The Words of the Beutl Family

Understanding facts concerning Hyun Jin nim

Nikolaus Beutl
June 10, 2010

Hyun Jin Moon in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 30, 2010

My dear brothers and sisters,

In a situation of controversy about certain people it is all the more important that we face facts and look into the background behind what becomes a reality on external levels. When learning about mistakes which were made, one may easily be tempted to judge those who acted in the wrong way. Therefore I would like to ask the reader of this document to follow the example shown by True Father and True Mother.

What is the attitude of our True Parents? Even though they know of many bad things which close disciples have done, they always have the heart of forgiveness and of giving another chance, knowing that all mistakes have to be indemnified sooner or later. As their children, we must embody the same kind of heart, which was already practiced by Jesus who even entrusted Peter who had denied him three times with leading the early Christians.

That there are serious issues of disunity of leaders with True Parents has become clear, most recently through the helicopter crash landing, the crucifixion of the 21st century, which could only come about because the shield of protection for the True Family was so poor due to mistakes committed by those who are in a position to protect them ? all of us.

In recent months, many members of our movement were puzzled by what has been going on with respect to Hyun Jin Nim and related issues. All kinds of opinions and attitudes have been expressed publicly and still many questions remained open. But this does not mean that there are not clear answers to all of them. Are we ready to face the true background behind the Hyun Jin Nim issue?

Please to not continue to read this letter without having made certain that you have the heart to pray for those who made mistakes and to repent in their place rather than judging them in one way or another. In these pages you receive answers to important questions concerning the reality behind what was said and done, which may not be easy to digest for some of you. Therefore it is all the more important to have a prayerful heart in order to deal with what has been happening in the right way.

It is God's point of view which counts and not what people think or say. All too easily people make mistakes when they are strongly challenged in certain situations and then try to cover them up by accusing others. This has been happening all throughout history and sadly it is still a reality in our own midst, in our church, which has the task of eradicating all fallen behavior. Therefore it is decisive to see clearly the heart and motivation behind each action, while one may easily be misled by looking primarily from an external viewpoint.

I ask you sincerely to read the following explanations with an open heart and mind, with the desire to see clearly with God's eyes and to manifest the Heart of Heaven in respect to the very sad realities you learn about in these pages, not allowing yourself to have a judgmental heart in any respect but one of taking full responsibility to help those who sin to overcome their pitiful state and to make up for the damage which has been caused.

We are indeed our brother's keeper and will be judged along with our brothers and sisters when we know about their problems and did not help them to resolve the issues but rather pointed fingers, spreading our negative emotions and thoughts to others. Let us make sure that we ourselves have a crystal clear conscience and then help those who fail in fulfilling their responsibility, doing our very best to support and protect the ones standing in central positions.

Truth and Rumors Regarding Hyun Jin Nim

Recently, false rumors regarding Hyun Jin Nim have been spread all over the country. This is due to church leaders who have conveyed what has been said at the leaders' meetings and other public gatherings without verifying all the facts. There are always two sides to every story but most of the negative information being spread is only from one particular view. As a result, we are seeing a tragic situation where one-sided information is misleading the members.

Maybe it is inevitable for such an event to take place since we are living in the last days, a time of transition from the restoration of indemnity in the Age Before the Coming of Heaven to the new Age After the Coming of Heaven. However, I cannot help but be concerned and wonder whether those leaders, lacking the sense of fairness and justice, can truly build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

The United States is the Elder Brother Nation and the super power, exerting significant influence over the world. It is beyond doubt that, if we are able to move this nation, Heaven on Earth, which has been God and True Parents' desire, can be established. As such, the responsibility of the members in America cannot be emphasized enough. I would like to share the information that I have gathered from people close to Hyun Jin Nim in hopes that this will help the members to make fair and just decisions. It is my wish that every Unification member unites centering on True Parents without accusing Hyun Jin Nim and together fulfills God's will by 2013.

Here, I state the truth regarding the criticisms against Hyun Jin Nim made during the world church leaders' meeting and American church leaders' meeting that took place in February, 2010.

1. Is Hyun Jin Nim Rebelling Against True Father?

One leader has said, "Hyun Jin Nim is going counter to what Father expects of him," and criticized Hyun Jin Nim by saying, "This is tantamount to a coup de état." Another leader has gone even further and accused Hyun Jin Nim for attempting to take over True Parents' position.

