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Appeal to support the Victory over Communism (2)

Nikolaus Beutl
June 28, 2009

Dear brothers and sisters,

We have learned that through laying the proper inner conditions we make the foundation for external results to appear. This is of course true in both ways. When we lay bad conditions through false behavior, we can be assured that we will harvest the results accordingly. The important point I would like to emphasize here is the fact that it is not the people who persecute our movement who are the problem but we ourselves who did not live up to the heavenly standard so that the present tragic reality arose.

I am talking here about years of development where one condition after the other added up to form the inner basis so that the given tragedy could come about. The core problems are not external aspects but what is going on inside of us.

The importance of internal conditions may be understood for example through reading in Cheon Seong Gyeong page 273-274 about what Father explains concerning his declaring the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages and two months later the Berlin Wall coming down on October 9, 1989.

When True Father had to go to Danbury prison in 1984 thousands of members of our movement and representatives of the Christian world raised their voices in defense of religious freedom. What was the reaction in this respect when our sister Elizaveta Drenicheva was imprisoned innocently due to religious persecution at the beginning of this year?

Of course there have been protest on various levels but the overall result shows that they have not been enough from our side with the consequence that the satanic forces could move forward with the powers of the Russian Justice Ministry's Expert Council for Conducting State Religious-Studies Analysis being considerably widened one month later in February 2009, allowing it to investigate the activity, doctrines, leadership decisions, literature and worship of any registered religious organization and recommend action to the Ministry.

On March 3, 2009 the “Commission for the Implementation of State Expertise on Religious Science” was established and exactly one month afterwards Alexander Dvorkin, the Russian priest most famous for the defamation of religious groups not belonging to the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox faith, was elected Chairman of this newly founded institution to legalize religious persecution.

At the beginning of March the guilty verdict of our sister Liza was not taken back but confirmed and again the protest from the one’s representing God’s side lacked greatly which meant that spiritually the way was free for representatives of Satan to strengthen their side which became manifest in the infamous neo-inquisitor Alexander Dvorkin being elected as vice president of FECRIS (European anti-cult umbrella organization) in May 2009.

In the face of the above mentioned fatal -- for many religious groups who have to go underground or are eliminated completely -- developments the secretary general of FOREF, Peter Zoehrer sent out a letter of appeal to brothers and sisters to ring the alarm bells and to inform Christian Churches of the reality of religious persecution in Russia.

In his commentary to the present situation Peter writes: “Alarming alliance: Kremlin and the Orthodox Church… It makes the non orthodox believers throughout the country shiver.” Why shiver? Because those believers know what these new developments mean for them.

The sad reality of religious activists other than from the Orthodox Church being persecuted means the spreading of God’s love and truth on the territory of Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union is hindered by force, with much indemnity having to be paid by the representatives on God’s side and the providence being prolonged unnecessarily due to the ones who have been called to represent Heaven’s standard having fallen short of manifesting it.

Communism came about as a solution to existing problems which were caused due to the failure of Christianity. The spreading of this God denying ideology could have been stopped at the end of the Second World War with the appearance of the Lord of the Second Advent but again due to the fault of the West it could expand further and influence finally nearly half of the world.

It took True Father finally 43 years after the official start of his mission to enter the (former) communist world and to speak about God there. Of course he needs disciples as his representatives to complete the task of leading the people from the realm of a God-denying ideology into the dominion of God’s love. True Parents can only show us the example of how to win the hearts of the people but it is each one of us who contributes to the final outcome of where our world is heading.

This means that the problem of “Godless” communism with all its aspects and consequences has to be resolved first of all within our own movement. Hyung Jin Nim spoke for example about the fact we do not want a tyrannical leadership in our movement. Why did he have to emphasize this point? Because such tendencies have become a reality in our own midst over the years.

I will not speak further of problems because we all know more than enough about them. But the important point to realize deeply is that it is not the people in the world outside of our movement who are the primary cause of God’s heart aching but we as the ones who have been chosen to represent Him and the True Parents, being in the position of the movers of humankind’s destiny -- into the right or in a not so good direction.

How the struggle within our own movement for the proper tradition looks like has been experienced by those who are dedicated to improving our work. The ones among you, who would like to go into more details concerning our Heavenly Father’s efforts to guide us to overcome false attitudes by taking responsibility for existing problems, I want to invite to become familiar with the 5 volumes of the book Sunshine in the Heart at which deal with problems on the Northeast continent and our movement on the whole and the struggle within a community of 120 national messiahs for the right ways of resolving issues.

Religious persecution means that there is no place for people with a differing religious understanding and practice. Our True Father has identified the struggle among religions as one of the central headaches of God besides communism and moral degradation. The problem of communism has not really been overcome on an internal level, therefore we have to reflect more deeply about what it means to have a living relationship to the living God rather than a “God is dead or does not exist” concept.

The section 2 dealing with the “The Path of the True Parents” in the 4th chapter of the second book of Cheon Seong Gyeong (entitled “The Mission of the True Parents”) starts with the following lines: “Conflicts are spreading throughout the world today. Who is to confront this situation? We should. We should fight against communism, prevent the breakdown of ethics, and protect religions because they are collapsing.”

With these words Father asked the members to fight against the powerful and destructive ideology of communism once again on the anniversary of his own leaving for North Korea, on the 6th of June 1982. Meanwhile more than a quarter of a century has passed but the spiritual battle is still ongoing because the victory has still not yet been achieved.

