The Words of the Bikkal Family

The Devil At The Door

Nick Bikkal
October 7, 2005

Here's a story. It's true. It happened this afternoon.

We all got new Korean leaders at the beginning of July. Ours is called Rev Song. Nice guy. He was at UTS for 3 years and spent one in Texas before being re-assigned to Japan.

He is making the rounds of the Church families in our Center. He came with his right-hand assistant Mrs. Tomizawa.

We chatted over lunch and then held a mini-ceremony here uniting ancestors, etc. Simple but nice. I was finishing my prayer when at the door a thin, pale-faced lady shows up. She's a representative of the Nakayama group. I didn't know her. She had been here some 6 months ago. My wife barely recognized her, but the Rev Song also seemed to remember her from somewhere.

The scary thing was the way she appeared just as our ceremony was ending, and when our church CF was here. She definitely was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

We sent her away but not before she left a pamphlet here. They seem to be guiding members away from TP by using TP pictures and words.

The pamphlet had a picture of True Parents on the cover. Rev Song promptly took it. The HSA-UWC has been given all the rights to use their pictures - and sue any un authorized users. He knows it. He's going to act on it. Caught red-handed.

Though I was not shaken, they did catch me off guard.

A reminder to all to be on your guard. I found this to be a very strange time for Satan to attack. Our family is quite close. We have what I'd say is a strong bond. BUT, she was here when even a CF was visiting, a once-in-every-3-years event. Strange.

Please everyone be on the lookout.

Love to all,

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