Older members may recall when similar accusations were made in the past. The Oakland Family Church witnessed to more than half of the current remaining American members. Around thirty years ago, Dr. Durst and his wife who had been leading the west coast witnessing were accused that they were calling themselves parents. Thus, the witnessing activity in this church had been hindered.

A similar incident also occurred in Japan. There was a video center which was a major hub of witnessing activities at the time. It was criticized for allegedly not testifying to True Parents and not raising the banner of the Unification Church, and Father ordered it to be shut down. This event took place roughly twenty years ago.

The problem is that those who accuse others by saying, "He is rebelling against True Parents," or "He is trying to replace True Parents," do not have any significant plan to succeed in furthering the Providence. In fact, witnessing in both Japan and the U.S. has been lackluster ever since then. As a result, the American Church has not been able to build a foundation of members and financial resources that True Parents had hoped for, and an excessive burden has been put on the members in Japan.

True Father has tremendous hope in Hyun Jin Nim and ordered him to rebuild the internal and external structures in the U.S. over the past ten years.

In 2001, Japanese leaders gave a report to Hyun Jin Nim regarding the current situation of Japan, and it revealed frauds that had been committed by the hands of a few foreign leaders. Those leaders had embezzled the money from the members, which they used to buy houses and invest in their own businesses. When people criticized Hyun Jin Nim in a church leaders' meeting in February, he said, "I saw the enormous suffering in Japan. This is blood money." However, it was those leaders who had taken this blood money, not Hyun Jin Nim.

After thorough research, Hyun Jin Nim instructed Rev. Y, who was in charge of Japan at that time, to correct those misconducts. However, Rev. Y instead accused Hyun Jin Nim in front of True Father, claiming that Hyun Jin Nim was making those leaders suffer. This enraged Father, and Hyun Jin Nim was banned from all public activities.

In 2002, Father ordered Hyun Jin Nim to conduct a reform in Washington DC. In order to support the Washington Times and other entities, UCI (Unification Church International) has invested a large sum of money every month and tried to save the boat business that was not making a profit. This time, Mr. S, who was in charge of the boat business, reported to Father that Hyun Jin Nim was trying to close the business down. Hyun Jin Nim was severely scolded by Father in front of the members, and he was banned from public activities again.

Every time Father got enraged against Hyun Jin Nim, he stepped back without defending himself. However, by the time Hyun Jin Nim is called back by True Father after years of a ban on public activities, it is usually the case that whatever foundation left has been ruined to the extent that it is almost impossible to salvage.

As is widely known, Hyun Jin Nim achieved worldwide success through the GPF (Global Peace Festival) in 2008. But then again, some people reported to Father that Hyun Jin Nim was doing the GPF solely for his own fame without giving any report to Father, and that Hyun Jin Nim was trying to take over True Parent's position. As such, Father ordered Hyun Jin Nim to stop the activities associated with the GPF for one year in the beginning of 2009. With great anguish, Hyun Jin Nim followed the order.

Hyun Jin Nim has always followed True Father's orders and tried to accomplish the missions entrusted to him. He has never rebelled against True Father. You can see on the Internet that Hyun Jin Nim has always testified about his parents in all his activities.

Every time Hyun Jin Nim was scolded by Father because of those untruthful accusations, every time he received a ban from public activities, Hyun Jin Nim followed the order. When did he ever rebel against True Parents? Do those who accuse Hyun Jin Nim hold a stronger sense of responsibility towards God's Providence than Hyun Jin Nim? Have they ever materialized Father's wish and the Providence to the same extent?

2. Is Father angry at Hyun Jin Nim?

It is true that Father has scolded Hyun Jin Nim in front of the members at a number of occasions. Also, it is probably true that he is enraged at Hyun Jin Nim and saying that he would even pursue legal action against Hyun Jin Nim. However, there is something that those who criticize Hyun Jin Nim have forgotten. That is, Father's wish is to bring Hyun Jin Nim back to him, and he has never intended to crush Hyun Jin Nim as a heretic or separatist.

Then what is the reason why Hyun Jin Nim does not return to Father?

As stated earlier, Hyun Jin Nim has been misunderstood and banned from the public missions more than once even though he was following Father's directions. Even now, he is being accused that he never reported to Father and was trying to take True Parent's position through the GPF. The truth is, however, Hyun Jin Nim was giving reports to Father even when he was on the GPF tours in 2008. This delighted Father, and many members may remember when Father was making him speak during a Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung and at the International Leaders' Meeting.

