The Words of the Bikkal Family

Do We Need Central Figures to Watch Over Us?

Nick Bikkal
July 15, 2000

Some time ago I was confronted by the same feeling, as have others in Japan and otherwise. I am not a Bible quoter but Iím going to do so now. Samuel 8:4-18. I believe this is a lesson in faith with we are now being let to develop. As Satanic as some of us feel about it, I would like to ask do we need a CF that is watching over us? What is it really that we are seeking? In Japan we are not going to get one. If we insist on one we will be asked to donate, fundraise, witness, attend endless meetings, all this in Japanese. Who here is ready for all that?

No. I donít think thatís what we have in mind. I donít think thatís what God has in mind, either. I believe God is looking further down the road. He will meet us there as a team, with our spouses. We must go the road as best we can given our circumstances. Itís a great opportunity to mature, I believe. For sure I would balk at being told now, at this stage of my life what I must or must not do. If at this stage of the game our own conscience is not enough to tell us what we should/shouldnít do then I think we are doing something wrong.

God is there ready to answer each and every prayer and question. I donít believe we have to be super spiritual, holy, or saintly. We just have to put a little effort into what our True Parents have asked of us and we will be told and led by God all we want.

We here at the Japan-IFA are a family and we all are in the same boat and we are here to help each other. This is why the e-group was created. Itís all in the heart and our sincerity in our daily lives; to God and ourselves. It then becomes part of our relationship with others.

I believe that as this mind settles into each one of our minds, communication with other blessed families becomes that much more relevant and important. We are pioneers. Thatís the course. We have been rejected by the Japanese hierarchy as a group for being foreigners. God has not abandoned us. Most families are flourishing and developing. This is ample proof.

You have your own course to run. Japan as a nation has its own. They are preoccupied with their economic mission. Itís a must. We are here to be called in the future. If not ourselves our descendants. We are the first internationalizers of this nation. We have to dig into the land which God has given us - blessed couples. International blessed couples are the base of the future. Your children will be popular out of no other merit than just that. All other is gravy. 

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