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What Moves Our Hearts To Unite?

Nikolaus Beutl
July 1, 2009

My dear brothers and sisters,

Soon it will be one year that our True Parents had to go through the helicopter trial which was turned into the helicopter miracle based on the foundation of unity manifested in that life and death situation. Please take the time to listen to the tearful and deeply moving speech by Hyun Jin Nim, related to this event, which you find at the link:

On that day of August 7, 2008 Hyun Jin Nim appealed to the hundreds of brothers and sisters who gathered at the Heavenly Palace in Chung Pyung: "As Father explained to me, this is a day of new beginning, a day when our entire movement and family has to come together as one with a singular purpose and a singular vision.”

How much have our relationships improved during these past 7 times 7 weeks since the shocking news of the helicopter crash reached us? This is an important question we have to ask ourselves because we were even required to participate in a special ceremony commemorating the helicopter miracle by the middle of September last year in order to lay a new foundation of faith and substance, based on meeting in our communities and discussing about our plans for the future.

After these months of renewed commitment the time has surely come to review reality from the viewpoint of what has changed in the meantime in our relationships with one another. What kind of internal changes did we go through since then? Did we become as one with a singular purpose and a singular vision? How close have we grown internally as a worldwide movement as one family for which True Father called especially at the time of the ascension of Hyo Jin Nim in spring 2008?

Hyun Jin Nim spoke in tears in the above mentioned speech and explained also about the great victory which was reached in Paraguay at the time of the Global Peace Festival in a situation where our movement was under serious attack. The total dedication of this now eldest son of our True Parents on the earth along with other dedicated members who were ready to fight with him this all out battle in order to successfully move the country which Father calls the heart of South America, brought the victory in that very difficult situation where a decisive reversal was achieved.

At the end of his speech Hyun Jin Nim emphasized: “This is an amazing time based on the sweat blood and tears and Cheon Song of our True Parents. If we are to inherit… we need to ask ourselves: ‘What is a true path of filial piety? What is it that we should inherit?’ When I look at the life of my Parents, especially my Father, I realize that the path of filial piety has already been paved. And that path of filial piety as a son, taking ownership over his father’s dream, and committing himself, body and soul, to the fulfillment of that dream. I believe that this is the path of filial piety of all central Blessed Family members as extended members of God’s True Family that we must become owners of that dream, a dream that came from God, that was inspired and made alive by our Parents and that shall be fulfilled by each and every one of us.”

We have heard our Elder Brother Hyun Jin Nim speak about this dream many times. It is a central theme of his speeches at Global Peace Festivals, connecting it with national dreams like the one emphasized in America through Martin Luther King. We know of famous people who have been fighting for peace and reconciliation -- and now the time has come for us to write history in this respect by being victorious in our efforts for peace in the world. Each one of us writes not only his or her personal history but at the same time our actions as a whole influence the direction into which history moves.

Our international President Hyung Jin Nim tries so hard again and again to inspire us to invest ourselves completely for this precious purpose to contribute to the building of a beautiful future of a happy mankind, starting with ourselves becoming better persons day by day. He asks us to evaluate his sermons during the Cheon Il Guk Family Services as he wants to improve himself, and we all can support him in this respect by offering our constructive comments at:

This attitude of inviting others to have a critical look at one’s own performance is sadly not a prevailing characteristic among Unificationists but to the contrary a tendency to insist on our own opinion and our personal ways of which we are ever so convinced. If this were not a fact our relationships would be much better and our efforts would be so much more fruitful. Our True Parents would not have had to ask us again and again to unite.

I suppose most of us are familiar with the motto “Forgive, love, unite” but when it comes to applying it in our own lives we are generally not doing too well. Especially the ones who doubt such a statement are invited to have an honest look at what kind of feelings they harbor in their hearts towards those brothers and sisters who have hurt or disappointed them, in order to see clearly what kind of attitude prevails in their hearts. It is very likely that we all have those people in our lives about whom we feel disappointments because we learned about issues they are struggling with.

Wanting to have people to look up to is surely human because we are supposed to be born as children of ideal parents who are one with God. We want to have those persons close who inspire us. In our True Parents and members of their family we have such precious sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father who are a source of inspiration for us as members of the Unification Movement. We are the ones to follow in their footsteps by truly making their dreams and aspirations our own and becoming examples ourselves in the central realm of love for humankind.

What about being inspired about my brother or sister? Probably most of us do have one or the other family member near or far who are indeed inspiring for us personally but on the whole it is my experience after working in various countries that a spirit of criticizing others prevails over one of deep appreciation for others at so many places.