When he could not come to Korea, Hyun Jin Nim sent a number of detailed reports. However, those were not read in front of Father. One continental leader was concerned and read one of the reports at a meeting with Father. Although it delighted Father, this continental leader was criticized by close disciples around Father. As such, Hyun Jin Nim was wrongly accused for not reporting to Father and conducting his own activities, which has resulted in the ban from public missions.

Hyun Jin Nim has been hurt by the false reports which have been deliberately spread by those around Father with the purpose of bringing him down. Furthermore, he has been dejected after watching those leaders, who had in the past proclaimed that the GPF would expedite True Parents' Providence and pledged to succeed in this endeavor with Hyun Jin Nim, turn their backs on him, and now attempt to sabotage the GPF. Hyun Jin Nim, who puts honesty and fairness as some of the highest virtues, despises such politics in the church.

Even so, Hyun Jin Nim hoped that Father would understand once Father sees him, and went to meet Father in Las Vegas after having a prayer condition in the mountains in August. When the continental leader at the time informed Father of the arrival of Hyun Jin Nim, Father was truly delighted and looking forward to seeing him the next morning. However, when Hyun Jin Nim showed up, he was told that he would not be allowed to see Father unless he signed a paper that said he would leave the UCI and stop all the public activities for three years.

Hyun Jin Nim was struggling, praying, and contemplating about the whole situation as he came back from Las Vegas. For the short-term, obeying the order of refraining from the public missions would be considered good. However, that would be contrary to the desires of God and Father, and contrary to his conscience. Thus, Hyun Jin Nim concluded that it would be against the way of true filial piety, which is to inherit the mission of True Father.

These days, for those who ask Hyun Jin Nim to go and meet Father, Hyun Jin Nim answers by saying that he would certainly do so but now is not the right time yet. There is nothing that we can do other than believe in those words and wait for the right time to come.

What we need to remind ourselves of is that we should never accuse Hyun Jin Nim or any of the True Children from our own viewpoints. True Father has spoken about St. Augustine, who said, "…I slipped into fornication … as well as into dissipation, indulgence, and even theft," (St. Augustine's Confessions from the Spiritual World I) but he repented and become a saint.

And then Father sent Hyo Jin Nim to the Spirit World as the highest filial son. Hyun Jin Nim has not been living a corrupt life nor has he been divorced. His only desire is to accomplish the Providence of God and True Father. What are those accusers going to do if in the future Father fully accepts Hyun Jin Nim and all of his work?

3. Should the GPF be Discontinued?

Father talks about religion in this autobiography as following: "True religion tries to save the nation, even if it must sacrifice its own religious body to do so; it tries to save the world, even at the cost of sacrificing its nation; and it tries to save humanity, even if this means sacrificing the world. By this understanding, there can never be a time when the denomination takes precedence. It was necessary to hang out a church sign, but in my heart I was ready to take it down at any time." (Page 122-123, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen)

The unique thing about the Unification Church is that it is not merely a religious organization but its goal is to substantially establish Heaven on Earth, the will of God. To meet that goal, True Parents have founded various organizations including CARP, VOC, IFWP, WFWP, etc, centering upon the Unification Church. He also tells us that we need to elect politicians and presidents on God's side. These are all part of the effort to build Heaven on Earth. Especially noteworthy is that Father has been shifting the focus of the Providence from the Unification Church to the Family Federation and now to the Abel UN (UPF) and is aiming towards establishing the Parent UN.

Hyun Jin Nim and the GPF have been moving a number of national governments, including Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Paraguay, and Kenya. This is due to the fact that Father's ideology of "One Family Under God" has been accepted by those nations as a practical solution to conflicts between religions and tribes. Indeed, as Father has been teaching us, people can overcome differences between religions, tribes, and nations, once they stand by the wish of God, the Parent of the Mankind.

When we look around the Unification Movement around the globe, who else other than Hyun Jin Nim and GPF is capable of moving the world and completing the Providence? Some say that the GPF is creating another movement. However, if those who follow Hyun Jin Nim are just "sixty brothers and sisters, not significant," as Mr. P says, then there is no need to be threatened by such a tiny group. As the Divine Principle teaches us, whether the GPF is the work of good spirits or evil spirits becomes evident as time progresses.

