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Leaving All Shadows Behind To Live In The Light Of God's Love

Nikolaus Beutl
April 20, 2009

My dear brothers and sisters,

On March 28, 2006 True Father emphasized that there should be no more shadow found at any place:

“There must not be any deviation from the light and love in front of God. If you have no more sin or deviation from the perfect vertical standard in front of God then you will also cast no more shadow while standing in the light of God’s love.”

Each human being is destined to emanate his or her individual light in line with the potential one received from the Creator. As representatives of God and the True Parents the love of our Heavenly Father / Mother should flow naturally through us into this world, not allowing anything to stop us in fulfilling this precious destiny as sons and daughters of God.

True Father spoke again and again about connecting our hearts and minds with God exactly in a 90 degree angle -- not one degree more or less. He referred to such a situation as “high noon“ with the sun standing at the very zenith with no shadow being created. Therefore it must be our primary goal to reach the point where there are truly no shadows at all in our lives which can be definitely achieved by eliminating our fallen nature completely from our personality so that all of our emotions, thoughts and actions will be in accordance with the will of God.

In such a position all of our desires and our mindset will be one hundred percent in line with our beloved Heavenly Father, directed towards bringing joy to His Heart. With the desire of our Eternal Parent -- our Father and Mother God who created us as beloved children for the sake of our happiness -- being fulfilled the original ideal of creation is realized.

Then we will be like a “heavenly tuning fork” resonating in harmony with the Heart of God. Our soul reflects in such a state the beautiful qualities of our Creator -- our dearest Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother - whose masculine or feminine characteristics we reflect as a son or a daughter in our individual unique way. As a temple of God we are to be the dwelling place of His spirit, bringing His presence wherever we go to meet His children.

Jesus Christ described such an ideal state in the Sermon on the Mount with being perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48) while our True Parents have taught us that reaching perfection refers to our achieving the first blessing of having united our mind and body completely centered on the Heart of God, bringing joy to Him and His creation while fulfilling our position as a mediator between the physical and the spiritual world.

Having achieved such a level of maturity in heart we will be able to act in each situation according to the absolute standard of True Love. There will not be the slightest trace of fallen nature left in us, even the memory of any fallen aspect will finally be forgotten -- a situation for which our most beloved Heavenly Father has been longing all throughout history. In Jin Nim encouraged the audience in this respect at the recent Easter Sunday Service: "True Parents are saying, ‘Just as we have become True Parents, you can become true parents, too.’"

Of course it may still take some time until we have reached that level of having realized the original ideal of creation but already now we can do our very best to live without any expression of fallen nature -- without any shadow - according to the absolute standard which the True Parents of Heaven, earth and Humankind have taught us in words and shown through their example. But it is important that we long deeply for that state and go beyond any temptations to make false compromises which will not bring us to the cherished goal.

This must be our first priority in this New Era of Liberation and Complete Freedom when salvation is being truly realized through love as we strive to create a Culture of Heart. Our True Parents call this time also the “peaceful era of divine civilization” when God and man are fully reconciled with one another, making the earth a place where True Love abounds.

The decisive question is therefore, whether or not we believe in this ideal of oneness with our Father in Heaven to be close at hand or if we doubt… The more deeply this faith and understanding is rooted in our souls the more we will gladly invest for the sake of coming closer to this most precious goal. We will be on fire to strive for this ideal to become a reality which has been lost due to the fall even to the extent that we may be convinced that it is not possible for us to get there where we should be. Still the time has come for the original purpose of creation to be fulfilled and it lies in our hands whether or not we make it our own.

Sadly there are too many people who have lost their faith in the substantiation of their dreams and ideals. They have given up to strive fervently day by day for their realization but go along with some kind of hope to be fulfilled in the far distant future because their eyes have seen too much evil along with being frustrated about one’s own imperfections.

Therefore they are not ready to invest all of their heart and soul but live a rather mediocre life. They do not really do anything bad or evil but on the other hand their dedication for a better future is also limited. It is difficult for them to give unconditionally as they lost hope that a total investment is worth the price as the ideal seems to be so far for them with a rather heavy reality dominating their daily lives.

I suppose we all know the feeling when things seem too hard and when we are tempted to cut down on our goals and make false compromises. It is easier to withdraw in front of challenges and to make excuses that one cannot do this or that for one or the other reason. Yet, if we are successful at such points of decision we can go ahead steadily in our spiritual and heartistic growth, coming closer to the desired goal of being one with our Father in Heaven. As we continuously overcome obstacles and meet challenges victoriously we will have the strength to advance step by step even in very difficult circumstances.

