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Truly Thankful To God For This Miracle - What Can We Learn From It?

Nikolaus Beutl
September 18, 2008

My dear resurrected brothers and sisters,

We have been asked to seriously reflect on the helicopter incident. A whole set of miracles occurred and prevented a fatal collision but the greatest miracle was the reaction of the passengers immediately after the crash. Instead of following their survival instincts and trying to save themselves first, they first brought True Parents into safety.

This attitude must be inherited by each one of us, bringing it into our everyday life as our personal standard of thinking of others first, considering their situation and what they need in order to be safe and happy rather than putting our own happiness and that of our own family in the first place. It has to become our natural way of life, living in order to bring joy to others beyond the circle of those who are already close to our hearts.

If we had practiced the teaching of our True Parents while centering our life on practicing true love, there would have been a protecting wall around them and their family so that Satan's accusations and attacks could not have easily reached them directly. On the other hand, whenever we did not practice this basic principle of putting God and the purpose of the whole first, we allowed the forces of evil to get through to the True Family and to make them suffer and pay indemnity for our sake.

Through the helicopter crash landing our True Parents had to pay once again the price as they went through crucifixion and resurrection one more time. True Father's six times of imprisonment signified him going to the cross six times. The helicopter incident was the seventh time. We know that after the crash True Father was literally hanging in the air and had to be released from that position.

The tragedy of Jesus' crucifixion was completely overcome. Instead of the disciples running away from Jesus to save their own skin as he was hanging on the cross, our members helped True Parents first, before saving their own lives. Contrary to the time of Jesus, the members sacrificed themselves to save True Parents. Because of this, the incident became a total victory for God and a testimony.

This crucial life and death situation had been overcome victoriously, but why have the evil forces been able to put our True Parents on the cross? Jesus could not avoid going to Golgotha because his own disciples denied him, with Peter even claiming, "I don't know this man…"

Have we not done the same towards True Father whenever we ignored his teaching and the fact of his having given all of his heart and soul for the revival of Mankind? Whenever we did not follow in his footsteps, practicing the motto upon which our Movement was founded we opened a door for Satan's forces to have a claim on True Family. The basic attitude we should have followed consequently refers to going forward with the heart of the Father, in the shoes of a servant, shedding our sweat for earth, tears for man and blood for heaven.

In other words, it was because of me, because of my not practicing the basic content of the course of restoration that Satan could attack our True Parents and True Family again and again. In my understanding it was not only six times, represented by the number of Father's imprisonments, that the True Parents had to go through a heartistic crucifixion, but with each child of the True Family who became a sacrifice for the sake of advancing God's providence because there was not enough foundation on the side of the membership.

The following paragraphs are an excerpt of the report from Netherlands about the "Special Gathering to Commemorate True Parents' Substantial Resurrection":

"True Parents went through crucifixion and resurrection. We should think that all of us, all members, were crucified and resurrected. Together with True Parents, we overcame death and made a new start; we have received a new life. We should connect to True Parents' victory and inherit it in the following ways.

First, we should repent. Since 1997, Chil Pal Jeol (Cosmic Sabbath), True Parents should have had a glorious life. However, because we did not fulfill our responsibility, True Parents had to go through crucifixion once again.

Secondly, we should have a deep sense of gratitude for True Parents, who are always willing to pay the highest price, even to risk their lives to save us, also gratitude to Heavenly Father and spirit world, which protected our True Parents and brothers and sisters in such a great and miraculous way.

Thirdly, we should go forward from now on with hope, joy and strong determination. Let us substantiate True Parents' victory through "Shin nam wha" and "Shi kuh wha".

To further explain: "Shin nam wha" means "revive our spirit, vision and faith": as members, let us help raise each other's spirits and heart.

"Shi kuh wha" means "produce God's sons and daughters through witnessing and giving the Blessing." Expand the Blessed Family. People must receive new love, new life and new lineage, on the level of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life.

"Shin nam wha" implies that we start a new culture of embrace and joy. In the past, we went through the wilderness course, as when Moses and Joshua pushed the Israelites. Many members left our movement. Now, let us make a new culture of trusting, loving, forgiving, and embracing, a transparent culture, a culture of truthfulness (e.g. in reporting). We must create a new atmosphere and healthy organization. Above all, let us establish a culture of Chung Seong, which means investing my utmost, sincere heart and energy.

Hyung Jin Nim started a life of Chung Seong conditions. He gets up at 2 o'clock in the morning. The schedule he follows is extremely tough. By his sacrificial life, he pulls down the help of the spirit world. All of us, starting with our leaders, must live a sacrificial life and do Chung Seong conditions; besides we must develop true love. Leaders should be humble and become a bridge between True Parents and the members.

"Shi Kuh Wha" implies that we multiply the sons and daughters of God through witnessing and giving them the Blessing. We know many people: our relatives, our community, etc. We must elevate all of them, including our Peace Ambassadors (who are in Archangel position) to the level of God's Son and Daughter. That is witnessing. Divine Principle is not a particular church teaching, it is Universal Principle. We proudly teach Universal Principle to the people. Through witnessing and education we fulfill the Cheon Il Guk dream.

Each country should set up its CIG vision, goal and strategy. All core members are VVVIPs (very, very, very important persons), princes and princesses, not just VIPs. Witnessing means creating new VVVIPs (V = Victory, I = Illumination, P = Peaceful Person)

Hyung Jin Nim himself is the role model in fulfilling Shi Kuh Wha. He is teaching frequently and intensely in the Korean HQ Church. His goal is 20,000 core members by the end of 2010. The congregation in Seoul right now is 3,000. However, the capacity of the HQ Church is only 500. That's why he gives his sermon six times."

Through listening to the sermons of our international president we learn more and more about what it means to become a true VIP. Personally I see the core of what we need to establish now at this time in the victory in our relationships - about which our beloved elder Brother Hyung Jin Nim spoke on the 6th of this month. We need to be illuminated by the teaching of true love and achieve peace of mind through our heart to heart connection with God, True Parents and with one another.

In the morning of after the "Inauguration of the Abel UN Realm" in Korea, Father spoke about the basic task of our Unification Movement (May 29, 2008): "The greatest problem to creating a unified peaceful world is to create harmony first. There can be no unification in a state of division and conflict. We have to bring about unification through first creating harmony. The Unification Church is the church that works to bring about harmonious unification.

So where is the Unification Church going? In a world of conflict, opposition and contradiction, the devil brings everything to destruction, but in a world of harmonious unification, both beings get greater. Do you think the Unification Church will go to ruin, or will the Satan's world go to ruin? No matter how much the Unification Church is opposed, because the Unification Church is working to bring about a peaceful unification, eventually it can eat Satan's world…"

7 times 7 plus 3 days after Father offered this explanation a decisive showdown between God's side and the satanic forces happened centered on the helicopter crash landing. Our True Parents came out of this life and death situation victoriously because they had always practiced what they taught, namely, to center one's life completely on the realization of true love on every level.

Pope Benedikt XVI said in one of his 11 speeches during his recent visit to France that there is no salvation without love to God and to one's neighbor. This is a basic truth which needs to be considered by all of us. If we want to move into the realm of complete liberation and freedom, which has been opened up by our True Parents, then we must concentrate more than anything else on developing our hearts, our ability to love.

Sincerely, your brother Nikolaus 

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