The Early Unification Church History

by Galen Pumphrey



by Lloyd Pumphrey

When my parents first met Miss Young Oon Kim in Eugene, Oregon, I was just a baby.  Growing up, I saw the church grow from my earliest memories in the 60's to the international movement it has become.  Unfortunately, I have only one perspective of what it was about.  I never grasped the deep importance of the sacrifice my parents made.  Since reading my fathers account of the Early Church, I could finally understand what they went through.  For the first time in my life, all the stories I heard from my parents, and some I didn't know, finally came to light in my brain.

My father began working on this history over 20 years ago, when he realized the importance of recording this time.  His view point is a very powerful and moving testimony of the Early Church and should be read carefully.

When I first read this, I was tempted to edit it but on second thought, I decided not to because this is his account and not mine.  I hope you enjoy this and find it informative.  I know I did.

-Lloyd Pumphrey