On the other hand, if we are not successful in the face of difficulties we become more and more discouraged, losing the sense of urgency concerning God’s providence. As a consequence we take things more and more “easy”, our prayer life becomes less intensive. It is a slow but steady process leading us into a midway position, where neither God nor Satan can really work with us. We come into a lukewarm state against Jesus warned his disciples already 2000 years ago.

We know that St. Paul asked the early believers in Christ to pray constantly, to lead a dedicated life of faith as a foundation for being victorious in spiritual battles which he himself faced so bravely throughout his life full of challenges. The ones who practice such a standard can grow in their hearts up to the top of the growth level and join with Jesus in paradise and from there move on to the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven.

With our True Father fulfilling the mission of the Lord of the Second Advent he opened up the perfection stage and passed on the key for us to inherit his victorious foundation which he established together with True Mother as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Mankind. Let us therefore show to them that their most difficult pioneering work has not been in vain but that they have children in us about whom they can truly be proud.

God’s providence progressed from the Old Testament to the New Testament and then to the Completed Testament Age, moving on to the Era After the Coming of Heaven that has been declared in 2004. Meanwhile we live already in the 9th year of Cheon Il Guk at a time when the way is open for all people on earth and in spirit world to enter the beautiful Kingdom of Heaven if the right basis is laid.

Which religious or spiritual background a person has is not the decisive question. Anybody can now enter the realm of True Love that our True Parents have opened up. The foundation we are called to establish lies in our readiness to live according to God’s word as it is expressed through the Divine Principle, the Heavenly Bible and the Peace Messages. This means that even people who just left the deepest hell can find their way to connect closely to the newly opened realms if they set the proper internal and external conditions.

It is not important whether somebody lived a devoted life as a Buddhist or a follower of Confucianism, as a Jew or Moslem, as a Christian or Unificationist; the main and decisive question is whether or not they follow the heavenly standard that has been set up by the True Parents. Now is the time for universal salvation when even the angels in spirit world will be blessed.

The path has been pioneered for everybody to reach the realm of God’s eternal love if the proper conditions are met by our living in accordance with the blueprint planted deep in our souls, about which we study in the Divine Principle or other Holy Scripture. Anybody can now read in the peace messages or the Cheon Seong Gyeong and learn in this way about what is essentially important for us as human beings to return completely to God.

The decisive question is therefore whether we believe in the realization of the three Great Blessings during our lifetime and center all of our activities on this task or not because we have lost hope... Do we believe firmly with all of our heart and soul in the word of God which we received through our True Father and True Mother or are we living in a certain realm of uncertainty where we do not really know the will of God clearly?

Our True Parents sacrificed their own family and made incredibly difficult conditions of indemnity in order to open up for us the world of true love -- but it is up to each one to enter that precious realm by fully listening to one’s conscience and original mind, not allowing any inner contradiction. This is our core challenge in which we have to be victorious in order for God’s love to be able to shine brightly from our souls.

Through overcoming the death trial of the helicopter accident the last obstacles for us to catch up with God’s providence had been removed but again, our task is to inherit their victory by leaving ourselves the realm of death behind while entering the realm of the unlimited presence of God’s love in our own lives.

It is up to each person on this earth to unite with the victorious foundation that has been achieved by the True Family and to go through a personal substantial resurrection through laying the necessary foundation of faith and substance which allows one individually to enjoy the benefits of a sacrificial life for the sake of others. The transition from a self-centered to a liberated life of selfless love has to be achieved by each person on his or her unique course of indemnifying past mistakes on a personal, family and tribal level.

This is no easy task at all but basically no one can have an excuse for not uniting with the realm of absolute inner liberation and to live from this point on without any sin. We may still make one or the other mistake along the way but this is not the problem as everything can be indemnified in this era of complete liberation and absolute inner freedom which allows us to love in the same way as our Father in Heaven loves, exemplified through the True Parents of Mankind.

Reflecting on this reality brings us again back to the essential question of whether or not our hearts are burning with the desire to leave all old realms ultimately behind in order to live as a true human being who has nothing to do with the fall, acting in line with one’s conscience. When we repent deeply and separate from all fallen thinking and emotions then the doors are open for us to enjoy the light of God’s crystal clear truth and the indescribably greatness of His love to be present with us day by day.

Based on such a personal victory we will have achieved the a substantial resurrection of our hearts where we do not look any more at other human beings from the viewpoint of man but with the eyes of God as the Eternal Parent of all humanity. We will be able to understand why people act in certain ways and have nothing else in one’s heart and on one’s mind than trying to find a way how to help them to leave their erring lifestyle behind to be free to love where loving with the heart of God seemed to be impossible before.

