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Father speaks to Boon Bong Wangs and National Messiahs

Nikolaus Beutl
June 19, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, May 1, 2011, Oslo, Norway

My dear brothers and sisters,

In this and the following letter I would like to offer you a personal reflection on what True Father said to the participants of the Original Divine Principle workshop in Las Vegas.

When I arrived on the workshop site on May 19, 2011 I was glad to receive in the first presentation an overview about our True Parents' activities in the capital of Nevada which they have chosen as their "place of residency" at this time to invest wholeheartedly into turning the "sin-city" into a place where the sunshine of God's Love abounds.

The next morning the participants of this special gathering for all Boon Bong Wangs and Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel national messiahs were blessed to welcome True Parents for Hoon Dok Hae. But when Father entered the hall where we were gathered for the Original Divine Principle workshop he did not go up the stage to sit down but he went directly to the audience. He stood in front of us and spoke very strongly about mistakes that have been done by present and former church leaders, scolding them in a loud voice. In this way we were standing for one or two hours while he was scolding certain individuals and addressed problems in our church.

Father emphasized: "This is the day to make a new beginning." This fact was also clear when Rev Yoo mentioned on the following day in one of his lectures that Father said that all national messiahs and Boon Bong Wangs are fired. We lost our titles and were challenged to make a new start – while we were "reappointed" to our mission countries at the end of the workshop.

Referring to Beethoven's 9th symphony as a wonderful piece of music Father pointed out that as it is the case in good music there should be harmony in the world -- while referring to the notes do-re-mi-fa-so- la…

In respect to the seriousness we should have when studying Father's recent speech he even said that we should read with a heart of desperation. He asked us to read the manuscript as if we were standing before our execution.

About the general situation Father explained that because we could not unite sad things became a reality and that he has to bring liberation to the God of the night and the God of the day. He said that God would remove him if he could not do this work.

One main concern of that morning for Father was to help us understand the great value of the speech he is reading during this World Tour: "Each page of the manuscript is very important."

He was finally sitting right in front of us at the first row center table going back and forth through various points of his recent speech, adding some comments to certain statements that he makes in this historic address.

He told us that he was treasuring the folder which he used when he stood in front of the audience, taking very good care of it. Father had asked that all those who attend the final speech of his World Tour on May 21, 2011 should receive a copy of his own manuscript in the Korean language. It was of course impossible for the few members working in Las Vegas to prepare some 3000 loose-leaf binder in the short time and therefore the participants of the workshop were asked on the first day after the evening program to assemble such folders by inserting the more than 50 pages of the Father's speech in Korean into foils…

Receiving Father's speech in his native tongue is also a reminder of our task to learn to understand the people of the Fatherland of our faith directly. Mentioning citizenship in a nation Father noted, "You cannot be citizen of a country without knowing the language."

True Father asked: "Can you imagine how much I have been praying during the last 40 days for the world, for the old things to pass away?"

At the opening event of the Founder's World Tour on April 24, 2011 it was pointed out that one of its tasks is to kick Satan out of God's house. Accordingly True Parents have been praying fervently for old tings to pass away and we ourselves should ask ourselves seriously how much we have changed on a personal level during that period, truly coming closer in heart to our Loving Creator.

About changes that are needed in the "sin-city" Father told us: "Las Vegas does not have an owner. We will see who will be the owner in the future."

Addressing the Bun Bong Wangs and national messiahs along with American leaders and members who had gathered for that workshop Father expressed his serious concern: "You need to follow what I am saying, what I am teaching."

Shouldn't we all make sure that True Parents don't have to say such a thing to us but do our very best to put into practice what they have been telling us again and again over the years? We received a profound logical understanding of God's Will for humankind but our response has generally been lacking greatly from the viewpoint of Heaven's expectations for us as the ones who were hand-picked by our Heavenly Father to meet the Lord of the Second Advent and to work together with him to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth by embodying the Word of God.

Father encouraged us, "You have to work 10 000 times, 100 000 times harder." This may seem impossible to do on external levels but if we understand his heart behind saying this we may sense the incredible seriousness True Parents have in front of God's Will.

Then he added: "Those who do not follow can just leave the room… So from today work harder than Father to restore the clans." We all know about the importance of doing the work of a Tribal Messiah but at the same time it is true that so far we have not done a great job, which led Father to state, "But you have thrown all that away."

The question was put in front of us, "Are you going to do what I say?" after Father warned us: "Those who lie the spirit world will come to tell me. That person will be taken away." Let us therefore make sure that our hearts are well aligned with the Heart of Heaven, concerned day and night about God's Will.

