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What Is The Meaning Of Reaching Perfection? (Part 2)

Nikolaus Beutl
October 20, 2009

My dear brothers and sisters,

Originally I did not intend to write a second part about the given question of what it means to reach perfection. But because of the responses I received I decided I share a little more about this important theme.

Naturally there are those who feel grateful for my letters as it is expressed in notes like: “Thank you, dear Nikolaus. It's a wonderful, inspiring message you've put together.”

Others like Bruno offered their input: “The meaning of perfection is to have inherited the true love of God, the heart of God. We can also say, to have found the original heart. All this goes only by focusing on heart, as Father requests, and this again has to come from own initiative and desire. Or it does not work.”

I agree fully with this understanding because it is indeed of greatest importance that we focus continuously on heart as the center of the human personality and that we look at reality from such a viewpoint, asking ourselves again and again in whatever circumstances we may find ourselves: How does our unconditionally loving Father in Heaven want us to behave?

Unexpectedly I received also a response from the spirit world to my reflection? It reached me through the mail box from one member whom I do not know personally except for the name. Now what to do in such a situation?

I know that there are those who come up immediately with some warning to be aware of any content that is not officially sanctioned by the church. But there is also another more mature approach possible to check the content in prayer to be clear ourselves about the origin of the given content. Sadly this aspect is not the prevailing one but the more easy way of letting others decide for oneself what is right and what not.

Such an attitude means a big hindrance to the ones in spirit world who would like to support us in our efforts, as many of us are not open to receive their advice to begin with unless it comes through an official letter from the headquarters. Can we all recognize this dilemma for the Absolute Good Spirits as they try to reach out to us?

What I would like us to be aware in this respect is the hypocritical attitude of insisting on official sanction for some content while accepting freely other realities like True Children speaking clearly about communicating with members of their family who are already in spirit world and receiving answers and guidance from them.

I suppose we all remember for example the answer Hyung Jin Nim got through his beloved elder brother Young Jin Nim from spirit world when he was agonizing about finding the right solution towards Father asking him to build a community and 210 000 and a temple for them to meet. Our International President spoke about this help from the spirit world in a Cheon Il Guk Family Service while In Jin Nim mentioned in one of her sermons the fact that she experiences the support of her brothers who are already in the spirit world continuously.

Do we have any problems accepting such facts? I suppose not. But why is it then difficult for many of us to take it seriously when a brother or sister speaks about having received answers from people who moved on to the next world?

Most of us joined the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity where the support of the spirit world was a normal every day reality in the early days, guiding members in various ways to which our True Father clearly testifies. But sadly over the years some of us have become more and more pragmatic, depending more on external realities than the help available from the spirit world. An atmosphere of suspicion towards brothers and sisters who spoke about having received answers from God or the good spirit world prevails at many places.

Personally I am convinced that we should be mature enough to distinguish clearly between the spirits and be able to recognize the origin of contents revealed from the spirit world. Is it not the right way to check everything in prayer instead of asking other people what they think about it with the tendency of spreading negative attitudes instead of an open heart and mind to recognize all the various ways in which our Heavenly Father would like to support us by speaking not only through people here on earth but also through His children who passed already on to the next world?

The Divine Principle tells us that we are in the position of mediator between the physical and spiritual world. Therefore it should be natural for us to have communication with both worlds and to act responsibly not only when dealing with what other people say to us here on earth but also with what we learn through Absolute Good Spirits from the other world.

To make a long story short. Those who are suspicious of brothers and sisters who are able to communicate with the spirit world don’t have to read further from this point of my sharing. It is clear that we have to be wise and act responsibly as it says already in the Bible: “Walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise…” (Ephesians 5:15)

There are countless examples of men and women freely communicating with their beloved wife or husband, son or daughter, father or mother, with whom they developed a deep heartistic connection and who moved already on to the other side of existence. From this perspective of building close relationships it is clear that the ones who know the person well from whom a message is sent from the spirit world can also clearly distinguish whether it is from this person or not.

