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European Second Generation Department Newsletter

April 2002
Published by the European Second Generation Department

SHUK (Scandinavia, Holland, United Kingdom) 2002 Workshop

There were about 70 people at the workshop, including staff, and the participants were from ages 12-18. The workshop started on the Thursday afternoon and went until Monday lunch-time. The basic schedule was the same as in many workshops, including lectures, sports, and a Hell Training, which we did on the very first evening, after they had just arrived. Many of the participants were caught by surprise! It was a good Hell-training. At the end, we all gathered on the beach. It was the most gorgeous weather I had seen and the beach was almost magical. Almost no wind, but a big full moon, and a sky full of stars. Everyone sat quietly meditating on the beach--catching their breath. It was a good start to the workshop.

Every morning started with roll-call and morning exercises at 5:45--Settlement Age style. Afterwards, we had Hoon Dok Hwe. The Hoon Dok Hwe was done a little differently than normal. We had made packets of "hand-picked" quotes from Father on different topics--following the line of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. They read the Hoon Dok Hwe aloud in their groups and marked the parts they liked. Then, after reading that days pages, they discussed the message and each shared what they had gotten out of it. As I went around from group to group, it was nice to see everyone awake (well, pretty much everyone...) and actively reading and discussing.

The lectures were Divine Principle lectures, but were delivered in a very practical way, really bringing the Principle to life. Along with explaining basic principles, Dieter Schmidt and Thorkil Christensen combined them with testimonies and stories from their own personal lives. I found them very good and hardly saw anyone sleeping during them at all! On the first evening, we also had a prayer evening, which was very nice.

There was also the "Challenge Day" on the Saturday. The groups left the house one by one in the morning, following their schedule, and preparing themselves to meet the tasks they would be given. Of course, the focal activity was the fishing. Each Group (two teams) went out on the boat for nearly 3 hours. Before they left, they had "Fishing Orientation." This consisted of reading Fathers words about fishing and the ocean, and also filling out their goal sheet, like they were about to go fundraising. Each team had their own internal and external team goal as well as internal and external individual goals. The goals ranged from "being patient" to "loving the ocean" to "keeping the spirit high on my team". Actually, the result from the fishing wasn't as good as some had hoped, but each group caught at least one fish.

As well as fishing, the teams had to face "challenges" in the woods. They received maps from the HQ (picnic table) and set off to find their stations and return back as soon as possible. Some challenges were more difficult than others, but, at all the stations, everyone put out their best! They marched around the forest, shouting out their team mottoes enthusiastically. Their spirits were really strong!

By dinner time that evening, everyone was worn out and about half the people had lost their voices, but the Challenge Day had been completed successfully. Again, as with everyday of the workshop, the weather was absolutely amazing! (As Dieter Schmidt said, "Weather like this in Denmark is like hitting the jackpot!")

Also, stuck into the program, on the different days were things we called "special tasks". They tackled these tasks as a group. The tasks were things like having to build a free-standing tower of junk as a team in 10 minutes, or gluing the correct Biblical names into the right boxes, showing Jesus lineage throughout the Bible. As the final special task, each team was given an envelope in which there were instructions to create some kind of performance or sketch. They had half an hour to prepare, and after dinner, they were all performed. The results were quite impressive and lots of fun to watch! At the end, there was a staff sketch and song that finished off the evening well.

The final day, at the closing, everyone received their t-shirts that the staff had been busy making up in the staff room every night. Because of the shortage of money, we couldn't afford to buy all the t-shirts, so we asked people to bring a blank one of their own. It was cool because although all the t-shirts were different colours and designs, they all had SHUK 2002 logo on them saying, "Live Beyond."

From the beginning of the workshop, when I had explained the motto "Live Beyond," people had tried to incorporate it into the general spirit of the workshop. Everything was a chance to "Live Beyond"- live beyond yourself for your group, live beyond language barriers, live beyond your own narrow viewpoint on life. I wanted that everyone really took the motto and made it their own, and I feel that a lot of people were really able to do that.

