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Remembering our beloved Elder Brother Young Jin Moon

Nikolaus Beutl
October 27, 2008

My dear brothers and sisters,

On the occasion of the 9th anniversary of our beloved Elder Brother Young Jin Nim's ascension I wanted to remind you that Young Jin Moon, the sixth son of True Parents, passed into spirit world on October 27, 1999 at 9:30 pm.

I would like to quote from the Unification News for November 1999: "Young Jin Nim was known for his deep heart of filial piety toward his parents and his sharp intellect. In his academic studies, he demonstrated an intellectual level approaching that of a genius, and consistently ranked among the highest achievers in the schools he attended. After completing two years of study at Columbia University, Young Jin Nim informed his parents of his desire to pursue an advanced course in the field of hotel management. He then traveled to the western part of the United States… Young Jin Nim stayed briefly at a hotel in Reno, Nevada. During this stay, he accidentally fell from the balcony of his room, and lost his physical life

Young Jin Nim was born on June 30, 1978 in New York, and spent his entire life studying in U.S. schools. At the young age of 21, he set out to accomplish some great task for Heaven and True Parents. That course has now led to this tragic accident and his Seung-Hwa.

At this great turning point in the Providence, True Parents have placed their trust in us -- even though we are not qualified and lack the proper preparation. They have afforded us the grace and blessing of liberating the entire spirit world and physical world. Young Jin Nim has gone now as the historic indemnity offering for the fruition of such blessing.

Now is a time for us all to repent and reflect deeply, offer our prayers for Young Jin Nim, who has become an offering for our own inadequacies and inability, and make our determination to fulfill the path of the providence in his place."

In a memo to all U.S. Unification Church members, American Unification Church President Dr. Tyler Hendricks asked the members to repent: "Now is a time for us all to repent and reflect deeply, offer our prayers for Young Jin Nim, who has become an offering for our own inadequacies and inability, and make our determination to fulfill the path of the providence in his place."

In another mail we could read at that time: "Many of you may be aware that a tragic event in the life of the True Family recently took place. I believe that this event brings us to tears and deep self-reflection."

Hopefully we will use today's anniversary of our beloved Elder Brother Young Jin Nim's passing on to the spirit world for deep self-reflection based on a profound understanding of our responsibility in front of the True Family.

For this purpose I would like to quote from Father's speech on PARENTS' DAY 1984: "The True Parents have united the three ages -- the Old Testament era, the New Testament era, and the Completed Testament era. Therefore, you must be ready to be a total offering to the True Parents for the fulfillment of this unity."

On that April 1, 1984 Father told us that there will be twelve tribes and explained about the situation of his children while Bo Hi Pak translated:

"The True Children must suffer in a different way from you. Wherever they go, whether to school or for recreation, they are always whispered about, 'That is Reverend Moon's child.' And they are always hearing criticism about their own father.

Even though you feel pain when you hear someone criticizing me, that is nothing like the pain felt by the True Children. Many times they are reduced to tears in their own school for this reason. How many tears have you shed because of criticism of the True Parents? How much agony and heartbreak have you felt for that? Therefore, no matter what, the True Children are spiritually higher than you because they are heartistically closer to the True Parents.

Being the son or daughter of Reverend and Mrs. Moon is such an agonizing burden that sometimes the children wish they were not in that position. It is that difficult for them. What should be the attitude of the Unification Church members? Instead of standing back and pointing fingers of accusation at the children, you should say, 'God, give me their pain so that the children can be liberated. Let them grow up experiencing joy and happiness. Let us be the ones to suffer instead.'

That is the righteous way to feel. How often have you considered the agony of the children? If you cannot go beyond their heartistic suffering, you had better just be silent and try to do whatever you can to help them. The suffering and agony of the True Parents in the course of the dispensation is beyond comparison with that of any of the True Children. True Parents have had to endure much more persecution and heartbreak than anyone. True Parents have lived an entirely public life, bearing the responsibility of the universe. Some people have come before us and have tried to take advantage of us, even telling us lies. Such a thing is incredible.

Mother and I have suffered, not because we are foolish or weak or helpless. We are very intelligent and wise and we are stronger and tougher than anyone can imagine. Our suffering is simply because of our public mission. For your sake, in order to bestow upon you the proper tradition, we have suffered. I want to give everything to you and for the sake of the dispensation. Even now I am taking on more suffering, so how can anyone among you feel you have the right to open your mouths in complaint or self-service?

If there were no True Parents, how could God even think about the realization of His ideal, the restoration, or anything? These ideals would never even have the chance to come to the minds of humanity. The scope of my mission is beyond anyone's concept-bringing light to this darkened and chaotic world. Your attitude should be one of respect and gratitude.

I am talking in such plain language today so that you will understand the plain truth; this should give you the motivation for repentance, as well as obedience. You should have absolute faith in the True Parents. This is the day of a new beginning; everybody must begin a new life. That new life must begin with repentance and in that way we can have new hope and new direction. As we march forward from today, this day will shine as a most meaningful one in history.

During the Exodus, Moses' mission was succeeded by Joshua and Caleb; they led the second generation of Israelites into Canaan. When God spoke to those champions, he gave them two words of guidance: Be bold and be strong. You are the heirs and the successors of the True Parents so I am giving you the same two words: be bold and strong.

Then God shall be with you forever more and victory will be with you always. By this victory, you shall create the Heavenly Kingdom, our Fatherland, on earth and in Heaven. Amen! That will be the glorious completion of your mission. Those who want to pledge that victory to me and Mother, raise your hands, please. Thank you."

The brothers and sisters present at that holiday in Belvedere pledged victory but in reality we fell short of the standard expected from heaven and when there was not enough foundation on our side at the end of the second millennium Satan could hit the second youngest son of our True Parents, their second son born in America -- and Young Jin Nim passed into the spirit world.

At the links and you can find a report on the Seung Wha and Won Jeon ceremony of Young Jin Nim in Korea by our sister Lynne Kim.

When Hyung Jin Nim introduced his sister Sun Jin before she spoke to the congregation on September 27th, 2008 he said: "Sun Jin Ah had such a deep relationship with Young Nin Hyung. When he passed away, really, the younger group of our family went through a lot of life transformations. A lot of us had to really re-analyze our lives.

And Sun Jin Ah in particular had such a close relationship with Young Jin Hyung. She is right above Young Jin Hyung. She would coach him in studies. She would be there for him when they were at school in Boston. She was the sister that he could always talk to. She was always down to earth, never scary. She was always so loving. He could always share his problems with her. She was always the sister that we could go to."

I wanted to offer you this quote because Hyung Jin Nim mentioned that the passing of their beloved elder brother Young Jin Nim was for many members of the True Family cause for re-analyzing their lives, leading to life transformations.

Would it not bring great joy to Heaven if this becomes also true for us as we commemorate Young Jin Nim's ascension to the next world, especially at this time when we have been asked by our True Parents to go through a personal revival and resurrection, leading to a transformation on the level of our families and church communities?

May we use this 9th anniversary of the great tragedy of God and our True Parents losing another precious child with such a great potential - in whom so much hope was placed -- and make a determination deep in our hearts to do the tasks left unfulfilled due to our beloved Elder Brother Young Jin Nim passing on to the spirit world so prematurely.

In deep gratitude for everyone who takes responsibility in this respect I remain sincerely yours,


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