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$11 + $11 + $11... to Fund a Project

Daniel Bessell
October 27, 2009

RYS is teaming up with Service for Peace (SFP) in an effort to win a grant. RYS has successfully partnered in the past with SFP in Central America, Ivory Coast, Indonesia and the Philippines. If the grant is won, a joint project with SFP can be funded through the grant.

Starting in September of this year, SFP established a unique partnership with Atlas Corps, a multilateral, multinational organization that facilitates fellowships for professional nonprofit leaders (who are then called Atlas Corps Fellows) from the global south as a way to foster international cooperation.

In an effort to strengthen our partnership, Service for Peace and Atlas Corps have formed a coalition to enter this year's Americas Giving Challenge that provides a $50,000 award to the organization with the highest number of donors. Last year, Atlas Corps singularly competed to win that award. All it takes to win is to achieve the largest number of people to donate $11. Winning this prize means that SFP will be able to bring in more fellows from around the world to fulfill our mission as a "service-learning organization with a global peace perspective."

This is a personal request asking you to consider donating at least $11 or more during the contest period (Oct 7 - Nov 6). To make this donation, follow this link: If you want to give more than $11, then consider donating on more than one day, since each individual donation counts towards the goal.

If RYS has positively affected your life in the past, please consider making a donation which will help others to have a similar experience. You can also help through sharing this opportunity by informing your friends and family, posting it on your Facebook profile, tweeting it, and/or announcing it through other online networks.

If you go online to donate, you will notice that $11 is not on the menu. You will need to choose "other" and write in $11. This is one of the ways that we can determine which donations were made to SFP. SFP will receive 100% of the donations given at the $11 level. Additionally, you may choose to share your information with Atlas Corps to verify our contacts.

Thanks in advance for your consideration of this opportunity to vote for a better world!


Daniel Bessell 

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