After receiving their t-shirts, everyone gathered outside for group pictures, a workshop picture, and finally a picture with everyone either under or hanging from the tree in the front garden! We finished with 3 manseis.

Trina Hill -- Danish HARP Leader

SHUK - Excerpts from Participants reflections:

"The Challenge day for me was a very, very good day. I felt during the challenges that our team was really united. I think it was the first time that I felt such a strong team unity. The lectures were also very interesting and quite exciting. Every time we were singing or doing something together, there was always a very nice atmosphere.... The idea of the sketches was really brilliant and it was really so funny."

A. Cunningham, Belgium

"The lectures were really good. I might have heard them before more than 10 times, but I think I've learned the most from these lectures (especially the last one). The challenge day was a lot of fun, and we got really close as a team. Actually, I thought we did really well and we had good unity. Fishing was loads of fun too."

Jonathan Campman, Holland

"The prayer evening was really great. Usually I dont put a lot into talking to God, and I dont really feel comfortable with it. But that last night was different. I felt something different, and I was able to express myself more fully. It was most beneficial and from now on, I can safely say that I have a different relationship with God I know! Im so glad I came; it was DEFINITELY worth it. The staff did a great job. So thanks, and Ill be on the next SHUK."

Rebecca Coombs, UK

"I knew it was time for some real lessons and experience. I felt God working a lot, but also testing me at times. I had been praying to God, asking Him to take part in the preparations. Many times, I felt He was saying to me, "Well, you asked me to take care of things...why are you so nervous? Didn't you trust I would work things out?"

Again and again, I felt myself at that point, until I really began to trust God 100%, and I learned that even if things went totally bad, if I had the right attitude as a leader, my pride wouldn't be hurt and I wouldnt start to blame people and things for not going right. &God is the ultimate parent, teacher, friend.....I also found out He is the ultimate workshop leader!"

Trina Hill, Denmark

HARP Sweden

During the month of March, Swedish HARP spent much time preparing for the SHUK workshop, trying to get hold of drivers and vans that would transport 13 of us down to Denmark. It took a lot of persuading and calling back and forth, but it all worked out thanks to the fact that there are several harpies who are soon going to take their drivers license. And so this would be the last time we needed the parents to drive us.

The workshop, with the motto, "Live Beyond" went very smoothly, mainly because it was so well organized, but also because all of the 69 participants were motivated to do their best. The staff was also very united and we had lots of fun making the most of the workshop. Heavenly Father also showed his presence by sending out a huge amount of geese flying in a v-shape over our heads before the closing prayer. Everyone could return home with good memories and a longing to meet again, next time in the UK.

Henry Freeland -- Swedish HARP

HARP Austria

Hi Europe! First some brief news from the regions. In most of the regions they had a meeting where HARPies could sign a membership form to become an official HARPie. In Tyrol they did Sunday Service for the parents about what it means to be a HARPie for each of them. A Korean afternoon was held in Vienna, were they were sharing personal experiences, playing Yute and having Korean food.

Now let me tell you about our Easter WS  it was THE event of this month. This WS was something very special. Invited were HARPies over 15 years and our motto was "Life, love and the rest". That covers everything, but to make it a bit more specific, what we meant with this motto was the personal development and growing up knowing the truth - but what do we do with it?

We had a fabulous lecturer Siegfried Klammsteiner, who has put together a programme centred on the Principles combined with practical stuff and education methods. He talked about how we can go further than just the truth and doing things out of our will, intellect or emotions  but how we can get to our heart. We spent 2 days working with Siegfried. The third day we had 2 main team activities, one was a creative work for our newsletter, the other one was planning a HARP WS. Great ideas came up that are going to get us further in these two areas.

Every evening we had internal guidance. One special evening we talked about accusations we, as Moonies, might be confronted with. We also practised what to say or how to react to questions concerning our movement, True Parents and our belief and did role plays.

