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Reflection On The European Part Of The 180 Nations World Tour

Nikolaus Beutl
August 1, 2006

Dear brothers and sisters,

As the world tour of our True Parents continue we read inspiring reports by Dr. Thomas Walsh about the favorable response of so many leaders to God's message. In these lines I would like to share with you some aspects of my having accompanied our True Mother's tour to 12 European countries, starting with the three Baltic nations, where Hyun Jin Nim was reading Father's speech before Kook Jin Nim took this position.

As our church membership in the Baltics is not large the Hoon Dok meetings on the three mornings after the public speech have been in relatively small circle together with the respective delegations of Russian brothers and sisters who had come to support the preparations. Most of us will have read the official reports about these meetings but when one has a closer look it is clear that True Mother has not been happy about all events and not all of them have been declared a victory by our True Parents, which is surely related to the inner situation of our movement in these countries, especially on the NEC, where True Mother and her party could not enter two more countries after having been rejected last year already by Russia and Moldova.

I am mentioning these facts because it is important for us as children of our True Parents to know with how many difficulties and challenges the True Family is confronted as they go from country to country on their worldwide speaking tour - to be able to forgive us! - as we have learned. They are bearing once again the indemnity for our failure, but we have to be at the same time aware that it is a fact what True Mother expressed at the time of Hoon Dok Hae in Tajikistan, where she said:

"Until now, Heavenly Father and TP took responsibility, but from now on it is your responsibility. Now, depending on how much you commit, determine and move forward, we can accomplish the fulfillment of God's providence during Father's lifetime, OR, we will extend the time period and have to enter a realm of repentance."

Through meeting brothers and sisters in the various nations where True Parents' message was conveyed, I had also the chance to share deeply with many of them and to learn more about their inner reality, whereby it became once again so obvious for me, how much our Heavenly Father is concerned to lead each one of His children on a personal path of solving issues of the past in order to be free internally for the challenges of this time of building a world of True Love. The essential question is of course how sensitive each one of us is to recognizing His voice and to responding to it.

As I traveled thousands of kilometers through different parts of Europe by train I experienced in a special way how it is no problem for the spirit world to guide people to meet with the clear example that reservations for trains which had been bought at different days in different countries turned out to be such that people who have been prepared to meet would even sit finally opposite of each other in the same wagon. So many personal meetings took place on trains which can hardly be explained by coincidence but have been so obviously prepared by the good spirit world with many details, even with the inner preparation of people thinking of questions about which I could then speak deeply with them.

What impressed me also once again has been the fact how eagerly Heaven is guiding the way so that people who are searching to fulfill God's will can meet and support each other. During the past weeks of moving from place to place I could see on so many occasions how the high spirit world leads people who have a common foundation of helping each other, to have the chance to share profoundly with one another. In other words, our Heavenly Father is trying so hard to guide His children into situations and circumstances which would open the way for them to advance in their heartistic development, to reach new levels of relating to others and of resolving personal issues. The external situation of traveling together for hours provided many times the external frame for deep internal sharing.

Through joining our True Family's European tour in 12 nations which I could reach through traveling by train and sometimes by bus or ship (to Malta, Ireland and England) I had also the chance to support some events directly in the final preparations or in working together with brothers and sisters to remove the stage decorations, bringing things back to the local center, in some cities staying there until next morning's Hoon Dok Hae. Even though it may seem that this refers to minor activities I could experience that even such may be the background for inner meetings among brothers and sisters, for deep sharing, even all throughout the night.

In this way my conviction that it is possible to connect in heart with people under so many different circumstances has been strengthened through these experiences, especially it has been confirmed for me personally, that there are many people out there searching sincerely to find a living relationship to God, and it is up to us to deepen our desire to meet them because on this foundation we can definitely be guided to find those prepared people even under very unlikely circumstances. I could see again and again how many situations have been prepared a long time in advance already, how things come together like in a puzzle if our desire to be united with Heaven is strong enough in order to be guided to be at the right time at the right place - with the proper attitude.

Of course to get there may involve also special personal challenges as the negative spirit world is out to distract us as to not catch the chance of the moment, but with enough concentration of heart the seeds for many new connections of heart can be sown. Even though it may be difficult to develop relationships on an external level due to physical distances it is definitely possible to deepen relationships through the means of modern communication like the Internet or the telephone. We definitely have more possibilities than ever to connect closely with one another, while the main question remaining refers to our personal desire to do so.

Our Heavenly Father is surely working day and night to lead His children into the right direction, but sadly only few people are open for it and even we struggle sometimes to find the living God in our everyday life. Being out there on the move from place to place for one month provided of course extra opportunities for Heaven to enable deep encounters between the hearts of God's children. Personally I can look back at a time of enrichment not only by being able to attend so many events of our True Family speaking but also through building new heart to heart relationships which are of course a treasure to be cared for, a source of inspiration and strength for the tasks to be achieved in the future.

Hyun Jin Nim emphasized in one city at the time of Hoon Dok Hae that we have to become an owner who speaks and acts 100% with total conviction and commitment and passion. May all of us be able to feel more and more deeply how much our Heavenly Father is longing to express His heart through us as a pure channel of His love, in order to bring hope to this suffering world just as our True Family is trying so hard to do.

With my sincere best wishes for everything you are trying to achieve,
Your brother Nikolaus

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