If asked what we stand for as Unificationists one can get many similar answers. We will agree on many points. But when it comes to practicing unity among us then there are many “but”s and many forms of excuses as to why it is so difficult to unite. What it all comes down to is that our fallen nature wins the victory over our original mind ever so often even though this fact may not be conscious to us as fallen man tends to justify one’s own weaknesses and does very well in this respect.

Let us be concrete: How many people does each one of us have whom we respect deeply -- to whom we have an open heart and mind and to whom we are longing to deepen our relationship? If we are to write down the names of these people, how long will the list be, especially when we compare it with the many brothers and sisters whom we have come to know in our movement over the years?

As “nobody is perfect” (except for our True Parents) it is very likely that we have found weaknesses and some kind of fallen nature in one way or another in each of the members of the Unification Movement with whom we are familiar. But have we also been able to go beyond these aspects in our hearts, with an attitude of writing bad experiences in sand where the wind makes them disappear completely while engraving good experiences into rocks so that we will always be reminded of them?

I have not the slightest desire to judge others but I am indeed very concerned about our reality as members of a movement who are supposed to be one with a singular purpose and a singular vision. Yes, we are destined to unite but when we have a closer look at the bonds of heart between us and a true sense of feeling responsible for one another we may have to go a long way to find them. And if we do how strong are our connections of heart?

Life goes on, day by day, and one day our time will be up. We all know that nobody has a guarantee to be alive tomorrow. For this reason we are advised to live our lives to the fullest. There are many ways in which we can improve ourselves, whereby the core among them is definitely related to the innermost aspect of our personality, our ability to love. Are we doing our very best to deepen and to expand our hearts more and more, day by day?

Why are our True Parents emphasizing unity so much? One simple answer is: “Because united we stand and divided we fall”. This is true on all levels. The helicopter with our True Parents fell from the sky -- so to say -- because there was the condition of disunity which allowed the satanic forces to attack members of the True Family directly. True Father and True Mother had to go through this crucifixion because "we" were not united with them.

To whom does the word "we" refer? To some leaders, to somebody else, or to me because I did not unite wholeheartedly with our True Parents and their family members? History was written at the time of Jesus when his disciples betrayed him and the same has become a reality at this time of the Second Advent. Whether we like to hear this or not, it is a historical fact. The only question remains in this respect is whether or not we are ready to face our spiritual reality and change it now while we are still on this earth.

We teach that due to the disbelief of Jesus disciples and their disunity Jesus had to go the way of the cross. Meanwhile the time has come for us to let the people know that the True Parents of Mankind had to go once again the way of the cross in the 8th year of Cheon Il Guk because I did (do) not truly believe in them. Why do I say this? Because it is a fact and no excuse or explanation will dissolve it.

True Parents as the Righteous Messiah had to suffer death and resurrection when they were completely guiltless. They had to pay indemnity covering a period of 4000 years as Father explained, because the gap between where we should be and where we are was (is) too big. This means clearly that the satanic forces were able to crucify them because I did not protect them through my unity with the True Family.

Is this only true for Nikolaus Beutl or for all core members of the Unification Movement? Who among us wants to exclude themselves, saying that this does not apply to them? Those who feel in this way I would like to ask: What about uniting with our True Parents in the core task of walking the path of natural subjugation of Satan by loving our enemies more than our own children, more than the ones who are closest to our hearts?

This is the essential teaching of True Parents about how this world can be restored and this central truth is the dividing line between so called members of the Unification Movement and the ones who really sacrifice themselves and their loved ones for the greater purpose.

Having worked in many countries, on many frontlines, I have got to know hundreds of dedicated brothers and sisters. But how many oft hem kept their spirit of total dedication which they had at some point in their lives until today? I am not asking who do lots of activities but: Who has still a heart ready to love the ones who hurt us, investing into their salvation from the bottom of our own souls?

We celebrate the Day of the Declaration of God’s eternal Blessing. But Heaven’s blessing can only reach us substantially if we lay the right base for it. A happy and blessed life can only come about if there is unity and harmony in our relationships, which is of course not only true for our individual core families but on all levels up to the challenge of our having been entrusted with the task to show how One Family under God looks like.

May we use the occasion of today’s holiday to come closer to one another as a loving family where there is place in our hearts for every brother and sister -- with not a single person being excluded. This is my hope and prayer on this holy day,

Your Brother Nikolaus 

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