problems if they were secure enough in their love for each other, and unafraid to expose their real inner self. After all, if you are together forever, eventually you will find out who each other is, some day. Best to do it here on earth.

I will take another question please.

Question: Saint Germaine, we've heard and it's written, about the Second Coming of Christ, and we've heard you speak, too, of the end times being near. Are those the same events? Can you elaborate on what each of those mean in our lives today?

Saint Germaine: Yes. Part of my coming, part of my being here is to prepare a pathway for the great light to shine more deeply in the lives of those who are looking for the higher life. Part of my work, part of why I am sent, is to help those who are walking towards these end times as described in prophecy; help them to understand themselves and to work with the complexities of these days; to bring enlightenment out of ignorance; to bring hope out of despair; to bring clarity out of obscurity.

The end times are the end of a world as you have known it. And the foreshadowing of such events is heralded by higher understanding. Even as your scientific world, through the influence of the spiritual world, has gleaned higher, deeper understanding and the application of same to your technological scientific world, so too are those in the spiritual world who are bringing forth higher understanding, higher truth about the spiritual life. This is especially so in this age.

The return of Christ is the return of truth at the highest apex of existence. The events, the unfolding of the world's circumstances and situations are, directly or indirectly, in relationship to this great event. These signs being present should cause those who are in earnest and serious about what they understand to search deeper and higher and further for the full disclosure of the full true meaning of the Second Coming.

There are many people on earth today that are part of the Second Coming, who are messianic figures, in all fields of endeavor. But the one who comes who will bring the spiritual salve to heal mankind is not parallel in their ranks, but sits, as it were, on the throne of God, above them. But knowingly or unknowingly, by God's administration, they are all connected. It is only a matter of time before the world shall turn in totality to that understanding and acceptance of same.

I will take another question please.

Question: . . . a lot of the world wars that we see going on at this time have a different cause than in the past. There's a lot of racial wars and ethnic wars that are happening that I feel are fueled by a lot of resentment, historical resentment from the spirit world. So now more people are dying and going to spirit world with the same kind of resentment. I'm speaking specifically about the situation in Yugoslavia. What can we do, how can we pray, to end this cycle?

Saint Germaine: Yes, it is a great, great tragedy. When, I say with broken heart, when will mankind learn? When will you stop killing your brother and sister? When will you learn of the uselessness of selfishness? And when will you learn that it breeds nothing, it reaps nothing but more pain?

Actually I must be honest. The question that you asked is the question we are now asking in our convocations. To herald the way for a new world, we too are asking what can we do. There are legions of us, as I am here, there is behind me, though you could not completely understand it in the full sense of the word, there is behind me a legion of souls waiting for you to act. Because there is an abiding law, the law of reciprocity, the law of sowing and reaping, when there are enough people on earth who are tired of war and demand, en masse, and vote for no more war anywhere, then we can act.

In many ways you do not realize that in the suffering country of Russia the cry among the suffering reached such a fever pitch in the spiritual world, unknown to you, not even always spoken, but often agonized in the silence of their hearts--it reached such a fever pitch that we were able to descend and bring about changes.

I have to repeat here, as I have said other places and will continue to repeat: you are not powerless. Do not try to be the savior to the entire world. Do not try to pray for everyone, but pray for those whom you can pray for. Let your energies be woven together. Let your cry towards heaven be so powerful, so potent that we can attack and bring down the spiritual enemy. The problem is complex, but each of you is in a war. The war to win your own freedom from spiritual prison. You must win that on earth. But you will not win it by being passive; you will not win it by indifference or escaping from it.

No one likes martyrdom. No one in this modern day wants to be a saint. It is highly unpopular. If it were not so, you would find more of them, wouldn't you? You would find more St. Francis's, more Mother Theresas, as I have spoken of ten of her. But the materiality of this world blinds even the most conscientious often from what needs to be done. But please do not despair. Win your own freedom. Seek to overcome your own problems. Pray to be endowed with understanding, with compassion, with power to do what you can do to free others.

What we are doing here is not for the purpose of just coming together and going home, but rather to bring about a change in the consciousness of those who receive our words. I am but a small individual speaking out. But my words are touching you, are touching those in the spiritual world who are ignorant who are brought even here tonight to observe this phenomena, to hear my words, and the printed word is going out. We need many people, not just people from spirit world but many people on earth, who will join their voice, accept the responsibility and take up the cause. You have touched a very sensitive and deep cord within my personal soul, for I have been marching forward with a vanguard for this very day. I am more troubled than you, but, I know there is a God. Therefore, I have eternal hope.

