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WAIT Austria Workshop Invitation: Arts, Dance And More

Mikula Beutl
June 2008

Special Invitation to a WAIT workshop in the last week of August: Use arts to teach HIV prevention

Young people, from the age of 13 years up, are invited to learn how to start WAIT teams in your local area through a training being held in Austria in August.

WAIT is an AIDS prevention organization that uses performing arts to teach, and promotes abstinence and faithful life relationship as the best ways to prevent HIV transmission. (Check or for videos, reports and any further faqs). WAIT involves youth and parents working together to reach the larger society. For this reason, parent training will be incorporated into the WAIT training seminar, and parents are urgently requested to attend for all or part of the week long events.

The workshop will include intensive scientific education on HIV, as well as skill-building in music, dance, theater and other arts. It will teach the internal relationship skills of WAIT, and WAIT's methods of co-ownership and consensus decision making. WAIT's method of fundraising - including performing and sharing AIDS information -- will also be learned and practiced.

Most importantly, participants will perform together at several events at local camps, churches, schools or other venues.

WAIT is open to youth and families from about 12 to 25 years in all schooling or work situations.

WAIT members must practice a non-dating lifestyle, and most of all, be people of compassion who really care about saving lives. In addition, every WAIT member is committing to a high standard of leadership and public service.

This seminar is designed to help you start WAIT teams and carry out WAIT activities.

Conference details:

When: 24th - 31st of August 2008

Where: Pettendorf 19, 3334 Gaflenz - Austria (google mapslink for route and road)

What to bring: Toiletries, Loose, comfortable clothes: t-shirts, jogging clothes, dance shoes, sneakers or training shoes without black soles, sleeping bag, notebook -- If you play music, bring your instrument •Notebook, camera, laptop

How much does the whole workshop cost:

140,00 EUR - payable by money transfer to: NAME: WAIT Austria BANK NR: 34110 ACCOUNT NR: 2707529
IBAN: AT403411000002707529 BIC: RZOOAT2L110

For further questions, a WAIT DVD, leaflets or any other media contact the Austrian WAIT.

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