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HARP Report – Slovakia

Martin Alexy
June 2003
Slovakian HARP Leader

It is 2 months since we sent our last report. So to briefly mention March – people were busy with school after the break in February. And important thing was that ETF was already here. We had some kind of an introduction meeting, to get to know each other at least a little. After that we had a chance to participate in some ETF events such as hike with our guests, and Japanese culture night. Plus we had celebrated 2 birthdays together in our WS center.

HARP started a new tradition of having HARP Sunday Service once a month. We think it is good to have service together at least once a month. And to focus our sermon on something which is connected with lives of HARPies.

April was a good month because there was another vacation. And even before we had a birthday party again. Nice : )

During Easter holidays we went for a short WS in Glanow, Poland. We were 4 Slovaks, 5 Polish and 1 Hungarian (with girls in the majority). Especially Polish HARPies were happy to meet together again. As they live far away from each other, they don’t have an opportunity to meet often.

We had very nice time, went for a one-day hike in the land of forests and hills, did some outdoor sports, and had a campfire with small barbecue. We did not have many lectures, just internal guidance and a testimony. For HDH we decided to read the Bible to understand about Jesus’ circumstances and about Easter. It seemed like a very good idea. Most people have not really read Bible. And not to forget one thing – the girls organized a rock-out there!

So this whole thing took actually only 2 full days, but it was pretty intense, and we did not want to leave for home, of course. Anyway, summer is coming soon. So we’ll see you all then.

If you want to see some photos from our WS, they are in the gallery here.

Martin Alexy - Slovakian HARP Leader

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