I will take another question please.

Question: Saint Germaine, first of all, thank you very much for your efforts here to enlighten us and educate us. In a previous meeting you've clarified for us the historical misinterpretation of phenomena which leads to the theory of reincarnation, the theory of spirit return and resurrection. In a similar vein I'd like to know the correct interpretation of another confusing phenomenon in our world, and I hope this isn't too flippant. Many people seem to report these days experiences of extraterrestrial visitations, or abductions, and things like this. Is this a purely spiritual phenomenon? Is it a hoax, or is there indeed life on other planets or other civilizations that we are unaware of at this time?

Saint Germaine:

If I say here that it is true, or if I say it is false, or if I say there are extraterrestrials, what will happen to my words? Why is this point not clarified yet? Why in all the channelling and all the spiritual phenomena, has someone not come forth to clarify, to explicitly clear up? There is much confusion surrounding this. I will say this and this only tonight: the power of the imagination is great. When manipulated incorrectly it can create many conclusions.

You are able to project out of your own imaginings your own thought forms, which when seeing them you would swear to God that they were objective realities. Whether this is spiritual phenomena, from the earth plane or from our world, it is spiritual phenomena, if you follow what I mean. I do not mean to indicate that it isn't all an illusion or all projection, but I allow you--what does your inner heart tell you? What does your inner feeling tell you? Therein you will find a conclusion. And when the time is right, there will be full disclosure as to what these realities are.

I will take another question please.

Question: Thank you, Saint Germaine, for coming. Is the moment of death, when it comes suddenly, like tragically through a car accident or some unusual phenomena, is it always God's will, or do people ever die just by mistake or it wasn't planned? I'm not clear about this point of death, and sometimes hard to accept.

Saint Germaine: Did you ever "accidentally" step upon a bug and kill it? (Yes.) Yes. Would you say that your foot was guided to do that? I seriously doubt it, don't you? In this world, which is imperfect, there are things out of harmony. There are things which are out of synchronization. Because mankind is out of proper alignment with the Creator, with our Father in Heaven, then many things are thrown out of the proper synchronization. When the spiritual world can truly become one with this world, when you can truly all hear our voice and see our presence, will we not be able to stop many things?

Even today in your world there are those who have prophesied airplane accidents, stopping them from taking place, or car accidents; foreseeing the unfolding of certain events. Were they the only ones to see such events? Was that the only accident to be stopped? There are not enough people on earth to cover all the possibilities. If there were many sensitives and many clear sensitives, then more information would be given to stop some of the things that happen, that do not need to happen.

But there is a higher law that abides. There is causation behind causation behind causation. And you cannot always know the higher causes. But God, being who He is, will make good out of every difficult situation; will bring resolve and a good ending to the worst of situations and circumstances. That's what you must look toward. I can say that those who truly seek to live their lives in harmony and in close synchronization with Heaven, that they will have few accidents; they will have few situations where they will be placed in danger. It is not just because of spirit, but because of their own efforts to live according to the law. When you live inside the law the law itself protects you. Do I make myself clear?

You may ask another question please.

Question: When a person passes over to the spirit world, do they maintain their individuality?

Saint Germaine: The two worlds are really no different. Where on this earth you see by the light reflected from objects, to see them you must have the light. In our world, we see also. But it must be the light of understanding in our mind that reflects off of the phenomena around us before we can see it. If you have no understanding of the spiritual world when you come over, you will not see it.

But regarding the central aspect of your question, there is no change in the character or personality with what we call "death." There may be a great awakening, a quicker awakening on our side, because here you cannot lie, you cannot hide from reality; you cannot deny the truth and be free. You will be bound by your own ignorance. You will be imprisoned by your own darkness of mind. For what you think in our world is exactly what you are. No more, no less. As I have said in other places, you bring heaven with you. The heaven which you have within you, the beauty within you, the light within you through understanding, the accumulation of goodness within you through good deeds, serving others, is the light of your soul. This is if it was the filament, the usual building in the bulb of yourself. And the more good deeds, the more kindness, the more love, more selfless acts that you do, the larger is the wattage of self. And that light will shed itself on the surrounding phenomena and you will see clearly, if indeed you have been clear on earth. So you will see around you those individuals like yourself, according to the degree of the light which you have brought with you. Do you understand what I am saying?

