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Truly thankful to God for this miracle - What we can learn from it? Part 2

Nikolaus Beutl
September 20, 2008

My dear resurrected brothers and sisters,

The report of the special meeting in Netherlands (from which I offered you the core content in my previous letter) encourages us to consider that the most important thing is to have God in us because then there are always opening up new possibilities, otherwise everything is so difficult.

It says: "True Parents had paid the price, it was up to us to do our best, then God's power could come. We should always stay positive; most important was to be one with God, then He could work with us. One person might accomplish more than another, but most important was that we work together."

When we look carefully we can realize clearly that the helicopter incident did not come about suddenly out of the blue sky which have been darkened by clouds with a band of thick fog bringing the aircraft into serious trouble, but there is a long period of preparation behind this historic event. Many factors which have been crucial for the complete victory of this decisive situation have a history which goes back days, weeks and months or even years, like Father building the "helicopter factory" in Korea, the establishment of the orthopedic department of our hospital and the conference that convened that very weekend, the presence of a movie director at Chung Pyung lake who became special witnesses from the outside world.

In other words, God's side and the satanic forces each made their preparations until the final showdown happened on that day which marks three times 40 and 3 days after Hyo Jin Nim's ascension. When one looks back further we can see that all the special sacrifices made by the True Family did not come about by chance but are directly connected with providential numbers.

I mention these things because of the importance of realizing that this is also true for our personal lives. The great trials we have to face do not come about by chance but have clear roots in our personal history and the lives of our ancestors. The more we are aware of this fact the more likely we will be victorious in these special situations as we will deal with them in the knowledge of us being indeed historic people with great responsibility.

In the case of the helicopter incident it happened on the third day after Father spoke seriously about our (sad) spiritual situation at the time of Hoon Dok Hae on July 17, 2008

"Unification Church members did good work when they went out as pioneers, but now they don't realize how valuable their pioneer work was. Why can't they realize how valuable it was? It's because they don't realize the value of the Word. The Word is incredibly valuable. You should feel that you are alive because of the Word, and that you are living in order to fulfill the Word. If you live without any connection to the Word, then you cannot live. You should educate people to live according to the Word.

Educating people is about more than just teaching what is in each chapter of the Divine Principle. You have to show model examples of a Principled life. You could go to farms and become friends with farmers, helping them when they need help, and receiving their help when you need it. You have to interact with people. If you don't interact with people and just hold your Divine Principle book and say that you have precious things to teach others, and ask them to come hear what you have to say, do you think they will come? You should make it so they can come to hear the Principle. Isn't that true?

When small birds go out to get food, they know how to protect themselves and how to prepare. In order for you to bring people to follow the way of the Principle, you should make friends with them, get close to them, and make it so that you can go into their house and live with them.

We are a special force for God. You should be especially clear about where you are staying, why you are going, where you are going, and why you are doing what you are doing. You should be showing your friends that you are living your life according to the Word. You should be able to influence others.

Some people have the kind of character, such that they do not like following others. In order to go the way of the Principle, they have to follow other people, in stages, one by one. They cannot go straight up to God. They have to go to the side like this (Father points with his finger and moves it from side to side.) Then eventually, they will go up. But sometimes, people just follow [their leaders] and lose their central focus, which should be God. In that case, they end up in the wrong place as a result. It's like going up a ladder.

It's the same with prayer. You have to create your prayer. From the viewpoint of someone who is following you, if you are working to fulfill what you prayed for, rather than simply asking for your prayers to be fulfilled, then you can become a better example and guide for them. So you should work harder than others to fulfill your prayers [promises] to God."

In summarizing the main content of what Father said some 60 hours before his final crucifixion in a few words, I see them as a statement referring to core reasons for True Parents having to go through this ultimate ordeal:

1) In general we lost our original spirit of being pioneers for building the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth.

2) Many times we forgot the great value of the truth we received through the True Parents of Mankind.

3) We lack in practicing God's word, often just following our leaders rather than the example of our True Father and True Mother.

4) Our efforts in outreach have been insufficient, an aspect about which Father spoke at the beginning of Hoon Dok Hae that morning: "Don't think that words by themselves are enough to witness to someone. Witnessing entails recreating the person you are witnessing to. The way to recreate someone is to give birth (new life) to that person. We are living in a world in which children leave their parents after having been cared for by their parents for over 10 or 20 years. They leave their parents even after being fed and raised by them. Therefore, when you witness, you have to give more love and truth to the people you are witnessing to than what they received from their parents. If you don't, they won't stay long."

We lost so many members because we did not give them more love than they received before joining our movement. In other words, we did not pass on the love we received from our True Parents to those for whom we are responsible. Based on all the lacking efforts of the worldwide membership Satan had a claim on our True Parents and the True Family, resulting in the recent helicopter crash landing, which could have easily meant the end of the physical lives of True Father and True Mother.

Considering such a reality and that this incident was the most important event since the crucifixion of Jesus, which was the beginning of Christendom, we really have to recognize that the time has come for us to make a most profound new beginning at this time of our True Parents having opened up a new phase of the providence victoriously.

Now is the time to really revive our spirit, vision and faith as members of the Unification Movement who help each other to grow in heart and spirit. I suppose that all of you have read the suggested text of the Ceremony for Renewal and Commitment:

"Through the 'helicopter incident', we have become aware that our efforts on behalf of the Providence have been insufficient. Once again, the Central Figures of the current Providence, the True Parents, have had to pass through a life threatening suffering course, this time with representatives of three generations, who, in spite of everything manifested complete unity.

From deep within our hearts, we repent for this suffering. The miraculous outcome of the accident, all lives having been spared, gives us great comfort and hope. God's power has proven greater than at any time before and we are very grateful for the good outcome.

We want to connect with and inherit the unity that brothers and sisters showed on board the helicopter and was expressed in all parts of the world. Through this unity, resurrection has become possible, also in the physical world: this was a great victory and marks a new phase in the providence. With a renewed determination, we want to enter the new era, join the resurrection and invest more effort for God and True Parents..."

When we respond wholeheartedly to the request of our international president and to what we understand to be God's will at this time as we see it manifested through our True Parents, then we are now new people with new heart, resurrected brothers and sisters who have left the old lacking lifestyle behind and started a new life of total dedication to God's providence of establishing Cheon Il Guk by 2013.

May this become a reality for each one of us,

Sincerely yours, Nikolaus 

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