The Words of the Bessell Family

Workshop with Hoon Mo Nim in Glanow, Poland

Chung Hee Bessell
December, 2002

While FR, it had be hard for me to focus on my ancestors, though I tried to at least make a condition for them by remembering them in my FR prayers and offering a dinner fast. I knew about how important it was to lay a good internal foundation and therefore invested greatly in looking at the bright side of everything and keeping a resent-less heart. I remember one instant in which I didnít manage to do thatÖAt first I was just annoyed, then angry, etc. I think I went through all the different stages. In any case, I ended up sitting outside this van, just struggling to breath, shaking all over and in my head totally confused, thoughts overlapping, getting completely mixed up. Itís hard to describe, anyway, what matters is that I clearly perceived it to be for spiritual reasons. I guess it helped me to take all these following spiritual issues a lot, yes, a lot more seriously.

In Glanow, the schedule was about the way I remembered it form Korea, though I could sense a difference in the spiritual atmosphere. Regardless of the fact that there were thousands of people at the WS, in a sense, I felt completely alone. I felt like thatĎs perhaps the way itís supposed to be. I participated in the ancestor liberation and Blessing. During the ansoo sessions I always tried to focus completely on how my ansoo would looked spiritually. I thought about how the people I set free might look. I was amazed how difficult it was to constantly keep my mind focused on the task. All to easy one thought led to the next and I ended up on the other end of the universe. After each ansoo session I felt like I was about to collapse. I would always try to make a condition, of talking to somebody I hadnít seen for a long time. On the last day I talked to one of my fatherís spiritual sons and asked him how it had been for him to get witnessed to.

Throughout my life I noticed that when something is very important it is usually quite difficult to bring it to pass. Well, I guess this WS was quite important indeed. When Dae Mo Nim came on the last day I realised many things, especially about TP heart behind the Chung Pyung providence.

It was also the first time ever I had an ansoo session with Dae Mo Nimís presence. In a way I became more aware of the invisible reality, and it also taught me the seriousness of public responsibility. Again I had to face myself, discovering many things I would need to take time to improve.

All together it is really quite difficult to describe, but it was something really special, and I was really happy to do something for my family on the higher plane.

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