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Our Portion Of Responsibility

Nikolaus Beutl
November 8, 2008

My dear brothers and sisters,

There are of course many aspects to our portion of responsibility in front of God, True Parents, True Children, and in front of all mankind. I would like to highlight here a few points which we have to consider based on what True Father told us in recent weeks during Hoon Dok Hae.

On October 10, 2008 Father asked the leaders who had come to Hawaii to realize that we are in a serious moment, and requested that they go through a personal transformation during the seminar, changing every day, while walking the path we are called to pursue at the risk of our lives.

Father stated that the main theme of that seminar -- which should have been attended by thousands of people -- is "our portion of responsibility". Therefore it is crucial, that we also take enough time to reflect deeply about our own portion of responsibility as leaders on the various levels where we invest our hearts for the sake of restoring true love here on this earth.

Father mentioned that Unification members went to the spirit world, and in most of the cases, they suffered cancer or serious diseases, adding: "You must know that is the most heartbreaking thing for me… Even if you have cancer, you can cure it by working harder for God's will." This is surely an unusual way of dealing with this sickness but this does not mean that we don't have to take is seriously.

About his attitude in regard to being responsible Father explained: "I gave many words by now, but I always thought I was responsible and never thought of giving the responsibility to others." This is the heart of a true parent which we all are challenged to inherit from our True Parents by taking full responsibility for what is happening to the people for whom we are responsible in our respective missions.

Father said on the first day that this seminar is very precious, and all Unificationists must learn these words and be reborn. He also said that it is most valuable to follow with patience the True Parents who walked difficult paths. True Father showed great love and concern to the participants, calling each leader's name, asking their responsibilities and giving them advice.

Once again our True Parents poured out their love on all the members who came to attend a workshop to which they had been invited for the sake of the heartistic revival of each one of them. From this we are reminded once again that it is our task as parents for our tribe (tribal messiah) or for a nation (national messiahs) to give all of our heart and love to the people who have been entrusted to our care.

During that Hoon Dok Hae Father talked also about Hyo Jin Nim, who passed away on March 17 of this year: "He lived a most difficult and miserable life in this world but he was splendid. In order for him to liquidate his lack of duty to his parents, he made more than 10,000 songs. In his lyrics, he meant True Father by the words 'My Beloved,' whom he absolutely loved and was united with. He was the elder son whose three generation can be kings."

On that 10th of October Father declared that starting today the founders of the five great religions will all descend to the earth, stand in front of God, and be the owners of the ideal world, "which is the liberated Kingdom of Heaven without the shadow of Satan. In this period, we now start the Education Session Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History.

You must be the responsible people for the spirit world, the Four Great Sages, and the 120 Disciples who will descend to the earth to perfect and help True Parents' will to be fulfilled. Be confident of perfecting it. Aju!"

Isn't it an awesome task that we are entrusted with the task of being the responsible people for the spirit world, the Four Great Sages, and the 120 Disciples? We are called to go forward confidently and perfect the fulfillment of our True Parents' will while helping historic central people to fulfill now their mission which they left unaccomplished during their lifetime as they come back through returning resurrection as we learned in the Divine Principle.

On October 12, 2008 Father spoke about the importance of the Happy Health machine which can help us to rid our body of impurities, emphasizing that we can be healed based on an "internal condition of the heart".

About the right attitude Father told us: "It is because my heart is desperate to liberate God that I can sacrifice everything. It is for the love of God that we can overcome all challenges… You should miss me so much that you can't eat. You should be really praying and shedding tears because you miss me. Without doing that, you cannot get to the world of God's heart."

My dear brothers and sisters, let us therefore take the time to reflect about this point and in order to become deeply aware of the fact that we still have to train ourselves to love from God's point of view. Based on this foundation we need to strive to come closer to the standard of heart which our True Parents are practicing.

Father pointed out that we must be able to liberate God and attend Him while keeping God with us in front of Father. May each one of us find out what this means for our daily life in which our beloved Heavenly Father works so hard to guide us directly in this new Era where He stands at the forefront of restoration as Father told us clearly last year as published in the June 2007 edition of the Today's World magazine.

True Father spoke also about Hyo Jin Nim: "He knew that he had responsibilities, and he made mistakes. He thought that he could get help from me through True Mother. However, overall, he was a son of filial piety. Mother-son cooperation is a most serious providence at this time. True Children must come to me through True Mother. True Mother's role is to unify them and bring them into oneness with me.

We must understand the value of the True Family. We must remember that the Israelites had to put the blood of the lamb on their door. You must receive and accomplish this same kind of condition. The blood of True Parents' son protects you and opens the way to the heavenly fulfillment of our responsibility. When Hyo Jin Nim went to the spirit world, I labeled him as the Son of Filial Piety to open the way to the Garden of Heaven. Hyo Jin Nim's sacrifice was a condition to protect the blessed central families.

I worked so hard so that the True Children could take their proper role. When one of the True Children dies, you think that it has nothing to do with you. Yet it is through the course of the True Family that your way to heaven is opened up."

My dear brothers and sisters, let us take these words of our True Father close to our hearts and recognize deeply, that it has indeed something to do with us -- with me -- when one of the True Children dies.

