The Words of the Breen Family

What Happened To Early Members

Michael Breen
December 20, 1998

This is off the top of my head. I'd need to check my files and notebooks for complete accuracy. Important to note that most early members were married and middle-aged. 36 couples were the young guys. Only a few of them are prominent. Some died, several left, and many remain obscure outside Korea.


Won Pak Choi - she left her husband. Blessed in '98 with Buddha.

Shin Hee Eu - Cousin of Pres Eu Hyo-won. Left before blessing. Alcoholic.

In Ju Kim - was married before meeting Father in North Korea. Husband uninterested in Unification Church, but maybe they were blessed later

Myung Hee Kim - Father's intended second wife. Blessed with Confucius

Soon Chul Kim - wealthy woman, already married, nego husband broke her leg

Hyun Shil Kang - blessed, but husband left her, I believe

Se Hyun Oak - married but husband uninterested in Unification Church. still alive age 101

Seung Do Ji - not sure if married before met father

Cang Hwan Lee - who? Lee Ki-wan? Already married. Kids blessed.

Jung Sook Pak - don't know her

Young Choon Oh - first case I'm aware of of a couple who insisted on being married together

Jae San Kim - not sure if already married. Spiritual lady who prays 23 hrs a day.

Duk Sam Lee - already married. Left husband. One daughter wa intended as Father's bride, the other became mother of Sammy Park.

Duk Moon Um - a man. Married before church, but was one of 36 couples.

Soon Chul Kim - same as above.


Jung Hwa Pak - married in 50s. Married again. Don't think was ever blessed.

Hyo Min Eu - 36 couple, left with a sister after wife died before "comfort blessing" had been introduced

Chang Hwan Lee - 1st president of Unification Church. Left after about two months

Ki ju Song - who? 36-er?

Kwan Sung Kim - who he? 36-er?

Su Kyung Lee - 36 couple. Whole family joined - parents, brothers and sisters.

Bong Woon Lee - who he? 36-er?

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