The Words of the Brooks Family

True Father and STF - HDH In Denver

Doran Brooks
October 1, 2005

We were truly blessed and privileged to be able to attend Father’s speech for the ‘100 City Tour’ in Denver, the 9th city in America. All together 77 STF members attended, some of them meeting True Parents for the first time.

It seemed like Father was very inspired by the spirit in Denver and he spoke longer than any other city so far, over 3 and a half hours. He spoke very strongly on the topic of lineage & Blessing, conveying the importance of purity and fidelity. He expressed the importance of family and how this is the corner stone of a pure lineage. Father was in a more free spirit sometimes joking and dancing on stage, creating a subtle laughter throughout the hall.

The next morning at 5 o’clock True Parents arrived in a mass of clapping and shouting. Along with True Parents was Hyung Jin Nim’s son, Shin Joong Nim. He was clapping along with everyone else, and had the biggest smile on His face. Father looking at him also had the most amazing smile on his face. It was beautiful seeing this true example of the father-son (or in this case grandfather-grandson) relationship.

For Hoon Dok Hae Dr. Yang read from Cheon Sung Gyeong. Father would occasionally cut in adding a few points to the topic. About 30 minutes in, Father started speaking about the importance of the Blessing. He also spoke a lot on our responsibility as Americans to save this nation, saying that we have to inherit the culture of Cheon Il Guk through exchange marriage. He said that exchange marriage is one of the most important things that we can do to break down the barriers of race, religion and culture.

He conveyed to us the urgency of the time, "by 2008 we have to bring great victory, and by 2012 we have to bring substantial victory". He shared how he woke up this morning at 2 am and could not sleep any more; he is so serious and desperate to fulfill the mission. Father spoke until the last moment before having to leave to the airport for his next destination.

At the end of the Hoon Dok Hae Father did something that no one expected; He stood up and asked everyone to sing ‘Tong-il Nore’ with him. He had the biggest smile on his face and was dancing around and walked right down the middle of group, dancing the whole time. He ended with one, ‘Mansei!’ Everyone could see that Father was happy to see us all there. We tried to support, inspire and send off True Parents with some spiritual strength and stamina that is much needed at this time.

STF members were moved by True Parents’ deep love and amazing sacrifice; and for us to be able to share a small part of their burden, and to be able to assist in some way in their mission is a tremendous privilege. We felt Father’s words so deeply: "It is an amazing fact that his lifetime coincides with yours, and that you and he breathe the same air."

Based on this personal encounter wit True Parents, STF members found a deeper motivation and determination to go this way with absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience.

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