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3rd European ODP WS for 2nd Generation in Rome, Italy

Julius Alexy
March 6, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters,

After 2 wonderful European ODP workshops for 2nd Generation, we are very happy to invite you to the 3rd European workshop of the ORIGINAL DIVINE PRINCIPLE for 2nd Generation. It will take place in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy, from 27th April (Friday) to 6th May (Sunday) 2012. Over the past 2 workshops, many brothers and sisters have experienced the benefit of the time and investment for their spiritual lives û and based on feedback, this year we will have an additional 2 days of workshop schedule to give even more space and time to explore together.

So what is the ODP all about? To succeed in our marriages, to understand more about the way to happiness as a blessed couple, how to raise God's children, walking our life path together with Heavenly Father, having a family where God can freely dwell and rejoice -- a place where we can be sincere and fulfilled despite all of life's challenges, and experiencing how God is working in this time. This is what ODP is for, and is surely something that is worth learning and exploring û especially in this 12th year of Cheon Il Guk. Sometimes we need to take time and invest in our spiritual education, and to do so with others can generate a spirit where God's truth can really impact us.

True Parents are urging us to understand the real essence of our lives by studying the Original Divine Principle, which God could never before reveal to the current extent. It is a unique chance to study it together with other 2nd generation brothers and sisters, focusing on the message and God's wisdom while leaving our daily stresses and routine environment behind, enjoying the scenery and the cultural heritage of historic Rome as well as the deep talks in the evening spring breeze, amongst the rolling hills of the Colle Mattia Workshop center. Again, we have confirmed two excellent and experienced lecturers; Mr. Giuseppe Cali and Mr. Rainer Fuchs will be guiding us through the content which can become the spiritual backbone of our lives.

The workshop will be held in the WS center Colle Mattia in Rome, and the fee is 220Ç (400 Ç for couples), covering lodging and 3 meals a day.

Participants should arrive on Friday, 27th April and the schedule will start on Saturday at 6:00. During the WS we will have a chance to do some sightseeing in Rome. The workshop ends on Sunday morning, May 6th. For those who may wish to enjoy the holidays in the city of Rome for longer, it will be possible to arrive earlier or depart later. Please inform us when registering, and we will organize it with the Colle Mattia WS staff.

Please register at the latest by April 9th, 2012 at or with Julius Alexy (mobile +421.905.430.939). More details will be sent after you have registered.


Where: Colle Mattia WS center near Rome, Italy

When: April 27thû May 6th, 2012

Fee: 220 Ç (400 for couples)

Registration: by 9th April 2012 at

We are looking forward to seeing you in Rome.

On behalf of SAWS 18+
Julius Alexy 

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