In order to conduct the GPF activities in 2010, the GPC (Global Peace Convention) was held in Philippine in December 2009. Hyun Jin Nim asked leaders at the church to come and see for themselves if the GPF was truly a separate movement. Sadly, the result was that the continental leader who used to praise the GPF took the lead in an attempt to sabotage the event using all the resources available at the church. Some VIPs were unable to attend the event because those leaders had spread false information that the GPC had been canceled. Enraged, those Ambassadors for Peace in Philippine have legally prohibited this continental leader from entering the country, despite Hyun Jin Nim's effort to calm them down.

4. Issues Regarding the UCI

Ever since Father had appointed Hyun Jin Nim as the Chairman of the UCI, Hyun Jin Nim has been leading those organizations, including the Washington Times, towards self sufficiency; without the need for funding from overseas. Mr. J and Mr. K opposed this and attempted to oust Hyun Jin Nim from the UCI. As a result, both of them have been dismissed from the board. Many members remember the Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden when Father scolded Hyun Jin Nim for apparently embezzling $7 million. This was due to the accusation by Mr. J and Mr. K. However, once it became clear that this money had been used by someone on their own side (Mr. P,) they quickly halted addressing this issue without even vindicating Hyun Jin Nim's name.

Then, Mr. K and Mr. J hired lawyers from Williams and Connolly LLP, one of the best law firms in Washington DC, to conduct a legal action against Hyun Jin Nim. On the other hand, Hyun Jin Nim ordered his staff not to make any counterattack so that this would not bother True Parents, saying that there was nothing to worry for he was clean.

Interestingly, after months of attacks, this law firm canceled the contract with the two in the beginning of December. Lawyers often get fired by their clients but this is a rare incidence where the lawyers themselves voluntarily quit. It seems as though they decided to discontinue the contract in order to avoid blemish of loss because there was no chance of winning the suit.

Then, Richard Steinbronn, a former lawyer at the UCI and who is seemingly representing Mr. J and Mr. K, has become the plaintiff and brought a law suit against Hyun Jin Nim. According to the summons, their demands include:

A. Removal of all current directors of UCI,

B. Reinstatement of Joo and Kim as Directors of UCI,

C. Appointment of a Receiver to manage the affairs of UCI and/or the entities UCI owns or controls.

In other words, this is an attempt for Mr. J and Mr. K to oust Hyun Jin Nim and regain the control of the UCI. Here, their argument is that Hyun Jin Nim has been making decisions "without the customary consultation with or approval of the founder." Wouldn't this be risking causing the worst case scenario of bringing Father to court, as in the case of Danbury?

Mr. P's argument contains another significant risk. He said, "This is blood money. Members in Japan -- they do not own a home. 70% of the second generation members do not go to college. I do represent Japan's interest. I saw the enormous suffering in Japan." Then he states, "These assets do not belong to Hyun Jin Nim, matter of fact, any of the True Family members," and concluded by saying that, "The assets belong to the members. That is the bottom line."

Regarding the sacrifice being made by the members of Japan, all of us feel the deepest gratitude and would determine ourselves to live such sacrificial lives. However, following his argument, all the assets owned by not only UCI but by the church in Korea and around the world that has been receiving support from Japan would belong to the Japanese church and members. I don't know who has made Mr. P the representative of Japan's interest but such an idea would go contrary to the very foundation of this church's tradition.

5. The Washington Times

After saying, "We would continue to support The Times no matter what because that is what the Founder wants and the donor," Mr. P states that, "We were told we cannot give it to the Times because we need it for shut down cost. So, we decided, well I decided, we shouldn't send any more money," as a reason for ceasing the funding for the UCI and the Washington Times.

There is a major switch of logic here. The funding for the UCI has been stopped in July and the official statement of discontinuation of funding was sent in September. At a church leaders' meeting, Mr. P explained that the funding had been stopped because there were three political and legal issues for the transferor's side. Those leaders who were present at the meeting would remember this. In other words, after sending the official letter which stated that the funding had been stopped because of the issues on the transferor's side in September, as soon as it was known that the Washington Times was conducting corporate restructuring in December, he started saying that this is because the UCI is trying to shut down the Washington Times. There is a clear inconsistency in his argument.