Concerning messiahship Father mentioned: "On the family level there is the family-type messiah and there is the national messiah. Jesus died. Don't make too many high claims as messiah. I was ready to go to prison on your behalf. Also to the American prison."

Then he asked: "Do you pray day and night for Father to come?" Such a question may challenge us to check our own hearts towards True Parents. How deeply are we longing to live together with them?

At one point during that Hoon Dok Hae Father asked Dae Mo Nim to come forward and then he mentioned the difficult situation of Young Jin Nim's daughter. Father requested that Dae Mo Nim takes care of the mother of this girl, asking that she does not abandon her but brings the mother of this grandchild back. Father asked Dae Mo Nim to make the environment to protect her and referred to the misfortune of his family that must go away -- while he continued to speak a little about Young Jin Nim…

About the attitude required at this time Father said, "Now we are working at the risk of our lives. Under such circumstances, "then it is all right a little blood coming out here or there…" So we should not be faint-hearted but go forward bravely with a generous heart of total investment for the sake of lasting positive changes.

Father spoke of the situation Jesus was in when he did not have a person to marry and had to go to Gethsemane, reminding us of Matthew 8:20: "Foxes have dens to live in, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place even to lay his head." Then he mentioned the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and three other women from the Bible, saying that True Mother represents these 5 women.

About the path he is walking Father noted: "If I would not walk confidently evil would attack." To have a deep conviction concerning God's Will is surely very important for each one of us in order to be victorious over negative influences in our lives.

Referring to some experiences in beautiful nature Father said: "I like to give food to the animals and they would tell me the way to go…" To be sensitive to nature and to learn from it is ideally part of every person's life. True Parents encouraged us many times to connect closely to nature in order to find ultimately a closer relationship to God and His creation.

In respect to his mission Father said, "I have to come here to fix things." In case of meeting with failure he encouraged the attitude: "Try, try and try again." And about our responsibility in front of True Parents Father encouraged an attitude of wanting to protect them and he told us that this is our duty.

Comparing water and fire Father noted that water is needed to put out fire and then he asked: "Is water is more fearful than fire? Does water defeat fire or fire defeat water?"

Most of Father's comments which I shared here were made in connection with certain parts of his speech to which he referred, telling us the page number in the Korean text in front of him. In this way Father warned us, "Those who think that they can go to heaven alone will be kicked out."

Referring to his own attitude in life Father pointed out that he will only live in the place that is holy and he sacrifices for this goal while he warned against a self-centered mind-set: "People who put into their own pockets, who take for their own purpose, will be destroyed."

In his desire to encourage us to live with the right consciousness Father told us: "Now we are in the age of the speed of light. When you have a thought you should implement it right away."

In connection with the part in his speech where Rev. Hwang Sun Jo is mentioned as leader in the field of Tribal Messiahship Father noted: "Those who do not like Hwang Sun Jo will be in trouble. We have his name here …" Actually during that morning's Hoon Dok Hae most of the time Father was first standing and then sitting right in front of or next to Rev. Hwang.

Father asked for people "to come together and to receive Original Divine Principle education because this is the era of unity."

He mentioned that he has been to China and added, "There is no place in the world where I have not spoken. Now after 60 years today is the beginning point. In the 10th year of Cheon Il Guk, the first year of Cheon Gi rally… That's why you have to pack up all your belonging. You have packed up all your belongings, haven't you?"

Why would Father ask such a question? Because He expects us to be truly mobile, to respond to the call by Heaven, whenever it may reach us. We must not be stuck in external matters but be always free to do what our Heavenly Father may ask of us.

Father said that the age of the Red Cross has passed and now is the age of the White Cross and he asked, "We need to make the white cross flag."

About the nation to which Father was referring a lot during the recent World Tour Father said: "In terms of religion France is an enemy country. France also needs to be fixed…"

Father encouraged us to be victorious like him and warned us: "Nothing to be taken out… You cannot leave out even one person." It is indeed very important that we have an all-embracing attitude and consider everything that True Parents have taught us while having an attitude of gratitude in front of God's Word in line with Father having asked on that day: "Finish this feast of God's word even if you have to go all day without food. Don't complain that Hoon Dok Hae is long. We should be grateful…"

Father expressed his concern that we should understand all this including True Parents victory, "You too must have equal authority... You have no idea how much True Parents have suffered to bring about this victory. He added: "From now on you must take responsibility..."

May we all recognize our responsibility clearly and act on it wholeheartedly with a deep conviction concerning God's Will for us in this final period of His providence.

Your brother Nikolaus 

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