It is really not so different. Here you see, ideally the colors of cars and the homes and the shapes of furniture and the kind of houses and the kind of property and land and places people live are often a direct reflection of their inner character. Their inner character is reflected in their surroundings, in many, many cases. Young people on your earth have a tendency to pick bright, fast cars. Older people tend to pick more reserved (not all cases--not in all cases), but generally tend to pick more reserved, darker colors and drive slower. It is all a reflection of the way they see life and where they are in life. For the young person there is no real sense of life ending. They think they shall live forever, so they drive fast. But for the older person, it is not just the slowing down of life in many cases, but the realization that life is precious. Whereas they have grown older, they have seen their body waste and they realize that time is precious. And life is precious. All these things are a reflection of character. Not always is this so, for there are those who if they had more money would buy things other than what they have. But even their state of poverty or their state of existence, even at its lesser level, is a direct reflection of the inner character, and who they are. If you want to study who people are, study what they buy. Study what they own. Here in the spiritual world, all the flowers, the people, the animals, the typography, the homes, the very atmosphere itself is the composite reflection of all the people, whether it's one or many, who live in one particular sphere. I can't say it any clearer.

You may ask another question please.

Question: Saint Germaine, you lived a Christian life in the physical world. Last time you came to us you had us chanting. Are there many from different religious walks of life working with you? And, have other religions come to the realization of Christ being the only way?

Saint Germaine: You mean in the spiritual world? (Yes.) Which question shall I answer first? (Whichever one you want.) We could play handball, couldn't we?

. . . [change of side of tape] . . . What I gave to you, and I was there for a considerable amount of time, I learned to meditate, I learned to go inside. What Philip is learning and conveying to you is an essence, not just from me but others around him, but essentially from what I am teaching him. So I was only bringing to you a gem of what I learned. And I did not give it to you, did not have you do it just to have good feelings, but to help you raise your vibration and to create a dynamic atmosphere by the release of soul energy in the room, to enrich you, to bring healing, to draw forth through the greater energy more and more spirit world to engage in the evening and to be with you.

As far as here in the spiritual world, it is case by case. It is not different than your world. If you walk among Moslems, Buddhists, Christians, some meditate, some do not. Some hold it or regard it very highly, some are indifferent. It depends on their life experience and what they consider to be true and meaningful. Does everyone here accept that Christ is the highest? It is again case by case. To one Christ means one thing, and to another, another. Even Christians who have prayed in His name--some due to their bad experience with their local church "disdain" the name of Christ.

But we are in ascendancy, going from school to school, learning, gaining knowledge. But what we understand most importantly as we go to the higher levels of understanding is that true religion is love--true love. And that the church, the altar, the minister, the garments, the form, is simply that. Where there is love, true love, there is God. And where God is, is life. And it's that which we worship. Here in our world, we do not need to have Sunday worship as you do on earth. For our whole life is worship. The act of worship is service to each other. The altar of service is the human soul. God Himself comes to serve you. That is His act of worship. There are trappings and ideas and concepts which have nothing to do ultimately with the reality of God. But God allows the form as steps upon a ladder that one may climb higher and higher to deeper, more profound, broader, freer understanding.

True religion is true love. Wherever you may have religion, without it that's all it is--form. There are churches here, as you have read in your books, but they are not filled with those who are truly enlightened. Not unless they want to come back and reminisce what church was like. But if they are enlightened, they know the whole of creation is God's cathedral. And the adoration of God is the deep appreciation of all that He has created, and the expression of gratitude for that is the hymn. Have I made myself clear? (Yes.)

This is beautiful, you know. This truth is beautiful. This is true religion. So magnificent is it in the upper climes of the spiritual world that there are no words as was said here earlier. You cannot say; you have no words to express the beauty and the joy in the regions where God manifests most fully. You're in awe, in pure awe. And that sense of awe is your expression, unspoken, which God indeed appreciates profoundly. For you have recognized that He is greatest. He is genius of life. He is the source of all. And out of it, out of the beauty of His artistry, out of the beauty of His musicianship, out of all the aspects of His nature and character, are these things expressed. And as we appreciate them, as outer expressions, we appreciate Him, and that is glorious. Glorious! Glorious.

I will take another question please.

Question: Saint Germaine, sorry to bother you once more.

Saint Germaine: I'm up to bat ...


But its my pitch ...

Saint Germaine: Just don't throw me a curve ...

Question: It's spring training so I'm only fast balls now ...

Saint Germaine: This could go on all night ...

