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Coming closer to our Heavenly Parent

Nikolaus Beutl
February 21, 2011

My dear brothers and sisters,

The purpose of our life is directly connected with our Creator. As members of the Unification Church we know that it refers to becoming true parents who are united in heart with our Heavenly Parent. Therefore coming closer to our Ultimate Origin stands at the very core of our spiritual or religious life of reconnecting with God.

There are many aspects which are helpful for our internal development, but in essence it is a deeper understanding of the truth that will bring us closer to the originally intended heart to heart relationship between God and man. For this reason we are dedicated to studying the truth through our daily Hoon Dok Hae, the reading of Sacred Scriptures, whereby the Divine Principle and Father's speeches are in a central position.

Most of you will be probably already familiar with the work of Michael Callahan which can be helpful for people to connect to the Divine Principle. You can find the more than 60 short presentations that our brother Michael has prepared at

Through the Bible and other religious literature, and especially through the Divine Principle we learn about God's work in the hearts of chosen people in the course of history. But His reaching out to His children is of course not restricted to certain people but He tries to build a close connection with each one of His sons and daughters -- with every single soul that has ever lived on this earth, lives now, and of course every human being who will be born in the future.

As members of the Unification Church we are called to be representatives of God in this world, to manifest His characteristics in such a way that people will see our Creator through us -- based upon our expression of heart that is filled with True Love.

This is the ideal we are striving for, in our daily walk of faith to come closer to embodying God's Heart. We need to search and find the work of the Living God in our own lives and in the lives of His children. For me it is very important to have always an open heart and mind to recognize in which way our Heavenly Parent reaches out to His sons and daughters, to you and me or to any other person living on this earth.

I was moved to write a reflection about this central theme of coming closer to our Creator after having taken time to learn more about the life of Rachel Joy Scott, who became known to millions of Americans through the tragic event of the Columbine shooting in 1999, based on reading the valuable article by Mary Jane Anderson "We Hold the Key to Love and Truth" uploaded at

Mary Jane Anderson says at the beginning of her article: "God-centered parenting is probably the single most important task we can do in our lives. All else that we do is purely 'fluff' to support and uphold the family so the bottom line and reason for our own existence would be to become 'true parents' as outlined in the three blessings."

Personally I am convinced that whether we are parents or not, for every human being it essential to develop a parental heart in order to come closer to our Creator, who is our Ultimate Parent, our Heavenly Father -- Heavenly Mother.

To care for others with the heart of a parent centered on God's eternal Truth is sure an important path for each one of us to go as members of the Unification Movement. I whole-heartedly agree that this is the single most important task we are called to do in our lives.

Mary Jane Anderson shares: "I feel ever since prayer was taken out of the schools spearheaded by one single person, namely Madeleine Murry O'Hair, God could no longer protect this nation. Just as the chosen people who crucified Jesus suffered greatly in later generations, so must there be painful sacrifices of a nation who also turns its back on God's word. I began to meditate on this."

We know that the course of history is determined by relatively few people -- who are working either on God's or on Satan's side. Unfortunately we have seen much more of evil people's influence on the history of humankind because in many cases the ones who were supposed to stand firmly on God's side have not been strong enough to do so.

And when one has a closer look at why this is so, it becomes clear in the fact that God's people are not united with one another. Therefore it is an must that we have to become more serious than ever about coming closer together to fight against satanic forces as brothers and sisters who are one in heart centered on the desire of our Heavenly Parent.

In her article Mary Jane Anderson speaks shortly about sad acts of violence, whereby the dates are surely no coincidence: Waco, Texas, April 19, 1993 and in direct relation to it in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995, Colombine, Colorado, April 20, 1999, Virginia Tech University, April 16, 2007,... We see the unfolding of a satanic providence while our Heavenly Father has been working desperately to claim victories on His side.

