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Appeal to support the Victory over Communism (Part 4)

Nikolaus Beutl
July 8, 2009

My dear brothers and sisters,

In my previous letter I invited you to visit the link: where you find presently as the latest news: "President Nazarbayev calls World Religious Leaders to play a role in facilitating spiritual revival as a precondition to harmonious development of the world... President Nazarbayev notes that Kazakhstan plans to implement the recommendations made by the spiritual leaders following the Congress when chairing the OSCE and the OIC...“

This means that the leader of a state listens to the voice of important religious leaders from around the world representing many different religious traditions. Isn’t this an ideal situation which we would like to see realized in all nations centered on the will of God?

President Nazarbayev addressed the participants of the previously mentioned symposium: “Dear Participants and Guests of the Congress, I am very pleased to see the world’s spiritual leaders … (who) have gathered together today to provide the world’s population with blessings and pastoral instruction. We value highly your spiritual preoccupation about peace, your devotion to the objective of achieving harmony on Earth -- which brings you to Astana for this, the third time already."

It is symbolically important that our young capital receives our honorable guests on the eve of its 11th birthday. Astana is THE city of inter-confessional harmony. The Palace of Peace and Harmony, the minarets of mosques, the domes of Christian temples and synagogues, the ‘houses’ of other religious representatives have become an organic part of the architectural ensemble of our city and its spiritual life.

Astana is the capital of the country which -- throughout history -- has been a meeting place of historical and cultural figures from the greatest civilizations. Increasingly, religious, state and public officials from all over the world consider it important to participate in the Congress. In 2006 there were 29 delegations taking part -- today we welcome 77 delegations from 35 countries.

We are forever proud of the valuable qualities Kazakh people have shown in raising the flag of religious and inter-ethnic harmony. We strive to show and share this achievement as an exemplar to the whole world. We can help prevent religious conflicts and ethnic collisions, which have not ceased elsewhere since the beginning of the new millennium.

Among all the many towns on this earth, the capital of Kazakhstan is THE city of inter-confessional harmony with increasing importance, while we claim that the True Parents of Mankind and the members of their extended family (FFWPU and UPF) are THE movement fort o achieve the above mentioned goals.

Most of us are aware that we could register our organization in Kazakhstan and work freely until religious persecution started, culminating in Elizaveta Drenicheva having to go to prison because she was teaching the Divine Principle. While officially religious freedom and inter-religious understanding is promoted, we find in reality severe religious persecution in this nation which guarantees religious freedom. The ones who showed interest in what happened to our sister Liza know the reasons for her being put into prison and that the verdict had not been reversed but is still valid. She is still officially guilty for a crime against humanity!

We understand that this is a very contradictory situation where a country which advocates to stand on the forefront of protecting the right of religious liberty practices at the same time religious suppression. And we should also know the ultimate reason how this reality could come about: Due to the influence of the God-denying ideology of communism where the common good is promoted while at the same time evil practices are sanctioned.

This contradiction is rooted in fallen nature -- which we all strive to overcome completely. How well have we been doing in this respect? The answer to this question decides to which extent God’s blessing and protection can be with us, resulting in our influencing the world accordingly in positive or negative ways.

This means that if we resolve the issues of fallen nature and the spirit of communism in our own hearts then we will be able to be pure channels for God to guide this world in the right direction. If not, our actions will not further God’s providence and we will rather become a hindrance than a support for the advancement of the Heavenly Kingdom here on this earth.

In other words, a spiritual battle is going on continuously which has been expressed for decades in the cold war between the free and the communist world which finds its expressions through countless conflicts in various parts of the world -- including within our own movement. We learn about fallen nature in the Divine Principle but we do not manage to recognize it clearly enough in all the situations we meet.