The fourth and last full day we had our challenge day  experiencing bits of Fathers course. Most of the HARPies were anxious about that throughout the whole WS. They had heard about challenge days from the Settlement Age WS and lots of rumours were going around. In the end it was a quite tough day, going up on a mountain, through stations, an obstacle course and a final 2 hour walk to a swimming pool. When we arrived back at the WS site we´d been active for about 12 hours and earned our big dinner.

To mention a few organisational things  we were 27 participants, split into 4 teams. It was a smaller WS, but because we knew one another and were of similar age, we were open to talk about topics that concerned us. As brothers and sisters we deepened our friendships, had more serious parts and also time for fun.

Many greetings from the Austrian HARP!

Elisabeth Riehl - Austrian HARP Leader

HARP Slovakia

After 1 month I spent in USA I returned first week of March. We had meeting to plan our activities for the month. And I organised come-back-party just to meet and share after 1 month. As the Easter holidays were coming closer we decided to make a small fundraising condition to support the WS internally and also externally. The 4 of us went for 2 days to do FR near Vienna. We had really hard time. I think it was good for us to make us stronger and prepare for the WS well. We could also discuss many internal things.

Easter workshop was really good. We tried to get HARPies from Czech and Poland too. It did not work this time however. So the 10 of us went to Banska Bystrica and stayed in ETF house. (Thank you ETF!!!). They were not there however, they went for a CARP workshop to Paris. We spent 3 full days there plus 2 days of travelling. Program included lectures, we had 1 day trip, we had some games and workshop activities and also played baseball. And the 1 day trip--we went right up into the mountains. It was beautiful sunny day, we could sunbathe, but there was also snow. On the way back we had to walk through the valley full of snow. After 20 minutes I could not feel my feet. It was really challenging, but also lot of fun.

We had made prayer and study condition together with FR condition before the WS. And it really helped - we could create such a good atmosphere.

Thats it for this month, wishing you all the best in the next month.

Martin Alexy - Slovakian HARP Leader

HARP United Kingdom

March has been a busy month as it is every year especially because of the Easter Holidays. North London organised another Witnessing Challenge day with participants from all over South England, it was extremely successful both externally from the number of guests who attended and also internally from what the participants gained in their faith and confidence. Although we didn't have a HARP Sunday Service we did make up for it by two workshops.

Firstly, it was the 2nd SHUK (Scandinavia, Holland and United Kingdom) which had the motto "Live Beyond", and was extremely successful as Im sure you'll heard from the Danish report. Although a smaller group of about 10 participants attended from UK each one gained a lot from the experience.

Next we had a 4 day w/s (actually it spanned 5 days) with 40 participants. This was the latest in a long line of successful Divine Principle workshops that introduce HARPies to the deeper teachings of our movement and give them a taste of the kind of lifestyle they should be leading. This w/s went very well as we had an excellent balance of w/s staff/participants and location (Livingstone House).

For many it was their first w/s so they were really excited. Groups were small - 5 in each - which was great for the group leaders. Each group had plenty of time to prepare for the "Family night" and the quality of the sketches - mostly musicals - was excellent for the age group.

Each region of UK HARP has also been doing its own regular activities to create a great sense of community among the 2nd Generation which will hopefully support and inspire them to keep and develop the standard they gain from workshops. I think thats all for now, so I wish you all a great month.

IMN Matt Jubb - Junior HARP Leader

HARP Germany

The main activity in March was the FR-WS which we held in order to fulfil our external goal for Camberg. We actually needed an entire week to organize it well, and it seemed to be a severe fight for each participant to be able to attend at last.

In the end we had 44 people attending the FR-activities, including 6 1st Generation team-captains and 3 ETF-brothers and sisters. Also we had 4 Swiss brothers and sisters supporting us in Switzerland. I'm sorry that I cannot list all the countless other 1st and 2nd generation members, that contributed so much to the success of the activity by cooking, driving, giving guidance and advice, testimonies, and investing countless time and material to support us.