In this age of the Multi Media, every newspaper company, including the New York Times, is facing a danger of bankruptcy. Since anyone can read news for free on the Internet, it is a matter of course that the number of newspaper subscribers has been decreasing drastically. Other church-affiliated newspapers are no exceptions. Saegae Ilbo of Korea and Sekai Nippo of Japan have also been conducting major restructuring.

Mr. P has said, "The former chief and editor, Mr. Solomon, under his leadership, they were finally having enough profit being generated. By 2013, we were actually going to be profitable," and depicted as if the editor was about to rebuild the Washington Times.

This is also contrary to the truth. Hyun Jin Nim, with the former CEO Mr. M, had been striving to make it profitable and self-sustainable by 2013 through restructuring, and collecting donations from renowned conservatives. Under Hyun Jin Nim's leadership, The Washington Times cut down on the need of outside funding from $5 million to $3 million. Mr. Solomon's only contribution was editing the newspaper.

However, when the funding was ceased in July 2009 and the official letter was sent in September, the only choice left for the Washington Times was corporate restructuring. When an employer lays-off an employee, the Federal law (WARN Act) requires the employer to give a notice to the employee and clients at least two months in advance. But then, Mr. M refused to give the notice, believing that Father would certainly send the funding as the owner of the Washington Times. Hyun Jin Nim's policy is to never put True Parents into any legal trouble. Thus Hyun Jin Nim had no option other than dismissing Mr. M because he was in fact claiming that Father, who is the founder and supporter of the Washington Times, was the owner who had legal responsibilities.

In fact, according to the Washington Post, Mr. Miniter who had been hired and fired by the former CEO M had been demanding compensatory damages for being forced to attend a religious gathering1, and he is now bringing Father's name at the top of the defendants and demanding a huge sum of damages in the complaint filed by him2 on December 8th. The misstatement made by Mr. M may have acted as a major contributor in positioning Father's name under such high-risk liability.

Without any funding, the UCI asked the church through Mr. J to take over the Washington Times on Oct. 2009. This request was rejected by Mr. J, who replied by saying what they wanted was the UCI and not the Washington Times. Amidst those difficulties, the Washington Times started its restructuring in December. However, this would require a large sum of money starting with the payment for unemployment allowance. As such, at the end of December, Hyun Jin Nim wrote a letter to Father and presented a proposal saying, "Since it is not Father's wish to close the Washington Times down, we plan to reduce the loss from $36 million to $8 million by decreasing the number of employees from 380 to 110 and turn the printed newspaper into multi-media," and asked for funds to conduct the restructuring.

However, as stated earlier, Hyun Jin Nim's wish has been deliberately distorted and in the end the Washington Times did not receive the funding. It is even questionable whether accurate information is being transmitted to Father. Also, it has been said that many members made contributions for the purpose of supporting the Washington Times at the Blessing in October but no one knows where those funds have gone.

6. Is Hyun Jin Nim Suing True Mother?

Mr. P has publicly denounced Hyun Jin Nim by saying, "Mr. Richard Perea, as the president of the Washington Times Aviation sent a legal notice last year November to Mission foundation. It said, we will pursue civil, if not, necessary criminal prosecution against Mission Foundation and its legal representative Hak Ja Han. This is not only a legal attack but is a spiritual affront against mother."

According to "Suspicion of Falsified Official Documents," a letter written by Mr. Kyoung Hyo Kim, this notice only asks for the money to be returned, and the section that states, "We will pursue civil, if not, necessary criminal prosecution against Mission Foundation and its legal representative Hak Ja Han," has been later added by people of the Mission Foundation and is no where to be found on the original document. I have also come to see these two documents but the one presented by Mr. P does not have proper authorization from the lawyers who have sent the notice. If he is not the one who has falsified the document, it is his responsibility to find out who is trying to frame Hyun Jin Nim for the accusation of "suing True Mother" (I personally believe that Mr. P should be indicted for falsifying the legal document.)

It is interesting that Mr. P is now taking a legal action against Mr. Kyoung Hyo Kim, who has questioned the validity of his arguments. Here, his case is not on whether remarks made by Mr. Kim are right or wrong, but rather he is accusing Mr. Kim for making public what was said in private. This suit is not aimed at revealing the truth but a mere attempt to prevent further criticism against himself. There is also a horrifying incident behind this. That is, after listening to Mr. Kim's argument, the Church Headquarter has expelled him rather than investigating the truth. Since when has the Unification Church started this rule of fear? Where has the church of True Love gone? Now, Mr. P also admits that this incident has begun when Mr. Joo, the former CEO of the Washington Times Aviation, transferred $21 million to the Mission Foundation.