The above mentioned 4th chapter of the second book entitled “The Mission of the True Parents” begins with the following statement: “The world has passed through many eras: the eras of imperialism, emperors and kingdoms. After they passed came the children’s era of democracy and the servants’ era of communism. Because these eras were not governed by the law of love, we can conclude they were products of a false world. The original world was to come into being as the extension of an original heart.”

From this explanation by our True Father we can understand that the victory over communism means to go beyond the spirit of being a servant in the direction of embodying the original heart while living centered on love. To do this remains the key to overcoming the spirit of communism which found its way into our own movement distracting our attention from the core task of centering all our activities on promoting a world of heart and true love.

Hyung Jin Nim spoke in one of his sermons given in May 2009, the month of love, about Kook Jin Nim conveying the Divine Principle in less than one minute by telling the people that the essence of Father’s teaching comes down to inheriting the love of God. As it is so important to make the love of God our own, all of our activities should be centered on coming closer to the heart of God. Wherever such an attitude is practiced the false ideology of communism can be eradicated completely from the minds of the people.

On January 14, 1991 Father explained: “Without the Divine Principle, it would have been impossible to present a counterproposal to communism, let alone overcome it. So, by what means could we overcome communism? It was through Godism. What is Godism? It is the Way of True Love, trying to give life again, again and yet again. As a consequence, this universe will become a place that overflows with God’s love, more than enough to embrace the whole universe.”

The decisive question is clear: Are we walking the Way of True Love, trying to give life again, again and yet again? Are we the ones who are dedicated day by day to invest ourselves unceasingly for the sake of motivating people to walk the path of True Love by showing them an example of endless giving as it is manifested in the hearts of our True Parents?

True Father declared on March 20, 1986: “God’s love will weaken and destroy the ideology of communism. Though we may not understand, if we have a loving heart, the unification of North and South will not be a problem.” The confrontation between the two Koreas is still continuing today, more than two decades later, because we did not succeed to have a truly loving heart. This means that we really have to wake up to realize deeply that the only way to bring God’s providence to a victorious conclusion by January 2013 lies in each one of us re-determining ourselves to go forward with a loving heart, especially for the ones whom we find hard to love.

“Based on our character, we should impress them with our character, our outlook on life, our lifestyle, and personal history.” This applies not only in relation to communists but to any person we witness to -- whom we want to offer our testimony.

On page 2084 where we find the above quotation in the Cheon Seong Gyeong, we can read also of Father emphasizing the teaching to love one’s enemy as the great truth. “Although the content is simple, no one has known that this would become the dividing line between God and Satan.”

This means that each one decides whether he or she stands on God’s or Satan’s side through the way of dealing with one’s enemy. If we truly love them -- more than our own children -- we can be certain to be in the realm of God’s love. On the other hand, if we lack in this respect, we do not need to be surprised that close encounters with our Heavenly Father are rare in our relationship to Him.

Father told the members in 1972: “Don’t you think that I was indignant when I was being stepped on, tortured and kicked by the communists? But I never prayed, ‘O God, strike these enemies with a thunderbolt and slaughter them all.’ Although my body was bleeding, I was praying for them to receive blessings.”

Such a teaching of practicing true love for one’s enemy is emphasized today by the youngest son of our True Parents, encouraging us again and again to give blessings to others -- even under very difficult circumstances. The more we unite in this respect with the True Parents and Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim, the sooner we will see God’s blessing returning to our movement and our long cherished goals being achieved.

The great mind of our True Parents and members of their family can be seen in many ways, with the example of the former Belarusian President Stanislau Shushkevich, who contributed greatly to bring an end to communism, having been invited to give the main address at this weekend’s Cheon Il Guk Family Service being another testimony to their truly loving hearts, dedicated to bring this world back to God’s side.

The goal ahead of us is for example expressed in Father telling us on August 4, 1996 when he spoke to the theme The True Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Family of absolute Unity, telling us: “You need to become family king, tribe king, national king, world and cosmic king.“

How far have we advanced on our path towards becoming a cosmic king? Our international president Hyung Jin Nim tries so hard again and again to inspire us to go in such a direction while satanic forces work to discourage us, denying our personal value -- with the ideology developed by Karl Marx denying the true value of a human being with all the tragic consequences that follow from such a mindset.

Members of the True Family teach us the highest values and ideals while the thought of communism goes in the opposite direction, misleading the human desire to do good in order to finally exploit them in various ways. Our world is full of problems and we are the ones called to sort them out and to solve them. We may feel limited in many ways but we all have a heart and this is what matters most: What kind of love we strive to develop.

Karl Marx used the resentments in the hearts of the people to lead them to do evil things. So much can be said about the ideology he developed but it all comes finally down to the question whether we go the way of love and forgiveness, the path of reconciliation and healing, or follow a course of not really loving our enemies, which will bring us finally to our ruin.

Yes, I am convinced that herein lies the decisive dividing point. No matter with how many problems we may be faced, when we are ready to practice true love in every situation we can turn any circumstances ultimately into a great victory.

For such a task we have been chosen and now we decide day by day what our destiny looks like in reality. We have been called to stand on the forefront for the victory over communism which begins in our own hearts by eradicating any resentment and anger in order to be free to truly love our enemies lest we will be killed or eradicated by them. This is my conclusion as I reflect on 30 years of mission to Eastern Europe or three decades of fighting for the victory over communistic thinking and concepts.

May we all reach the point where we have nothing to do any more with this God-denying ideology by putting God at the most visited place in our heart and mind so that He can guide us day by day while we live in His presence.

This is my hope and prayer for each one of us as His children,

Your brother Nikolaus 

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