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UTS Starts Foundation Program for Inter-religious Peace-building

Chris Antal
February 20, 2007

UTS will be offering the first two courses leading to a Six-Course UTS Graduate Certificate in Inter-religious Peace-building.

"Paths of Faith" and "Inter-religious Dialogue" will be offered from Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Friday, June 1, 2007 at the UTS main campus in Barrytown NY.

Paths of Faith

An introduction to the world’s religions that acquaints the student with the various Paths that are presently being lived by human beings in the global society. Study is made of origins, development, basic beliefs and contemporary expression. Students will visit local religious communities for experiential education and interaction with practitioners of each faith. 3 Credits. Dr. Bennett.

Clinton Bennett is Professor of Ministry and Director of Field Education, UTS. An ordained Baptist clergyman, married to a Muslim wife, former Chairman of the British Council of Churches, expert in Christian-Muslim relations.

Inter-religious Dialogue

The course aims to provide for students the theoretical and applied foundations necessary for the successful management of inter-religious activities, and the creation of informed strategies for the systematic advance of inter-religious ideals. The primary components of the course and the areas in which the students will grow in knowledge and skill are "world religions" and the resources they offer to the peace-building process. 3 Credits. Dr. Kaufmann

Program goals:

Enhancing understanding of beliefs and practices of six major faith traditions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam & Sikhism
Creating a safe and supportive environment in which seminarians, chaplains, faith leaders, and religious educators can forge mutually beneficial relationships across communal boundaries
Helping participants acquire pastoral skills useful in ministering to a multi-religious population
Developing leadership strategies for generating intra-faith support for inter-faith relations and promoting inter-faith relations from the local to the international community

The content will include:

Introduction to the tenets and practices of the six traditions
Historical overviews of the traditions, and how they have interacted
Shared scripture study using primary sources from the six traditions
Visits to a Hindu temple, a mosque, a synagogue, a church, a Buddhist Monastery and a Sikh Gurdwara
Visit to United Nations and New York City Ambassadors for Peace leaders
Obstacles to interfaith dialogue and relationships
Communication skills and sensitivities to establish and sustain effective partnerships
Examples of interfaith projects in local communities and international levels and suggestions for developing action plans for participants

Program tuition and fees: $3,395 covers tuition (6 accredited Masters Degree credits), room and board, transportation to local sites. $2,395 provides entire program for a non-credit bearing certificate.

For more information about the program, contact Chris Antal, Director of Interfaith Development.

For registration information, contact Ute Delaney, Registrar.

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