Question: I promise it won't if you let me [ask] a quick question:

How can we, honestly Saint Germaine, we're really grateful for the work that you've come and are working through Philip and Vivien, and really touched our hearts. There's no doubt that we need you desperately to help raise us up, so how can we in earnest help AIM in some way, to further advance their work so that your message could reach more? Truthfully, I have difficulty in meditating; in a sense I'm angered with Philip and Vivien because they haven't been able to get their tape out, so that I could practice every day; and maybe that's why I come once a month because it gives us an opportunity to meditate through their guidance. How could we help them help us?

Saint Germaine: It is important, and Philip above all would emphasize this if he were here, and I know you do not mean this, but it must be said: please look beyond us, to the God who sends us. And do your favors unto Him, by helping others up the ladder, and by comforting Him. And if you have something left over to help this work after that, then do what your conscience moves you to do. If I told you, really told you what needs to be done, I might scare you off.

But theirs is a course which had to be gone through; not an easy course, but one for which they are now grateful, but one which they had to go through that this phenomena could take place. As you can well imagine, it could not be just any one whom I could choose to come through. By this I do not mean to elevate this instrument; I'm simply saying the qualifications, even just getting someone to hear my voice, was very, very, very difficult. How many do you think I spoke to before I found this one? Countless. And many of them ran off, because when they understood what I was really asking and what it entailed, particularly the sacrifice, they were not interested. So that unique combination of characteristics had to be present.

There is always the need for prayer. Prayer is precious. And when you love something or someone so much and you send forth that heart through your prayers, it does much to help. It does much. This work is coming to a point, this year--I prophesied it a number of years back--it is coming to a point this year where it is developing its wings and taking off. Thank you for your kind question. As your heart is moved, so do.

I will take another question please.

Question: Saint Germaine, how is it possible for infants or young children to be influenced by spirits if they haven't yet had a possibility to create their own conditions or their own, they're too young to have give-and-take?

Saint Germaine: They are not always the ones who are responsible. There is sometimes a transference within a family in which a child may suffer because it is unprotected; but the causation can be other than that child. But, in general, mankind is born with a vulnerability, due to inbred nature, what you call fallen nature. The inheritance of this vibratory reality within the soul sets up a vibration, a literal scientific, emanating vibration, which draws to individuals what they are in kind.

Also, suffering is not always an indication that something is wrong. For even your most righteous individuals suffer, but it is not because they have the basis within them, but because they are suffering for something outside of themselves, to which they are attached in responsibility spiritually. Jesus of Nazareth being a very important example. Though he himself was without blemish, he was taking on to himself the troubles, the difficulties of his culture, and there was a transference of certain conditions on his back, due to their shortcomings. He came as a sacrifice to some degree. It is case by case, in which children unwittingly, unknowingly undertake certain sufferings. You cannot evaluate the life in the short run.

Not even you can do that. Some of you are despairing of your situations. Some of you have already designed in your mind, unconsciously, that you will never have it differently in your life, than you already have it. That is because you failed to know God. And to know the powers within yourself to transform, to change things. And God will help you because He loves you. And you fail to see things in the long run. He who fails to see things in the long run will often be very impatient, and will often cause his or her own problems by their impatience. As God is patient, so you must be patient. As God loves all mankind unconditionally, so you must come to love unconditionally. As God has sacrificed Himself for you, you must sacrifice yourself for others. That is, if in the equation of your life, you wanted to come out to equal oneness with God. The child that is suffering today may have a great mission in the long run.

So you must stay humble and positive, that in all circumstances to allow God to work out His plan. You are His handmaiden, you are His bride. And this wedding calls for total cooperation and oneness. And you must learn to grow in that relationship over enough time. The couple that quickly judges each other in the beginning of their marriage will have a very tough time. But the wise individual will endure, will wait to see what great goodness can come out of that one whom they married; will not be quick to judge or to lay unreasonable burdens upon the back of their mate, but will try to give love again and again by which that person may be changed. You know not what exists in the long run. This is the folly of youth, that it runs forward haphazardly, thinking that life will go on forever and ever; that there is no real accountability because retribution is not immediate. But I tell you the hells of our world here are filled with those who are impatient; who did not count the retribution that they would face here. No one gets off free.

I want to leave you on a positive note, and that is that each of you has the potential to do a great work. By great work I do not mean to be rich or famous--you will hear me say this many times. But rather to help others, to pray for others, to uplift others. And by such a mechanism, by such a dynamic in your life, will you be raised up. Therein lies the solution to most problems on earth. If each one would help the neighbor, the world would become heaven on earth.

God bless you. It is my humble privilege to have been here with you, and I shall return. This is Saint Germaine.


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