In respect to the shooting Mary Jane Anderson points out: "If you look at the four areas of the country where there was violence against children whether in school or within a religious group you see something rather interesting. One way is that from south to north, west to east or Texas to Minnesota, Colorado to Virginia-- a cross is formed all across America.

Could this represent a crucifixion of a sort against the family? Satan once claimed Jesus' body and could say to God, 'Jesus is mine-no one believes in him, even his own disciples. I am the true father of the people -- they believe in me.' By Satan's very nature of destruction, Rev. 9:11, 'They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon or destroyer" it's easy to see that Satan wants to now claim the family. Another way to view America with the four areas of violent incidents is in the four position foundation: Texas to Colorado to Minnesota to Virginia and now to Tucson, Arizona. It is almost a perfect diamond, but it isn't one centered on God's love, just the opposite."

Just as the number 33 of people being killed in the Virginia Tech University shooting, the number 13 (twelve high school students and one teacher) of the victims in Columbine, Colorado, is certainly no coincidence, with both numbers referring to Jesus (his crucifixion at the age of 33 and the number 13 symbolizing Jesus and his 12 apostles) and also the fact that the worst massacre by a single shooter in US history was done by a South Korean national -- in this time when the Lord of the Second Advent was born in Korea with the American people in a crucial position to spread the good news.

In this respect Mary Jane Anderson expressed: "Father has been victorious over Satan on the family level. The marriage of the lamb has come and with his bride has brought forth children of goodness. Perhaps, Satan needs to show his power by striking at the heart of God most deeply, claiming the family as his own on a national level. We must feel responsible somewhat for this to have taken root. We did not bring 30,000 members when father needed them to build a national foundation to repel the evil influences that attack the home. I know I feel deep regret and I find it very hard to face True Parents without feeling intense guilt for not obeying them completely in the early years.

And yet, Satan loves to use guilt as another means to paralyze us into complacency. We can easily feel deflated spiritually at times, but we must seize the moment and turn these tragedies into something good, just as Rachel's family did.

Actually Rachel Joy Scott was not only the first student to die in Columbine, Colorado, but also the primary target of the perpetrators -- because she was in a central position on God's side. Her writings found after her death are often compared to Anne Frank. Her words from a class essay entitled, 'My ethics, my Codes of Life' she wrote,

"Compassion is the greatest form of love humans have to offer. According to Webster's dictionary, compassion means a feeling of sympathy for another's misfortune. My definition of compassion is forgiving, loving, helping, leading and showing mercy for others. I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go."

Rachel loved God and Jesus deeply, with her life being a living testimony. It was exactly one year before her death that she wrote into her diary: "...I am not going to hide the light that God has put into me. If I have to sacrifice everything...I will. I will take it. If my friends have to become my enemies for me to be with my best friend Jesus, then that's fine with me."

My dear brothers and sisters, how many of our teen-aged Second Generation has such a seriousness as this daughter of a Christian pastor? Should we not learn from this example about the standard Heaven is hoping for our Blessed children to fulfill?

Our Heavenly Father revealed to Rachel in 1998 that she was in the last year of her life, and her mother said in this respect that "Columbine was not God's will. It is just that as an 'all knowing God,' He knew this would happen and He put His stamp on it by preparing a witness for good to come from this horrible event. God allowed Rachel to be in that mix of turning evil to good. I believe it was God's hand that allowed Rachel to write such prophetic feeling and thoughts."

Schools all across the US and Canada have been presented with her challenge called "Rachel's Challenge" and students have made their pledges in making a difference in changing the world to good. In this way it became true what Rachel wrote on a "drawing" of her hands: "These hands belong to and will one day touch millions of people's hearts."

