The Words of the Beutl Family

Do we recognize our Heavenly Father's loving guidance? Part 6

Nikolaus Beutl
March 26, 2011

My dear brothers and sisters,

After various accusations having been addressed to my name in the iUnificationist Meeting House I responded with the following explanation:

"Dear Sister [name], No need for heated discussions because facts remain facts no matter how loudly people may shout something else. There is no foundation whatsoever in real substance for your calling me a liar. What you are bringing forth, that I criticized True Mother for "not doing her role as a True Mother of all because of her not taking [care] of the cyberspace members all over the world" is a fabrication in your mind without any foundation in what I have said or written in my public letters which can be checked by any person who is interested at (username: sunshine password: welcome)

Dear Sister [name], aren't we all representatives of God and True Parents in this world? Didn't Father tell us many times that we should see another person as representing all people? In this sense it is most natural that I am a representative of all Western national messiahs. This is how I was treated in the workshop for all Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel national messiahs. I was called for the meetings of the representatives of the three groups you mentioned and conveyed the directions of the workshop leader (Father's representative) to all Cain and Abel national messiahs -- just as your beloved Continental director does in conveying the directions of True Parents to your continent. By the way, I love him and gave him not too long ago a present for which he was very grateful.

So it is all a question of how you define words and positions. For me it is only important what kind of content is fulfilled and not which positions one claims on external levels. I do not claim any position other than being a servant to my beloved brothers and sisters, to help them in the best possible way. History shows how well each one of us is doing in uniting as brothers and sisters, how we treat each other, and in this respect we will be judged especially in how we treat those with whom we may disagree.

Dear Sister [name], just like you I am dedicated to defend the one truth of our True Parents which I am following now and forever. United with you in this common endeavor I remain sincerely yours, your brother Nikolaus"

My explanations were followed by an Abel-type response to the situation by one sister who commented before: "I know that True Father was accused many times in things that he has never done. So when somebody is accusing other person, it's already can't be protected by God.

If truly a person is doing things led by his or her evil mind, then I pray, that God will change the heart of that person and let him or her to repent, to become honest.

Cause we all have a big influence on each other here, even If we don't notice that."

It is certainly very true we influence each other -- in a positive just as well as a negative way. Throwing around accusations is clearly poisoning the atmosphere and a behavior that cannot be protected by God. What has been happening in reality on iUnificationist is clear: first character assassination was practiced, followed by the concrete elimination of brother Nikolaus from this community.

Responding to the sister that was just quoted I wrote: "Dear [name], I would like to thank you for taking responsibility in the given situation to be a mediator -- to point to God's viewpoint, which is clearly expressed in your lines.

You are very right when you mention that we all have a big influence on each other, even if we do not notice it. Therefore I am very serious about the content I share in my reflections based on prayer and in the awareness that it is actually thousands of brothers and sisters around the world who have access to read what I am sharing from my heart.

In gratitude for your seriousness towards God's Desire for us, Nikolaus"

The person who denounced me in front of the 2600 subscribers of iUnificationist wrote: "I have already told the webmaster of this site about Mr. Beutl and others have warned the webmaster, too but it's all up to him. We need transparency here of who we are, what we do, what we write based on truth and NOT LIE!!! This I could never tolerate LIES AND ARROGANCE!"

History will show who spread lies and who acted out of arrogance. My life is like an open book. I have been leading a public life for decades and I will continue to do so as long as I am here on this earth and in the world thereafter.

By the way, if somebody gets the idea of criticizing the webmaster as the one who has kicked me out, you are certainly wrong, because as you can see, even though he was warned about brother Nikolaus he allowed me to be on this list and to post there. It was surely not him who is responsible for my having been banned but we need to look deeper… into the spirit that prevails in our church, one of judging and accusing others as it was manifested in the iUnification Meeting House.

The sister who had offered positive input before continued with the following note: "Brothers and sisters, I don't know who is right and who is wrong. But I like the title of that article:) I guess it's the biggest challenge for all us today in order to make our True Parents really happy…Unite and Restore the lost Heart of Brothers and Sisters" [a very big font was used here with bold letters in order to emphasize the theme that should be in reality the basis of the discussions that have been going on in response to an article with such a topic.]

