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Do we recognize our Heavenly Father's loving guidance? Part 2

Nikolaus Beutl
March 22, 2011

My dear brothers and sisters,

In previous reflections I shared with you about certain time periods and situations that are clearly inspired by Heaven, as they unfolded in internet communities where brothers and sisters share with one another.

Generally speaking, in the past we lived together in church centers, which were places of warmth and sharing, and also had the opportunity to change and develop one's heart by relating closely with the members with whom we were living and working together. While such a situation was the rule in the first years (decades) of our church in the mission countries, it is nowadays rather the exception as most of us have families of our own.

Now we are meeting in internet groups where we share with one another -- and therefore it is essential that we are aware of the fact that such meeting places in the worldwide net are not just some theoretical communities but have great importance from the viewpoint of developing one's ability to love.

Accordingly the brother I quoted in my previous mail wrote: "By observing this struggle I have come to understand that iUnificationist is like a piece of Holy land located in cyberspace. I also see now that iUnificationist has the mission to support heavenly culture in the internet, and that it needs the support of its members for achieving this."

Can we understand that this is not only true for iUnificationist but also for other internet groups where our members share with one another?

What I would like you to realize most of all, is the fact that we are indeed central people in history who have inherited the Will of God through our True Parents and stand in a position to put it into practice at this time of the 40-year children's course by building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

This means that our Heavenly Father is directly working in our midst -- to the extent that we allow Him to be present. Therefore we need to look deeper to see clearly through whom He is expressing His Heart in certain situations for the sake of solving problems and supporting growth in the realm of heart.

There are also very clear time periods during which issues need to be resolved. If they are not used well, then we meet a prolongation, maybe a change to another level or community where there are chances for true heartistic restoration to take place.

I pointed already out that there was exactly a period of 40 days from starting on February 26, 2011 during which the issues in relationships between brothers and sisters should have been resolved on the level of the NM List community. But because this did not happen the issue was brought on March 6, to fam2000, from where brother Nikolaus was excluded also and then 4 days later the question was put in front of the subscribers of iUnificationists on March 10, 2011.

It is very obvious that Heaven inspired certain representatives of our church to bring forth certain issues that need to be addressed at specific times. When you read through the book Sunshine in the Heart you will learn about many such examples that had become a reality in communities where members met during the past years.

Hopefully by now it is clear for most of you that the attack on brother Nikolaus was not by chance on the given date. The person accusing me could have launched her attack already much earlier. Whether we are aware of it or not, March 10, 2011 was a decisive day centered on the 2600 subscribers of the iUnificationist Meeting House.

For this reason I will go into more depth concerning what was shared on that day and what were the reactions and consequences for those involved because it was the day when the struggles that had been going on for months and years in various internet groups culminated in one final showdown concerning what kind of spirit prevails in our church.

The core issue is overcoming the failure to see from God's point of view and to go beyond the attitude of Cain to kill one's brother. Those of you who are familiar with the course of development in the community of 120 national messiahs know that my posts on this list were well appreciated when I began sharing with my fellow national messiahs but soon people came forward attacking me and a controversy began that lasted for more than one year and ended with my expulsion from that community.

This fallen pattern of kicking out one's brother while not seeing the situation from God's point of view was repeated on fam2000 and other internet groups, where in each case there was a clear course of initial welcome followed by rejection based on lies that have been spread about brother Nikolaus.

The reason that I am talking about myself in this venue is to give an example, and not because of a personal issue, at all but the question is how we treat each other. Any other name could stand instead of mine. The task is to show that we are practicing what we have been taught by our True Parents, whereby loving one's enemy stands at the very center as it is the secret to subjugate Satan as Father states already in the First Peace Message.

There have been repeatedly situations where brother Nikolaus was presented as an enemy to our church or movement and Heaven watched how brothers and sisters react under such circumstances. In which way are they practicing what True Parents have been teaching them again and again?

