The Words of the Brisebois Family

Launching True Father's Autobiography

Emerick Brisebois
October 4, 2009

Dear In Jin Nim,

First of all I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for being able to represent you and True Parents on the frontline!!

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AMAZING! The last three days alone have felt like an eternity -- Serial would be the word that describes it best. Let me explain:

A week ago, I opted to suspend myself from STF in order to quit smoking. I ended up staying out on the streets, then at my cousin Taha’s home in Brooklyn, then in parks, on roofs, and at the studios of random friends. Over the past four weeks, I have been through a lot of struggles and victories. I really bonded with my cousin for the first time in my life, and I left him with a more positive outlook on our movement. I also had a positive impact on my crew in Bridgeport, as well as just about anyone I talked to. Anyway, now I’m back on the frontline… and SOO motivated to bring as many souls to the providence as I possibly can. This week I had the privilege and honor of witnessing the Father of all mankind three times in one week! The first time was last Thursday at the book inauguration, and I started crying when I imagined that it was Jesus’ time and that this was the AUTOBIOGRAPHY of his life being given to his disciples. So incredible!

This is going to revolutionize the world. The time period we are in is unbelievable, and I’m so grateful to know this profound truth… THANK YOU.

The second time was at Hoon Dok Hae the next morning, and I wrote down every point that Father made that morning. That day I also started reading Father’s autobiography, and even the first page has so much profound content within every sentence; just holding the book, I can feel the divine energy between my fingertips.

Words cannot express my gratitude; thank you once again.

Thirdly, I saw Father at East Garden the next morning. My team traveled up through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, fundraising all day the whole way, to see the second coming at 6:00 in the morning the following day. I WAS LITERALLY SIX FEET FROM TRUE FATHER, AND DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF HIM. When he sat down and started speaking to us, I began feeling sorry as I listened to him. He’s so desperate for people to understand what he truly means when he speaks. No one was responding to anything he was saying. I felt like shouting out every time he asked a question (but it would have been out of line and not my position to speak).

I feel that no one truly understands Father’s pain or the crucial time period we are living in, leading up to December 21st, 2012 and January 13th, 2013. Everyone is so “grateful” that the messiah is on the earth, yet it seems that only a select few are really adamant about revealing him to the world. Only a few people come to our events, and it seems that often we shelter our beliefs, instead of fulfilling our God-given responsibility that our consciences are pushing us to fulfill. I have so much more to say, but I don’t want to write it all down at this time, because it’s kind of heavy.

In concluding this testimony, I’d like to express to you my true gratitude to you and the True Family for saving our lives and giving hope to God and humanity. And I’m not just being cliché; I truly see Father and Mother as my dad and mom more than I do my own physical parents, because they’ve been consistently showing me the example when things were so confusing within my own family. I can’t even express to you my true gratitude at being in this time in history. Thank you SO MUCH for being alive and Lovin’ Life to the extent that you do. I will write more in my next report, but if there is anything more I can do, please contact me. I LOVE YOU IN JIN NIM!! -- God Bless.



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