Concerning the situation of the world as a whole President Nazarbayev said in his speech: "The need for constant spiritual self-improvement is becoming less important now. Many people close their eyes at the fact that the world is more ‘conquered’ by material values than ever before… Maybe the time has come to stop and to think where we are going -- to ask ourselves what awaits us in the future? Unfortunately, many believe that the global community is facing a spiritual regress right now. And this is probably the deepest root for all economic issues of the modern world.

Crisis has brought a need for a moral aspect to be brought into the world’s economy, a need for a new morality to enter into the daily life of people, into all relations, between economic entities and people, countries and nations. The new world order is impossible without high morals and spirituality... Morals and spirituality must become the key mechanisms for the post-crisis rearrangement of the world. All the best that every nation has must become the property of ALL mankind. Such a world must not contain mutual suspicion or discrimination based on religious or other reasons. The ideal is a community in which progress will be assessed, not only by the level of its material benefits but, also, by the high morals and responsibility of people…"

What a statement by a worldly leader of a country! The president of Kazakhstan is surely right when he asserts that all the best that every nation must become the property of ALL mankind. I suppose that such precious content could stem just as well from one of our members. It has surely been partly inspired by heaven through the person(s) who have helped him to prepare this speech.

How deeply does each one of us realize that it is true that the best not only of every country but also of every family has to become the property of ALL mankind. Am I right in saying this or is such an understanding based on communism which propagated the common good for which individual preferences have to be sacrificed?

The ideology of communism teaches a pseudo ideal, an ideal society -- without God. Therefore it is crucial that we know clearly the common points just as well as the differences between a God centered understanding and the one which denies the existence of a creator.

In respect to the founders of Islam and Christianity President Nazarbayev explained: “Appealing to the whole of mankind, the prophet Mohammad -- may Allah bless him -- clearly formulated the main goal of his mission in this world: ‘I am sent only to improve the nobleness of morals‘. Jesus Christ said: ‘What is the benefit for a person if he acquires the whole world but harms his soul?‘ Today moral aspects should be in advanced positions. It is impossible to overcome the crisis and to come to the new stage of community development without this important tool. I am absolutely certain of this.“

For what do we stand with absolute conviction? It is the teaching of the True Parents of Mankind who pointed out that communism is one of the 3 great headaches of God. We are the ones who have been called to be the true experts in the field of understanding human responsibility in front of God and all humanity.

President Nazarbayev continued in his address: “Spiritual leaders, pastors of different religions, were and are the keepers of the highest moral values in all times. That is why special hope is imposed on the religious leaders in these difficult times. Today the moral and humanistic imperative of religion is really needed. The Talmud says: ‘…every man should remember that the world is created for him and is under his responsibility‘. It is you, religious leaders, who can become the conductors for raising the spirit -- the main condition for the harmonized development of the world.

For many centuries, the united nation of Kazakhstan -- enriched with the spiritual heritage of different nationalities and religions -- has acquired great qualities such as tolerance and openness to the perception of everything new. And we feel we are obliged to bring this centuries-old moral imperative to the whole of mankind. One of the most significant initiatives of Kazakhstan -- and it is supported by the United Nations -- was the announcement of 2010 as the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures. I am also proud to remind you all that Kazakhstan has been provided with the great honor of heading the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Organization of the Islamic Conference in the coming years -- 2010 and 2011 respectively.“

President Nazarbayev clearly declared that it is the religious leaders who are in a position to be the conductors for raising the spirit of the people as the main condition for the harmonized development of the world. Each one of us is surely a religious or spiritual leader -- even if it is only our own family members or friends whom we are guiding in the right direction. The destiny of mankind lies just as well on our shoulders as central blessed families who have been called to stand on the forefront together with our Heavenly Father to achieve world restoration by the year 2013.

The basic teaching of communism, Historical Materialism, was developed by Karl Marx who referred to it as "the materialist conception of history." Historical materialism looks for the causes of developments and changes in human society in the means by which humans collectively produce the necessities of life.