The desire of our Heavenly Father is clearly expressed in Father's words: "Can I bear the cross of love? That is the worst test for any person. This is why we should always ask ourselves: 'Can I love my worst enemy and take his child to be my spouse? Can I love the ugliest, most impossible person?' If God is convinced that you can do it then you are totally victorious in his sight. This is an even greater crucifixion that the crucifixion of Jesus."

I suppose that many of us have had to go through this test on a personal level, but there is also the temptation not to love the person who is perceived in one way or another as an enemy. Such a situation was obvious when brother Nikolaus was strongly attacked in front of 2600 Unificationists, who could all read what was expressed -- and many did, leading to my reflection "Unite and Restore the lost Heart of Brothers and Sisters" remaining among the top ranking posts even after I have been banned from this community.

What is the purpose of the iUnificationist meeting house? It is stated as: "A Blessed page to the Unificationist and the World. Here in iUnificationist meeting house, as Moonie, we are freely expressing/sharing our Heart and Love."

Does it not sound nice to read such words? To come to a place where members of the Unification Movement freely express and share their Heart and Love!

Yes the person who criticized me so strongly in public expressed her Heart -- but this is happening in a situation where she cannot love. She just wrote now, one week after she started her accusations against brother Nikolaus, in response to those who expressed their appreciation of their brother who was banned from this community: "My fight is how to see him in God's viewpoint. You see him so good, thanks God! But with the anger and hurt I am having, I can't see him in a positive light. God guide me because I am facing a real challenge, how to love a person to whom it's difficult for me to love. I can't pretend."

In this way it has become more than clear that somebody who has a personal problem of not being able to love her brother stood up to attack him in front of 2600 members, behaving in a way about which the brother whom I quoted in the first part of this series wrote: "I think that [name of that sister] crossed the line of decent conduct by her public criticism of Nikolaus Beutl for things which have nothing to do with the meeting house. And I definitely think that a member should not be allowed to push other people out from the site."

This brother expressed his conviction: "It is my sincere hope that as a master of this meeting house You keep in your hands the authority to welcome or to block members. I refer here to the basic Divine Principle point about the importance of keeping one's position. If members are allowed to take the place of the moderator, if they are allowed to issue a judgment to other members from their personal viewpoint, it can be very difficult to create a heavenly culture."

Now what has actually become a reality is the following unbelievable fact: Instead of keeping their position, the "moderators" -- the reason why I am saying it in this way is because I do not know who made the decision to ban me from the iUnificationist Meeting House -- left their position and put themselves in God's position as judge over their brother.

This is a very serious sin, because this special Meeting place was created for all Unificationists to express their Heart and Love. It is an objective fact that not a single negative comment appeared in this internet group during the 18 days since I posted articles and when one person stood up against me then the "moderators" united with her against their brother and kicked him out.

Now this may be still understood in a situation where they are not certain what to think of brother Nikolaus because I am such a controversial person, but what actually became a reality is that sister Elise Lambert was banned from the iUnification Meeting House even though there does not exist anything one could accuse her of. The simple fact that she spoke out in defense of her brother who was publicly accused was enough for her to be thrown out of this community.

And the situation became even worse. When her husband tried three days later to become a member of iUnificationist, he was rejected -- because he is the husband of Elise! This is a clear case of "kin liability". Because Elise is considered to be a bad person to the extent that she needed to be banned from iUnificationist as not to influence others negatively, her husband is therefore also not allowed to become a member of this Meeting place for Unificationists to share their Heart and Love.

We know that such a practice exists in communist countries like North Korea, but what does this kind of way to deal with people have to do with members of the Unification Church?

Can you realize how deep we have fallen, when such a practice is applied in our own midst? Even in authoritarian countries one would be brought in front of a judge who would pronounce a verdict, but in the case of sister Elise and brother Nikolaus no reason whatsoever was given for our having been banned from iUnificationist. We were not even considered human enough to be worth of an answer when we asked why we were banned.

It is understandable that we did not receive any answer -- because there does not exist any kind of justification for having been kicked out of the iUnificationist Meeting House.

Isn't it high time to wake up to realize what is going on in our midst and take full responsibility for one another? If people in central positions make mistakes it affects the whole community and therefore such issues must be resolved collectively. 

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