The Words of the Ben-Zvi Family

Founding Minutes of the Association For Jewish Unificationists

Hod Ben-Zvi

Association For Jewish Unificationists
Maale-Adumim, Israel
December 3, 1993

Minutes Of The Meeting


[Names removed]

1. The need for establishing an association of Jewish members was agreed on, particularly in light of the fact that Mother had mentioned twice to Hod during her visit in Israel the importance of developing the relationship between members in Israel and Jewish members in other countries. After discussion, the following points were decided upon as a vision and/or goals of the association:

(1) The ultimate goal of the association is the restoration of Israel and Judaism (that Israel and Judaism will unite with True Parents.)
(2) The association should help each of us find and nurture our identity and heritage as Jews. (Many of us expressed feeling confused at some point since joining the church - are we, as Unificationists, still Jews? Yes, it was expressed, we are, and we need to affirm it. Jonathan shared how Father had challenged him to think of himself as a Jew.)
(3) The association shall exist to help us accept the responsibility of being the internal bridge between True Parents and Jews.
(4) To establish a community worldwide of Unificationist Jews.
(5) To serve as a base to establish the Jewish Federation for World Peace (an organization which Jews can join to connect to Father's goals without feeling they are abandoning Judaism.)
(6) To focus on the Israeli mission.

2. The name Association for Jewish Unificationists was chosen so that those of non-Jewish backgrounds who wish to participate feel included.

3. Those present volunteered or were volunteered for responsibilities to initiate activities of the association:

[Names removed]
International Coordinator
Acting USA Coordinator
Assistant Coordinator
Regarding specific projects:

4. Suggested activities:

(1) Publish DP and other materials in Hebrew.
(2) Develop new teaching materials geared to a Jewish perspective.
(3) Witnessing in Israel.
(4) Financial support for the Israeli mission.
(5) Business
(6) AJU newsletter
(7) Interfaith projects in Israel
(8) Community service

5. The following list of members (mostly Jews) was suggested as people to contact about AJU:

[Names removed]

6. The importance of involving our spouses was mentioned. In response to this, Diane shared the following: as a non-Jewish spouse, she struggled to love Jewish people. Without living in Israel, she may not have been able to do so. Seeing the good fruits of Judaism in her children helped her appreciate Judaism.

7. The name Jewish Federation for World Peace was deemed appropriate for the future organization because Jews need to feel more concern for the world - e.g., Jews feel a lot of concern about the Holocaust but there is no strong stand for the genocide of other peoples - Bosnia, Somalia, etc.

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