Trying to defend herself the sister who spoke repeatedly about me being a liar wrote in one of her messages: "What we can expect here? The webmaster has allowed this to happen,…" What is she actually doing? Blaming the webmaster instead of looking at herself who has a problem of not being able to love her brother, as she confessed in a later post to this theme of restoring the lost heart, which is in her case substantially true as she had expressed high appreciation of her brother Nikolaus in the past but finally believed the lies that were spread about me.

Next this sister responded to the person who emphasized the theme of my reflection with big letter font saying: "Beautiful title, yes, dear [name of the sister], but who wrote that? First, he needs to do that first and foremost to himself to those whom he was disunited with before and restore the hearts of those with whom he had hurt much in the past, then he's writing can turn to be a truthful and down to earth words not just so superficial, saying just by the mouth but no action. Woooow! So tired of this, people wanting to teach even having no good examples."

This person is surely entitled to her opinion but there is the other side of those who testify in very different terms like the brother who wrote to the moderator of iUnificationist: "I know Nikolaus Beutl both as a person and as a writer. As a person he is a most warm-hearted brother, one who can console and uplift many hearts. As a writer he is very knowledgeable, accurate and committed."

There are so many testimonies to the quality of my investment by people who know me personally while this sister who spread all the accusations and lies never ever met me in person. Her critique is based on what she heard or read about me and how she interprets what I am writing -- based on her prejudice and inability to love her brother. I am not saying this to point the finger at her but to emphasize that she is not the only person who is acting in such a way. This kind of behavior is widely spread in our own ranks and therefore it also came out in the discussions about restoring the realm of loving relationships as brothers and sisters, to which we have dedicated our lives according to God's calling.

In her next mail the sister who came forth as accuser wrote: "Also, we have already the 8 great textbooks of our True Parents to read and follow, other interpretations of the truth, I don't accept unless I could see that the person is trustful enough to show his good deeds and examples absolutely following the True Parents' examples and humble enough to respect authorities of those assigned officially by the True Parents to lead our church and if the person is doing contrary to all this, then I DON'T TRUST AND WILL NEVER TRUST until this person changed absolutely for good and be transparent, not lying, not distorting the truth and be as simple and humble to what he's doing."

What does this person say in essence? That she will never trust her brother until he is absolutely following the example of True Parents, until he has changed absolutely for good. Now, who among us can claim that they are following True Parents absolutely? I don't think many will raise their hands when I ask this question.

This means, that we all are not trustworthy and will never be trusted by this sister. By her statement she is expressing her attitude which is not one of reconciliation but claiming that the other person must fulfill a certain absolute standard to become worthy of her trust, but is this sister herself following absolutely True Parents' example? I cannot even ask her this question because she does not want to receive letters from me.

With one word, distrust is spread and multiplied, reflecting a core problem which we find in our church today. Are we ready to go beyond such a judgmental attitude -- against which our international president has been speaking out again and again, or do we continue gossiping and criticizing others behind their back -- what had by that time become a reality on iUnificationist: I was kicked out and people continued to talk about me without my having any chance to correct the false statements that were made about me.

This is of course not the first time that this has happened. It had become a reality on other e-groups that after I was thrown out of the community, people freely spread lies about me, strengthening the negativity against their brother Nikolaus, without giving me any chance to share facts. Such a practice of talking behind another person's back and not giving this person the chance to say a word in his defense is even despised in the old world, but in our ranks it is most sadly a well-accepted practice.

This sister closed her message saying: "I don't hate the sinner but I hate his sins and evil acts. God's and True Parents' words will remain in our hearts NOW and forever and this I will follow, the only words I will follow but I entertain, respect and learn from brothers and sisters who want to share their live and truthful experiences in the past not wanting to teach!"

She does not want to listen if her brother or sister teaches about some points. Does such an attitude speak about a humble or an arrogant heart? The answer is obvious, while at the same time this sister writes in this post: "So aju to all who are honest, truthful, simple and humble in heart to what they're doing, I salute deep from my heart and this can flourish and remain forever."

By claiming that I am a liar this person is also judging the many brothers and sisters who say the opposite about me. It is clear that this person is contradicting herself and still her word is taken for truth and brother Nikolaus was banned from the community a few hours after false accusations were made. 

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