The Words of the Bak Family

Reflection on my UTS Experience

In Chul Bak
June 2002

Iím happy to be a member of the class of 2002. The time that I spent at UTS was the hardest period for me, both externally and internally. Since I started life here, I have been surrounded by various problems: financial, family and also English problems. At that time, I could realize the meaning of "survival".

But the most serious problem was about my identity: Why am I here? Why do I have to deal with these problems? And during this time, what can I get for my development and growth?" I thought the answer to these questions must be the core for overcoming all other problems. But I couldnít find the answer, even when I tried hard to find it.

Now Iím realizing the answer was unexpectedly near. It has come with every situation for dealing with these problems.

I didnít have enough money, actually very little, so, I had to find any kind of way to make money. Through this, I realized many things about America and its culture. I had to separate from my wife for such a long time. So, I had to find a better way to communicate with her so that we could have much more chance to be with each other. My English was terrible to start with. But, during this time, I tested my English a lot through several lecture contests and through real life in America. So, now, at least, I can have self-confidence about it. I strongly believe that my English ability will continue to improve rapidly.

Through UTS life, I could learn much about the American culture, which influences most other cultures. I tried to have a better relationship with my wife, for true love, and I could have self-confidence not only just about English but also about overcoming international boundaries. Those things were unexpected for me. If I didnít come here to UTS, I couldnít learn these points. This is the answer of why I had to be a member of UTS.

Throughout this period, God wanted and tried to give me this precious wisdom. Now I realize that God has guided me all the time through many problems.

Even though I donít know where I will go after graduation, one thing is clear. Life at UTS and its experiences will become my shield and weapon.

Itís like the story of somebody old who is near death and he looks back at his life and says, "It was about love". I would like to say, in retrospect of my UTS experience, "It was about the true love of God."

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