These prophetic words have become a reality. When you look into the guest book you can see that even now, 12 years after Rachel's passing on to the spirit world, many people are writing in the website dedicated to her (

like the following lines which were offered recently:

"I learned about Rachel in school reading Rachel's Tears.... I haven't finished it but the first 7 pages made me cry. I believe Rachel had a very wonderful purpose in life; to touch lives everywhere." -- "Rachel is the most inspiring person i have ever heard of. she touched my heart. If she were alive, Earth would be a better place." -- "I watched 'The Untold Stories of Columbine' today. Wow. I was so inspired by Rachel's undying faith and love for God."

The name Columbine means "little dove" and the meaning of the name Rachel includes: "little lamb, an ewe (a mother sheep), one with purity, innocence and gentility of a rose or lovely" It is obvious that in Rachel Joy Scott our Heavenly Father has raised up a beloved daughter, a pure and innocent lamb of God, whose family name refers to "a noble person" and her middle name simply to the purpose of His creation "to bring joy". She was born in the state with the motto "To be, rather than to seem to be." and finally became a certain spiritual mother in the life of many people, inspiring them to become better persons.

About Rachel's personality we can read that she was a girl who was friends with everyone: "There wasn't a soul who wasn't important to her. She loved her family, her friends...and the Lord. She was very active in her church youth group, and her love for the Lord was evident in the way she lived her life. Although she sometimes spoke to her non-Christian friends about Jesus, in one of her journal entries she wrote, 'I don't have to say anything, they just see you in me'."

Another journal entry reads: "I want you to use me to reach the unreached". Her prayer has been answered. Probably beyond her wildest dreams. Millions of people have come, and continue to come, to the Lord because of her legacy. A girl from Littleton, Colorado, who said "yes" to God everyday, even in the face of death. A girl who wasn't afraid to stand up for what she believed in. A girl who wasn't afraid to be herself. A girl who was far from average. A girl named Rachel Joy Scott. You find a beautiful photo of her at:

At the links and you can learn more about Rachel's legacy, like the fact that the following was written on the cover of the journal in Rachel's backpack she was wearing when she died: "Go after God. Whatever it takes, do it. And don't give the excuse, I am just a teenager or I'll do that when I grow up, because it doesn't work that way. God wants to know you NOW."

Rachel wanted to touch lives, and not be an "average" high-schooler, while at the same time living life to its fullest–and enjoying it. Her funeral drew the most viewers in television history. It was the most watched event on CNN up to that point, surpassing even the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. And she continues to touch millions of lives.

She has reminded us all that life could be gone from us in a second and we should make the most of it. It is here that we, those who knew her and those who didn't, remember Rachel. Rachel the actress. Rachel the Christian. Rachel the sister, the daughter, the friend.

Like all teenagers, Rachel struggled with doubts and frustrations. She expressed these, along with some of her most inner thoughts and feelings in her journals. Sometimes she wrote them in the form of poems and letters. Sometimes she addressed them to God. Now, those journals are what her parents read out of when they travel the country speaking about their daughter's life, and her values. They encourage all of us to "pick up the torch" and start a "chain reaction" of compassion and kindness.

She was a devout Christian and let her light shine in everything she did. She was very compassionate and honest with herself. Rachel's love for God was seen by everyone around her, … When I read about her life I was moved to shed many tears and therefore I wanted to write about this special young woman whose mother has spent so many nights in tears and still was able to go beyond her personal pain of losing her beloved daughter to go out to testify to the love of our Heavenly Father at so many places.

While Rachel had many talents, the one that sticks out the most was her ability to play the piano entirely by ear. She would just listen to the notes, find them on the piano by sound and put it all together. The latest song she learned how to play was "My Heart Will Go On", from the Titanic soundtrack. Maybe you would like to listen to Celine Dion singing this moving song at the link

Getting to know the life story of Rachel Joy Scott has definitely brought me one step closer to our Heavenly Father and I wish that we can all benefit from her exemplary life just as well as the lives of those who have given their life for God from our midst like Tony Yuen, about whom I have shared in previous reflections.

It is up to us to learn the lessons which our Heavenly Father is trying to show to us.

Sincerely yours,


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