I emphasize this point because our True Parents lost also their dearly loved second youngest son -- and we our Elder Brother Young Jin Nim, whose ascension has something to do with us, because we -- I -- did not fulfill the responsibility that Heaven expected from us -- from me.

Because Hyo Jin Nim sacrificed his life to protect us, the blessed families, we are surely indebted to him, and also to Heung Jin Nim and Young Jin Nim. While most of us are well aware of Heung Jin Nim's work along with Dae Mo Nim for the sake of supporting and protecting our spiritual situation, not many know probably of the fact, that Young Jin Nim is also investing himself completely from the spirit world for this important task. The True Children whose life was taken as a sacrifice are united in spirit world.

What does it mean for us today, that we must remember that the Israelites had to put the blood of the lamb on their door and receive and accomplish this same kind of condition because the blood of True Parents' son protects us? The answer is naturally that we have to become one in heart with them as our true Abel brother -- and not only with him but with all five children of our True Father who had to go to spirit world.

Another important point that Father mentioned is that resentment must be resolved on earth to resolve it in heaven. He asked us to develop our own nation and our own world: "The door between heaven and hell has been broken open. We must make a nation in which God can be free."

Each one of us may have some resentment in our hearts and we must hasten to get rid of such poisonous emotions completely during our lifetime. Especially among us as brothers and sisters of the Unification Movement there are still many hurtful feelings that need to be resolved by our apologizing to each other and doing our best to make up for what we may have done wrong towards our brother or sister, even if it was only by not having the right heavenly attitude towards them.

The question was put in front of the participants of that seminar: "Do you have a clear plan for your mission for the future? Should I send you back? Or should I send you to the central place of Satan and let you show the standard there?" This means that we have to ask ourselves also, what kind of plans we have for our future and especially if we are ready to go to the worst places and practice the heavenly standard there where people need true love the most.

Addressing the leaders Father said on that morning: "When I look at you, I can see that you haven't fulfilled yet. You don't fully understand what you are to do. There are a lot of things I have been angry about in the past. Maybe you should go to your homes and forget about trying to be leaders of God's providence. However, you still have to train yourself to love from God's point of view."

Therefore we are also challenged to find out, in which points we did not fulfill our responsibility yet or in which aspects our understanding is still lacking. We are so lucky to have Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim teaching us every weekend through the Cheon Il Guk Family Service aspects of the right attitude of a true citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. And not only them but also the words of In Jin Nim as she reaches out continuously to embrace the American members and the testimony and guidance of other members of the True Family here on earth and in spirit world.

Father reminded the participants of the recent Hawaii workshop that we are the Headwing movement that can bring cooperation and harmony between enemies: "Without that, the nation is stuck and can't be blessed by God… We must become one with the King and Queen of Peace." This means that it is our responsibility to become one with them and their family -- a central point which Father described as the providential purpose for his coming to Hawaii: "To unify True Parents, True Family and the representatives of the Peace King, and to expand God's sovereignty on earth."

To bring reconciliation between enemies is indeed a central task for us as we walk the course of restoration. We are called to be "peace-makers" which includes being well equipped in our hearts with the ability to love all kinds of people and to bring them into harmony by investing our heart and love completely into them.

Father concluded his comments on that day by telling us: "I don't want to hear people calling to God and True Parents while they are in anguish because of their mistakes. We must avoid that by fulfilling what is required now…"

On the 20th of October 2008 Father spoke about the fact that the liberation of humankind and God will not be able to be accomplished as by the continuation of the providence of salvation: "This will be done only when we establish the original standard of the ideal of creation. That is not the responsibility of God and Satan, but that of humankind, who are the blood relatives of fallen Adam and Eve."

In connection to the theme of this letter I wanted to mention also that on October 14, 2008 Father asked us to seriously consider with what kind of attitude we take our course from now on and to make utmost effort in our life. He said that we all have to go through the course of the liberated realm of the portion of responsibility based on absolute sexual morality.

Then he emphasized that the one, who achieved that, is the substitute for God, which gives that person the right of co-participation with God, co-status with God, and inheritance from God. He said that we, practicing the Peace Message, must enter the realm of eternal royal family of a heavenly nation by becoming the standard bearers of liberty, equality, peace and happiness.

The leaders were reminded that it is our task to read the Peace Message together with the spirit world every morning as we are now in the era where our ancestors and the angelic world will be totally mobilized. He said we must resonate with those who resurrected from the spirit world, connect the spirit and physical worlds, and adjust ourselves to such environments by achieving the liberated realm.

The highest spirit world definitely would like to support us in our efforts to reach the realm of complete liberation and freedom. In a recent Sunday Service Hyung Jin Nim told us about his elder brother Young Jin Nim appearing in his dream and telling him where to find the answer to the question about which our international president was concerned a lot. In this way Hyung Jin Nim found the needed answers in the resurrection chapter of the Divine Principle according to the hint he received from his beloved elder brother in spirit world who spoke to him in a dream.

Our beloved Elder Brother Young Jin Nim wants to be with us and help us so that we can fulfill our great historical responsibility successfully. Let us therefore be always open to his guidance as we invite him into our daily lives.

Sincerely yours,

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