Even if we do not know the one who offers us his understanding from the other world we have still the Divine Principle, True Parents’ speeches and most of all our personal relationship to God to check the content rather than being suspicious and negative to begin with. With this fact in mind I would like to offer you the letter which Dr. Sang Han Lee sent in the hope that we all can learn something from it:

“Dear Brothers and Sisters:

True Parents have asked of us to reach perfection in our lifetime. True Parents have made this a spiritual condition for us to achieve by Blessing 360 couples in our Tribal Messiahship Home Church. The reason this is a conditional offering is:

1. There are 360 degrees in a circle.

2. A circle is a direct reflection of God's Character both internally and externally.

3. A Yin Yang symbol is a perfect circle (which is made up of Yang -- internal: which resembles the original internal nature and masculinity of God and Yin-external which resembles the original external nature and femininity of God = Man and Woman united. When Husband and Wife are united forming a perfect circle -- in their Original Mind, Heart and Will. Then they are perfect reflections of God's Character and God is able to come to dwell within their union. This is Perfection on a restorational -- conditional level.)

4. The perfection that True Father is talking -- becoming one in heart with Heavenly Father; this perfection has nothing to do with making mistakes or performing a task perfectly. One can be in perfection and not perform a task perfectly.

5. Looking into an Old English dictionary under the word 'Perfect' we see that the word 'perfect' in Old English means in its literal translation: 'Entire'.

I have reached perfection. This does not mean that I do not make errors or mistakes. I am one with God's Heart. I feel God's Heart as my own, I feel God's feelings as my own, I am vulnerable to God. I receive answers to my questions within my spirit from God directly.


Dr. Sang Hun Lee”

Aren’t we all supposed to stand in a position where we receive answers to our questions from our Heavenly Father directly according to what our True Parents have taught us? This is certainly the standard we are each to achieve one day if we haven’t got there already.

I am very grateful for this letter from Dr. Sang Hun Lee who conveyed already deep much precious content from the other world in order for us to learn about the reality of the spirit world. Just imagine, he has to ask the Korean medium through whom he shared before to write down his letter and then wait until Father receives it and gives his sanction and then get somebody who translates it into English and then find a way to convey it to someone who will forward it to me so that I can share it with you as his contribution to the given theme.

Even if Dr. Sang Hun Lee managed to do this then still some of my readers would request an official paper from Hyung Jin Nim to confirm that this message is approved by True Father… Again, to make a long story short, we will never manage to restore the world if we are narrow-minded and centered on organization rather than allowing God to speak to us directly through the many channels He would like to use in order to reach our hearts.

Let us all focus on receiving answers directly from our Eternal Parent, our Heavenly Father / Mother who loves us ever so very deeply rather than depending on what other people say or said. Let us strive to make God’s heart our own and to feel His feelings as our own and not be too much concerned about what others say and think so that we will become a truly God centered movement whose members live based on their personal relationship to the Living God who guides the providence directly at this time.

This is what our True Parents have told us and to the extent we are ready to stand on the forefront together with our Heavenly Father we will experience His presence and direct guidance in our everyday life so that we come closer and closer to the ideal of having perfected our ability to be entirely one with our Creator.

We have joined the Unification Church or Movement in order to reach this precious goal for what we are longing in our deepest souls. Let us therefore make it also our very first priority in everything we do, striving continuously to recognize God’s viewpoint clearly while doing our utmost to get our hearts to the point where we can love in the same way as our Origin in Heaven who revealed His Heart ever so profoundly through our True Parents.

May we all make great steps forward on our individual path of becoming one in heart and soul with our Origin who is yearning to see us living together with Him, seeing with His eyes, hearing with His ears and allowing Him to speak through our tongues.

This is my great hope for each one of you as my brothers and sisters who have invested already so much to walk on this long journey of returning to our loving Father and Mother whose love for us will never end.

Sincerely yours,

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