The whole atmosphere around us will change as we open the way for the highest spirit world to come down and to be present with us, guiding us in our decisions, moment by moment in order for us to live a most effective life from the viewpoint of contributing to the restoration of this world. Everything is ready and prepared from the side of heaven. What remains is that each one of us becomes an owner of God’s providence, taking up the calling and living up to the destiny prepared from above in the sense as True Father encouraged us to feel that we have been born to become a member of the Unification Movement and we will be held accountable for the fruits we bring during our lifetime.

From an external viewpoint certain actions may not be understood easily but when we look at them from the standpoint of restoration of heart then many things become clear which have been not understandable for us. In this way we will leave a mindset of falsely judging other people behind, being able to see them and their behavior with the eyes of God who wants to open up the way for every one of His children to come to His bosom.

However miserable our personal situation may seem, we are each the owner of our own thoughts and emotions and therefore it is in our own and in nobody else’s hands what is going on inside of us. Every one of us can create Heaven on Earth in our own hearts and let it spread from there to this world by humbly receiving the helping hand from our brother or sisters -- after having asked for it with a sincere heart - leaving any remnants of thoughts and emotions behind which can be traced back to a certain self-centeredness.

We live now in a time when bodily sicknesses and especially the wounds in our souls can be fully healed, as it says in the Bible that at the time of the coming of a New Heaven and New Earth all tears will be wiped away. In order to benefit from the merits of this new age each one has to lay the necessary condition of really turning away from any kind of thoughts and emotions that are centered on oneself rather than on the happiness of other people because there is only one basic Principle in this universe which anybody can become familiar with through studying the foundation of the Unification Movement and the contents God has revealed to humankind throughout history.

The 12 pearly gates are open for everybody to enter and to live in the bright sunshine of God’s love filling the air. There is no need to wait any day longer but this wonderful realm can become our own if we are ready to humble ourselves to recognize most sincerely our mistakes and to say good-bye forever to them, never allowing them to be part of our lives again. Such a conversion experience stands at the beginning of a true religious life and has to be also the foundation of every true member of the Unification Movement.

When inquired about "God's kingdom and his righteousness" Google offers first the Bible quotation and then the speech by Rev. Sun Myung Moon to the relevant topic: LET US RESTORE GOD'S KINGDOM AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, given on October 15, 1957 in Chung Pa Dong Church Seoul, Korea. Each follower or child of the True Parents of Mankind is called to make this task his own according to Jesus asking: "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Matthew 6:33)

To seek first God's Kingdom and His Righteousness means to practice our true calling to the God-centered way which enables us to have the sun of God’s love shining every day of our lives. In order to be part of such a bright world each person has to purify his soul to be crystal clean with the ability to distinguish in every situation between God’s way of dealing with it and the humanistic way. This means we have to learn to see the difference between what corresponds to the original ideal and the heavenly standard and which behavior falls short of the requirements for us being a citizen of the Kingdom of true love and eternal happiness.

The eternal, unchanging, absolute standard for God’s children to be manifested has been set up at the beginning of creation and remains since then to be practiced by each and every son and daughter of God. The question we have to ask ourselves in the face of this fact is clear: Am I more than anything else concerned about this most precious realm where God’s love reigns -- 24 hours a day -- or am I living according to human / humanistic desires?

As members of the Unification Movement we learned deep insights, precious timeless truths but we often fall short of practicing them because the word of God did not really reach the depths of our hearts but remains something that “I have to do” or that “I should do” rather than what I really want to practice with all of my heart and soul. Once we leave this realm of being in a position of servants behind and rise up to the glory of being God’s true children then we will also see the fulfillment of our innermost desires to live in greatest joy and happiness.

When we are ready to go into this heartistic realm where our daily concern from morning to evening is centered on how I can manifest my God-given potential then we will also gladly receive any word of God about it and gratefully welcome our brother or sister who is talking about his or her understanding of God’s will and how it can be practiced in the various situations we may meet in daily life.

On such a foundation we will not look for an interpretation of God’s word according to our own understanding but only for the best possible way to practice it in the respective situations which we may meet along the way of our day to day dedication to contribute to the building of a world centered on true love. It is my hope for each reader of these lines to unite with such an attitude and to respond to Heaven’s call to let our light shine from our hearts by following the way of God’s will.

Sincerely yours, Nikolaus Beutl 

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