"Mr. Joo had returned part of the money specifically the amount of 21 million dollars to Mission Foundation. As the president of the Washington Times Aviation, Mr. Joo had decided to shift the monies over to Korea because he felt that the funds were going to get misused." Here, he had omitted that Mr. Joo had been dismissed on November 8th, 2009, and next day, Mr. Joo had transferred the money without any authority from the Washington Times Aviation USA LLC (WTA USA.) The motivation was, as it has been stated here, "he felt that the funds were going to get misused."

Without a doubt, this is criminal conduct and the WTA (Washington Times Aviation) has asked him to return the money a number of times. Then the WTA sent out an official notice on November 18th and asked Mr. Joo and the Mission Foundation to return the money. As Mr. P also admits, "Mother is the legal representative of the Mission Foundation," and thus the notice included True Mother's name as one of the recipients of this notice. When the money was not returned after repeated requests, the WTA put a hold on the bank account (a provisional attachment) on December 8th so that it would not be misappropriated. Of course, this provisional attachment does not constitute a law suit. It is a procedure to protect the asset from being misused. If the responsible party (the Mission Foundation) objects this, they may request the attachment to be suspended or canceled.

This year, because there has been no sincere negotiation to address this issue, the UCI has decided to bring a law suit against Mr. J who transferred the money without proper authorization. The UCI has never brought any law suit against True Mother. If the WTA takes no action, then the U.S. government and the government of Korea would surely start investigating the UCI and WTA regarding this suspicious transfer.

7. Has Hyun Jin Nim Prevented Father from Using the Chartered Jet?

There has been a rumor that Hyun Jin Nim fired the former CEO J from the WTA and is preventing Father from using the chartered jet. Mr. P is also making this accusation by saying, "Father chose to fly commercial on his trip from Korea to US destinations. We have gotten an e-mail request: Funds are not paid for the service. They will not send the planes."

This is clearly not true. Even after Mr. J had been dismissed, True Parents have at least traveled from Korea to Las Vegas, going through Hawaii, on the chartered jet. There have been numerous requests to charter the jet and the WTA has sent the jet every time but the requests were being canceled at the last minute. One time, it got canceled after flying all the way to Alaska and waiting there.

Wouldn't the problem lie on those who refuse to pay for the charter after taking $21 million away from WTA? I suspect that this is an attempt to blame Hyun Jin Nim for closing the WT and WTA down by ceasing the funding and taking the huge sum of money away from UCI.

8. Incident in Paraguay

In August of 2008, Hyun Jin Nim, who was in Paraguay at the time, was planning to visit Puerto Casado that had been purchased by Father. On August 2nd, the day before the visit, members of the police force that were guarding the property were ambushed by an extreme leftist organization and one of them had been permanently blinded as the result.

Regarding this incident, it has been said inside the church that it was because Hyun Jin Nim who tried to steal the assets of the church. This is entirely wrong and here is what has happened in reality.

In October of 2000, Father, hoping to solve the issue of world hunger, purchased 60,000 hectares of land in Casado and entrusted it to Mr. K, who was in charge of the business in South America at that time. However, this land entailed a number of problems from the start, including the extreme leftist group called Pro-Tierra, which was supported by a socialistic labor party P-MAS (Partido del Movimiento al Socialismo,) and local people were also prone to be influenced by them.

Since the beginning, the church had refused to do any negotiation with this group. However, because the church had not been able to provide adequate working opportunity for the locals, Father's land was on the verge of being confiscated by the government. Furthermore, there was an incident in April, 2007, where Mr. Ota, who was newly put in charge of the project, had been kidnapped, confined for 19 days, and released after a ransom was paid.

Father had put Hyun Jin Nim in charge of North and South America in 2006. After that, Mr. Ota, then CEO, and Mr. Moon, Korean National Messiahs of Paraguay, had asked Hyun Jin Nim's aid in resolving the issues.

In 2007, Hyun Jin Nim sent his staff and was seeking a way to resolve the situation in Casado. In 2008, Hyun Jin Nim directly met with the president, discussed about the vision for the country, and then explained Father's motivation for purchasing the land in Casado. The business of charcoal and raising cattle were getting materialized and the resolution was under way with 90% approval rate from the locals.

