Faith Breakers -- Dream Killers -- Religious Bigots

Some people are on a campaign to discredit new religious movements. They are ignorant of what religion is and sadly, repeat the past that has been filled with persecution. These people are the true dangers to society. They are the rabble-rousers. They control minds to think wrong more than the small groups they criticize. Some make a living out of this such as Steve Hassan, Rick Ross, and Margaret Singer.




One of the worst journalists in the national media is Tom Brokaw of NBC News. There are a number of Christian writers who feel it their duty to warn America of the danger of small religious groups.

All of these people would have denounced Jesus if they had lived 2000 years ago. If they were contemporaries of those who founded different Christian denominations, they would have warned the people of such dangerous rebels and heretics like Martin Luther, John Lesley, George Fox, Joseph Smith and William Penn. Penn, you may recall, is the founder of the state of Pennsylvania.

Hassan and Ross list some of the groups they hate. Two of them are the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons. Christian bookstores have books against them. One of the most popular booklets against the Unification Church that most Christian bookstores sell is by Yamamoto.

Jerks like Hassan and Ross don't just list new religious movements as dangerous but also some older established groups that many call sects. It seems there is a progression from cult to sect to church. These pathetic dream killers do not list the Catholic church and mainline Protestant churches such as the Lutherans and the Methodists. There are plenty of books and articles written by former nuns and priests who give their horror stories of their years living in total obedience, poverty, and celebacy. They say they finally saw the light and walked away from the abuse. The reason Hassan and Ross do not go after the Catholic church is because they are powerful. Tens of thousands of monks and nuns are celebate in monesteries throughout the world as I write. Their life has got to be "bizarre" by any definition. Rev. Moon does not ask thousands of his followers to take vows of silence and give up having sex for life. Yet Hassan and Ross and TIME magazine think this is normal. Everyone thinks that monks and nuns are normal.

There are horror stories in absolutely every organization on earth. People have been abused in everything from General Motors to the U.S Navy. Americans look at Rev. Moon and see "bizarre" mass marriages in which thousands of people have given him the power to choose their mate. There are some strict Jewish communities in America and throughout the world where people go to matchmakers and have wedding ceremonies that are not seen as "bizarre" simply because they've been doing it for thousands of years. Does it look "normal" to see Jews with their strange clothes standing at a wall in Jerusalem weaving back and forth in what looks like a hypnotic trance as they read the Torah out loud over and over again. New religious movements are the new kids on the block and fair game. Fallen man hates what is new because Satan hates what is new. Change is dangerous. To be truly educated does not mean someone has fancy degrees and is well read. It means to be wise. By that definition, Hassan and Ross and the Washington Post are poorly educated and stupid.

If faith breakers and stupid journalists lived long ago, they would have put them on their list. They would have helped the family of St. Thomas Aquinas who got so upset when he joined what they thought was a cult over 1000 years ago. They had him kidnapped and locked in a room in their castle for over a year. They tried to break his faith. In the process, he converted his sister to become a nun in this so-called cult. Eventually they tired of this and let him go back to the "cult." He went on to write the classic book, Summa Theologia, which is the main theology of the Roman Catholic church.

Religion is a difficult thing to understand. There have been countless religious groups that have come and gone. The early Christians were just one of many groups in the Roman Empire. Tragically, Christianity broke into many competing groups. Catholics and Prodestants are killing each other in Ireland today. Life is messy. Too often people are impatient and prejudiced. Too often people turn to agressive behavior to fight what is new. There are endless ways that people use to express themselves. We should be careful and cautious about taking nonconformists to court. If some people want to speak in tongues than they should be left alone. If some people want to only wear orange colored clothing because some Indian guru told them to, then so be it. If Rev. Moon wants to match and marry tens of thousands of people, so what? Leave them alone. Be respectful of differences. The Boy Scouts teach to be tolerant of different religious beliefs. Anti-Moon people are more in line with the K.K.K than with the Boy Scouts.

Hassan and Ross see themselves as freedom fighters and would have fought to keep the world free of dangerous men like Martin Luther and John Wesley. When they were founding the Luteran and Methodist churches, they were attacked by the status quo. Hassan and Ross would have been the leaders of the mobs who threw stones at John Wesley in America.

Anti-cult in ignorant religious bigoted journalists like TIME magazine would have led the way to put down the Pilgrims who were jailed in England as being dangerous radicals. They would've been the first to put down George Washington and his "cult" at Valley Forge as being dangerous, violent revolutionaries. They would've inspired the crowds to convince Pilote to crucify the worst "cult" leader of all time -- the self proclaimed messiah who is really just a young single carpenter from some dirt-poor small town in the middle of no where. His followers were the scum of the earth. And when Jesus was carrrying his cross his disciples were betraying him, telling everyone that they had been brainwashed.

To faith breakers the Jehovah's Witnesses are dangerous even though they've been around for almost 100 years. The Mormons are dangerous even though they've been around for almost 200 years. The distinguished senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, is Rev. Moon's friend. When Rev. Moon was sentenced to go to jail in America, many mainline churches came to his defense. Many famous people came to his defense. Senator Hatch is the chairman of the Judicial Committee of the U.S. Senate who holds hearings on who will be a Supreme Court Justice. Senator Hatch along with Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy held a special hearing in the Capitol for Rev. Moon. Senator Hatch has called Rev. Moon, and I quote, "A great man."

It is people like Hassan, Ross, and Singer who create an atmosphere of fear that results in violence. It is people like Hassan at the time of the founding of the Mormon Church that created the hysteria that formed the mob who killed Joseph Smith. Hassan and his religious bigoted friends created an atmosphere that led to Rev. Moon's incarceration. A good man went to jail because journalists at TIME magazine and the Washington Post don't do their homework and rely on the junk coming out of the mouths of a few faith breakers.

Dear reader, you have a choice to make. Either Steve Hassan is right about Rev. Moon or Senator Orrin Hatch is right.


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