We advocate Godism, the teaching which puts God at the center and shows the true causes behind the developments in history. Is this just an ideology for us or a truth which is proven by our experiences? Hopefully our understanding in this respect is fully based on the experience of the reality of a living God who has been guiding not only history but also our personal lives day by day. The deeper such a conviction is rooted in our hearts the more we will be able to move other people and ultimately the world in the right direction.

Speaking about a new world order President Nazarbayev affirmed: “This new world must become a world of universal trust and respect, partnership and dialogue.“ And he explained further: “I see radical innovations in the spiritual area as an integral element, which takes its potential in the unlimited opportunities for mutual enrichment of cultures. Therefore, it would be very narrow to consider counteraction against crisis only from the material point of view. I am certain that we cannot overcome the crisis without changing the consciousness, without firm observance of high moral norms and principles!"

Only a fair world order can become the basis for the prosperity of the human community! The activity of the International Center of Cultures and Religions, created in Astana, will be aimed at this in particular. Under its aegis it is important to extend the dialogue of representatives of different cultures and religions. We should involve representatives of secular and religious mass media and youth unions, scientists and creators...

The Center must become an intellectual laboratory for peace, harmony and justice, and elaborate and promote proposals on the global agenda. It must be the working entity of the Congress -- feeding all its participants with new ideas and offers. The Secretariat of our Congress -- together with the Center -- could think over the establishment of a Council of Religious Leaders for dialogue and cooperation with other forums and international organizations, the activity of which is aimed at further dialogue of cultures…

What an Abel-type attitude is expressed in this and many other parts of this speech in which President Nazarbayev speaks up for the benefit of all mankind. His words are backed by deeds, e.g. when he refers to the need of the international community to start an immediate review of nuclear nonproliferation tools and create the new universal Treaty on the Universal Horizontal and Vertical Non-Dissemination of Nuclear Weapons: “Recognizing its responsibility to the global community, our country voluntarily gave up the fourth largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Unfortunately, not many countries followed our example. Therefore, Kazakhstan will continue to push our policy aimed at the full destruction of the nuclear threat on the planet.“

After pointing out that it is ultimately only hostility which separates people President Nazarbayev concluded: “Where there is no friendship, there are many opportunities for hostility. That is why it is necessary to purify people through brining to them such notions as humanity and mercy. Until people become better themselves, our time will not get better. The obligation of man is to correct damaged times.

This obligation is well understood by the members of the Unification Movement, but still the question remains: What are we doing concretely on a personal level for this very purpose of influencing the world in a positive way in terms of going completely beyond any feeling of resentment or hostility however hidden it may be in our hearts?

At the end of the conference the participants signed an appeal, which you also find on the above link. It end with the words: “We, the participants of the Congress, express gratitude to His Excellency President Nursultan Nazarbayev and the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan for their efforts to promote a culture of concord and cooperation among peoples of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds within Kazakhstan and beyond. We wish every human being peace, security and prosperity."

These lines bring us back to the basic contradiction that it is in this nation which does so much for to promote a culture of concord and cooperation among peoples of different religious backgrounds that our members are in danger to be put into prison for the simple fact of teaching their religious conviction.

My appeal to you as my brothers and sisters is that we do have a second look at our own behavior as advocates of religious freedom in terms of allowing our own brother or sister to speak out freely about their deep convictions. As you know, I am doing this in my letters and this fact is the basis of my having been excluded from internet groups run by our members. The ones who have read the book “Sunshine in the Heart“ know the details concerning these situations which are a clear expression of the spiritual and heartistic confrontation within our movement concerning the question of which spirit prevails. The mere fact that there is a lack of religious tolerance in our own ranks should make us think twice about the question as to which extent we have overcome communist thinking and concepts in our own hearts.

May we all take enough time to check thoroughly the contents of our daily works so that the day will never come that we repent for how we have spent our days but can look back proudly on a life which was dedicated completely to liberate our Father in Heaven from his greatest heartaches, with the complete elimination of communism being one of our central tasks.

Sincerely yours,


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