A few months before this, a Costa Rican lawyer named Francisco Sabori started to appear in Paraguay from time to time. Despite the church's request not to, he had personally approached Pro-Tierra and instigated the group by saying that he was the true representative from Korea and that he was there to present the real solution. As the result, Pro-Tierra, with 70 men, ambushed the police officers who were guarding Casado with things such as stones and firecrackers and left many injured. This has been reported on ABC News in Paraguay as following3:

"According to information found in Puerto Casado, after the meeting between Francisco Saboria and the Pro-Tierra commission, it was decided to newly initiate acts of active resistance. The first step was an attempt to ambush the troops of the National Police, which ended with injured people on both sides. One police agent was hit by a firecracker in the face and seriously injured his right eye."

When Hyun Jin Nim was about to resolve the issue that Father had been hoping to for 10 years, why would they sabotage his efforts by even endangering his safety? Wouldn't anyone come to detest such politics in the church?

9. Conclusion

The key to solving all these issues resides in Father's wish. Then, what is it that Father wishes for? As I have said earlier, it has never been Father's intention to expel or crush Hyun Jin Nim. Father often gets angry at Hyun Jin Nim but that is because he wants Hyun Jin Nim to be by his side.

In his speech at the celebration for his birthday, Father proclaimed the founding of the Union of the Spiritual World and Physical World, which functions as the connecting point between the two worlds. He gave the same speech three times at the ceremony, banquet, and opening ceremony of the Cheon Bok Gung. This is in line with the Association for the World Connected to the Spirit World with God at the Center (the Parent UN) which he spoke of founding at the East Garden on October 8th, 2009. Then Father said that we need to bring back Hyun Jin Nim for this association.

The Unification Principle teaches us that history should be addressed through three aspects, religion, politics, and economy, and it has been said that Father has been thinking of assigning three of his children, Hyung Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, and Hyun Jin Nim, in charge of religion, economy, and politics, respectively. In order to establish the Heaven of Earth, we need to move nations in a substantial way through politics and not only through religion and economy. That is what the restoration of sovereignty is about.

Father appointed Hyun Jin Nim as the chairman of the UPF (the Abel UN,) and it is beyond doubt that Father plans to put Hyun Jin Nim in charge of the Union of the Spiritual World and Physical World (the Parent UN.) Considering the achievements of the past, Hyun Jin Nim is the only one who can move the nations and offer those to True Parents.

During Hoon Dok Hae on November 19th, the day after Hyung Jin Nim was appointed as the Chairman of the UPF, Father was enraged and questioned who had ousted Hyun Jin Nim. Regarding these comments, an official note from Headquarters read that Father never spoke of such things. However, records from this Hoon Dok Hae have been taken out and unavailable for reviewing. Suspicion will only spread wider as long as those records are not made public.

Now, how come Father has not made any action to console Hyun Jin Nim for this suffering? Is he not aware of the situation?

Here is Father's speech, "The Desire of All Things," from June 17th, 1977.

"Whenever you are working hard and suffering you must feel deeply that in all of heaven and earth you alone are going to finish the restoration. "God, I am Your only remnant. There is no one else but me to accomplish Your will." Sometimes God deliberately wants you to experience the feeling, "God, no one understands my way of life but You. Even Father and the church members are not sympathetic with me. I seem to be completely cut off from everyone." Even in that situation you may feel comforted that at least God is on your side, but the day and moment will come when even God seems to be saying, "I don't know you."

At that time you will feel that you are utterly alone in all the universe. If under those conditions you still do not give up, but insist, "No matter what God thinks or what True Parents say to me, no matter how unsympathetic the church members are, this is the right way, and I will go on anyway," then at that moment you are elevating yourself to the highest level of faith. Once you reach that level you can be trusted unconditionally by God and by me, and eventually by the whole world. You will achieve that qualification by yourself, when everything seems to be denying you. If in that situation you still fight to uphold your faith, it will become your greatest asset, which neither God nor man can ever repudiate4."

While he was treading this path of the Providence, Father had been rejected countless times not only by Satan but also by God. However, he then overcame all that to claim victories. This speech from 1977 tells us that, if you are rejected by the whole world, including God, True Father, and members, and you still walk the path of righteousness, then you would earn complete trust from God and Father. What astonishing content! I only pray that this is the hope of Father towards Hyun Jin Nim.

