The Words of the Beutl Family

What moves our hearts to unite?

Nikolaus Beutl
July 14, 2009

My dear brothers and sisters,

When Heung Jin Nim was in a coma at the end of 1983 True Parents performed the Unification Ceremony. Unity was affirmed once again strongly at the time of Father having to go to Danbury. Times of trials and special indemnity or offerings are closely connected to the theme of uniting with one another, which became apparent again towards the end of the second millennium when our beloved elder Brother Young Jin Nim passed on to the spirit world.

After concluding his prayer at the Wonjeon Ceremony Father spoke in a serious manner to the Children standing before him: “As the three brothers who are in Heaven working together as one, you siblings must also become one.” He requested from his sons and daughters who were present: “At this hour, you must pledge before Young Jin. You must promise, If you can promise raise your hands.”

Young Jin Nim was a model of love among siblings when he was on earth and surely continues to support unification on all levels, especially in blessed families. Our international president speaks again and again of his elder brother Young Jin Nim who is an example for him in many ways. Remembering his exemplary life, let us re-determine to truly unite with one another as close brothers and sisters just as the True Children had promised on that day to become one.

Upon hearing of Hyo Jin Nim’s passing Father’s first comment to his first son’s wife Yeon Ah Nim was clear: “This must become an opportunity for the world-wide Unification Family to become one." And after the helicopter crash landing Father asked Hyun Jin Nim to share with the members that “this is a day of new beginning, a day when our entire movement and family has to come together as one with a singular purpose and a singular vision.”

On the Day of Victory of Love in 2007 Father asked: “How can you bring two into one?” and answered: “Through love. God’s strategy is to love your enemy.” It is essential that we make sure that we also use the strategy of loving one’s enemy in order to advance God’s providence about which Father said on that day: “You must stand clear in fulfilling your responsibility as a true family. By 2013 we must fulfill the first, second, third, and fourth Israel. By that time Satan will have to completely vanish, and all angels will take their proper positions.“

About our goal in the dispensational timetable Father explained: “January 13, 2013, will be the day when Jesus will stand as a subject partner. This is the time to perfect ourselves and live with joy and become citizens of God's Kingdom and fulfill His will on earth and in heaven!”

Don’t we need each others help and encouragement on our path of striving towards perfection in order to make sure that we all reach that ideal? Satan and his representatives try to distance us from this noble goal so that we will be discouraged and not invest everything to reach perfection on the level of heart in the shortest possible time. Do we listen to them or to the word of our True Parents and members of the True Family who encourage us not only to become a true VIP but to perfect our abilities and to develop our potential to the fullest?

It is clear that our greatest potential lies in our hearts -- in our ability to love. In this realm there is equality of chances or possibilities in the sense that even a person who is poor and has maybe not a special IQ can become a champion in the realm of love, if only enough heart is invested. The closer we are individually to reaching our personal perfection the deeper the relationships among us will become with more and more heartistic unity being achieved.

True Father's Prayer on January 3, 2008 included the following content: “I earnestly implore You to bestow Your special grace of liberation and complete freedom upon all blessed families on the individual level, on the levels of family, tribe, people, nation, world, heaven and earth, so that they could inherit the authority of princess and princesses of light in the age of noon. Enable them to become one in heart and body with True Parents, so that they can settle in the land of equal value and be embraced in the bosom of God and True Parents.”

Don’t we all desire to live in the embrace of God’s love? In order to be able to dwell in a realm of being embraced in the bosom of God we have to unite fully in heart and deed with our True Parents. Then it will become a reality for what Father prayed also on that day, asking for our Heavenly Father’s guidance so that “we may enter the shining world of God's direct dominion blooming with flowers”.

True Father referred to the realm of the 4th Adam as the era of God's direct dominion. We have entered this precious realm already years ago in God’s dispensation and therefore it should be natural for us to experience the presence of our Heavenly Father in our daily life. For this to become our own blessed situation it is a prerequisite to make the mindset and attitude of our True Parents our own.