Hyun Jin Nim has read the following excerpts from the Peace Message in tears, saying that the relationship between parent and child and between siblings is eternal:

"Heavenly relationships, bequeathed to us from the moment of birth by God, lie outside the realm of choice. These relationships are formed by connection of blood. Even though you may dislike your parents or siblings, for example, you cannot change them by choice or vote them out of office. This is because they are connected to you through ties of blood."
(Peace Message #4)

Hyun Jin Nim says, "True Family's attitude towards God's dream has not changed. I ask you members to watch over them with respect, rather than spreading all kinds of rumors. I also have responsibility as the eldest in the True Family. I will certainly go see Father and establish the Cheon Il Guk by 2013. So I want you to trust and wait for it to happen."

Then what are we going to do if, despite this promise, Hyun Jin Nim does not go to offer all the victories from the GPF to True Parents? In that case, we would simply decide not to follow Hyun Jin Nim.

My brothers and sisters, we should not be swayed by false rumors and groundless accusations. Rather than criticizing any of True Children, now is the time to silently pray for the completion of the Providence centering upon True Love and fulfill our own responsibilities.

The author of the explanations concerning the truth and the rumors regarding Hyun Jin Nim wrote as P.S.: "The reason why I have used the pseudonym is to protect my family and friends from unjust banishment from the church, as in the case of Mr. Kim. I ask for your understanding." Is it important to know who shared this background information? Do we evaluate facts according to who speaks about them or by first of all going in front of our Heavenly Father and ask for His viewpoint on given issues?

In the introduction of Hyun Jin Nim's sermon on May 2, 2010 which is uploaded at we can read: "Rev. Hyung Jin Moon speaks on seeing the value of a Unification faith believer in his present level of commitment and sincerity to resemble God's character, rather than what good or bad things he/she has done according to heavenly laws. We must see the "sinner" separate from his "sin". We must "Look from God's Point of View". Shouldn't we really practice our international president's guidance?

Our Creator handpicked us to stand on the forefront of restoring fallen history. Each one of us decides how well we are doing in this respect. There is no need to judge others but to have a close look at ourselves to see clearly to which extent I have been victorious in various temptations to act in the wrong way under all kinds of challenging situations.

The truth is bound to come to the surface in every respect as it is clearly known in spirit world. I have a report on what was said at Hoon Dok Hae on December 19, 2009 (to which the above sharing refers) but I don't think it is helpful to publish it now. The more we know the more responsibility we have. The serious question is: How many of us feel responsible to invest into resolving the problems they know about rather than just speaking to others about them, in most cases multiplying fallen emotions?

I hope that the series on understanding the heart of Hyun Jin Nim has been helpful to have a look behind the scenes and especially to see more clearly what kind of heart the third son of our True Parents manifests. It is one of our core responsibilities to support and protect the True Children and therefore we must pray sincerely to find out how we can do this in the best way. So far we did not do great in this respect and therefore we all have to repent for our collective sin and take responsibility for our failure to support the True Family in the way Heaven has been hoping for.

In order to stimulate deeper reflection about True Children I would like to offer you also two more installments on our elder Brother Heung Jin Nim, as he stands in a central position in spirit world and has been working very hard during the past 27 years to support true unification here on earth and in spirit world.

There is so much to be learnt from each one of the True Children -- if only we have an open heart and mind to do so. This applies of course also to fellow Unificationists who have shown an exemplary standard in certain areas.

At the same time we are called to learn not only from failures which were brought about during the course of providential history as explained in the Divine Principle, but also from mistakes which have been made by leaders and members of our church. Instead of judging them we should help them to realize what they have been doing wrong by showing ourselves an exemplary standard.

Please, let us take the content of what Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim shared at the English Sunday service at the end of April / beginning of May close to our hearts, and become true representatives of our Heavenly Father / Mother not only towards all the True Children but also towards one another, manifesting the right heart of True Love especially in the face of all the sad things that happened and which must be restored at this time.

Let us be the ones who contribute to solving issues with a parental heart of True Love.

Sincerely yours,



[1] Kurtz, Howard. "Washington Times editor files EEOC complaint." Washington Post (November 18th, 2009): Web. 29 Apr 2010.


[3] Vera, Roque González. "Surge nueva comisión en Casado." ABC Digital (2009): Web. 30 Apr 2010. See also "Intento de atropello a Victoria SA deja heridos."


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