About his way of life Father explained on June 7, 1997: “Just like God whatever I do, wherever I look, I offer my love, so my life is totally centered on the give and take relationship of love.” As his children we should do the same by offering our love wherever we go while being fully concentrated on establishing deep relationships of love whenever this is possible. Reality shows that we did not do great in this respect so far with many members’ hearts bleeding because of having been treated badly by fellow Unificationists or leaders.

Referring to problems in our movement Kook Jin Nim stated at the Leaders Meeting on August 7, 2008 when he shared in respect to developing the church: “In the past we had many secrets, and that is why we did not succeed. We must change our culture. We have to make a culture where the people who left can return. The culture that the international president is creating at the Headquarters Church is a culture of forgiveness. We must now shift from a culture of judgment to a culture of forgiveness.”

Naturally such a change in our attitude towards each other will lead to closer relationships which bring fruits in more heartistic unity in our worldwide family, for which our True Parents have been calling again and again. This call for unity is already deeply rooted in the Christian faith with Jesus praying for his disciples to be one or Paul writing e.g. in his letter to the Galatians (Chapter 3 verse 28)”There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Probably the most heavy book ever published by our movement is the first volume of the 3rd part reviewing our activities in America from 1976 to 1981. It weighs a couple of kilograms with the size 29 cm x 37 cm and about 7 cm thick. The external form of this publication expresses symbolically the amount of substantial investment which had been made by True Parents and our members during this intensive period of the final years in the 21-year Dispensational Time Table (1960 - 1981).

The 1250 pages of this book are a testimony of what can be achieved if hearts are united, dedicated to fulfill great tasks despite many obstacles. When we have enough love for one another then so much can be accomplished in a short time. I suppose most of us will have some uplifting memories in this respect but in daily life we tend to forget the good experiences while being rather dominated by a spirit of doubt or distrust instead of being motivated by a burning desire to invest everything we can with an unconditional attitude.

As I mentioned in my previous letter, True Father asked at the beginning of this month that we shed tears of repentance in order to return to God. I don’t know how many of us have responded to this request of our True Parents who want to see us as their children truly liberated from sin and self-centeredness to be free to give out a pure love from morning to evening as they themselves are doing day by day.

Soon after the victorious Washington Monument Rally where 300 000 people gathered to listen to True Father speak, the Day of Victory of Heaven was proclaimed. Father asked us to keep up the amount of investment which led to this great victory in order to assure God’s blessing and heaven’s assistance for our work. Those among us who have been in our church already at that time know how dedicated we worked in order to reach great goals but can this kind of spirit and heartfelt dedication also be found in our hearts today?

At that time our central motto was “One World Under God” while now 3 decades later we emphasize “One Family Under God”. Incredible victories of heart have been achieved by the True Family and our members in various parts of the world in the years which passed since then but how does my victorious foundation look like? Whatever our personal answer may be to such a question, we all have the chance to make a new beginning and go now beyond the limitations of heart which hindered us to love others in the past, so that tomorrow we will truly be one united family under God as our Eternal Parent.

The here mentioned book offers at the beginning a testimony by the first follower Rev. Won Pil Kim starting with the following words: “Whenever I think back on the road Father Moon has trodden over the years, tears well up in my eyes… God Himself is witness to how Father has borne in silence all manner of hardship and suffering, and He must have shed bucketful of tears of his suffering.”

Isn’t it our individual responsibility to ensure that our life as children is indeed similar to the one of our Parents? The truth has been proclaimed and the exemplary course gone by True Father and True Mother. It is up to each one of us to make the calling which we received from heaven our own. The more we do so the closer our hearts will naturally be united in our common desire to support the establishment of God’s Kingdom by becoming ourselves temples of God in whom His spirit dwells.

May we all realize this divine dignity in the depths of our souls in response to Hyung Jin Nim and In Jin Nim having asked us recently in their sermons to recognize who we are and to see our destiny clearly.

Sincerely yours,


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