We started the FR-WS off in Camberg for a so-called kick-off-WS. This helped in order to prepare for the upcoming FR. We had lectures about the providential significance of FR and about the purpose of FR from 1st Generations parents and practical advice on FR and testimonies from the ETF members, as well as from our elder sister Jartrud. This kick-off-WS was also used to regain motivation and to get to know each other in the FR-teams. Each night we had deep 40-minute prayers on the holy ground for the safety and success of our condition. I think having had this time for preparation was very good. Then on the 3rd day we split up into our 3 FR-regions. 2 teams went to Holland (Amsterdam), 2 stayed in Germany (Düsseldorf) and 3 teams went to Switzerland (Flums). From there we went FR the next 4 days.

From the first day on we had to fight with really severe difficulties, which are unexplainable, unless you consider the spiritual value of our condition. At many times it seemed to be a fight with Satan, who tried to prevent us from reaching our goal. And not only we say that, but many of our parents have said that as well.

The experiences of each of the participants vary a lot, but I think that I can say, that it was a valuable and exciting time for everyone, including the 1st generation participants. And I think it was a great success for God, even though we didn't reach our external goal&this time. But we're as motivated as ever, and we'll go into the last round, after a couple weeks of FR-break.

I wish you all the best.

J. Noguchi - German HARP Committee

HARP Portugal

As it is becoming tradition, we meet almost every Sunday (as much as possible), but we decided to have an earlier Sunday service, starting at 9 am (the usual one started at 10:30am). This gives us time in the rest of the morning or to discuss about other issues different from the Sunday service, and allows us to have some activities. Last month we had our Easter WS (4 days) with the participation of around 23 HARPies. It was a very good one, together with the main point, education (Divine principle, tradition, HARP, CARP, ETF and STF lectures), we had many interesting activities (climbing, swimming, lots of games, group discussions, organizing our newspaper, watching the movie Final Fantasy on a big screen, etc) with the purpose of strengthen even more the relations between all the HARPies.

This workshop was a mixture of all kinds of ages, and it ended up by creating the conscience that, the elder HARPies have to take responsibility for the younger HARPies. This workshop, as well as all the other activities we have been having, helped creating that bound. We are very happy that our "baby" newspaper is creating a very good impact. Everybody wants to participate, and it's also motivating the first generation (parents, and others). We made a 5 year plan, with a 5 year goal to reach. We are not afraid of the future, we are 1000% confident that we will achieve success, even though blood, sweat and tears will be required, and that has been True Father's way for success, and who else better to follow as an example.

We also sent 2 Harp members (this summer will turn to CARP members) to the Paris CARP workshop, with the intention of starting to give them the vision of World CARP, and to make a more successful adaptation from being HARP members to become CARP ones. We could have done much more, but we are still in the stage of organizing and preparing the foundations for it to happen without any danger of future collapses.

Anyway, greetings from all the Portuguese HARPies, to all the HARPies around Europe, and let's shout out loud, that we are here to shake this world. 3 cheers of mansei to the 2G Europe!

Telmo Saraiva  Portuguese HARP Leader

HARP Netherlands

Well, I'm glad to tell you that Dutch-HARP is going well! Seriously, I've never seen the Dutch brothers and sisters being that inspired and motivated before (as after the 2nd SHUK ws).

In March we had one of our normal weekend ws, which included lectures, sports, and inside activities. One of our main points on this ws was, that we wanted to prepare our HARPies for the 2nd SHUK ws. And also, give our HARPies which weren't able to go, a good time and a little strength till another ws.

Yes and then, SHUK came in sight. While having quite a lot of difficulties, making sure everything would run smoothly, we tried to prepare ourselves. Unfortunately, every time we had to inform our HARPies, that again the whole thing would be 20 Euros more expensive. After all, we left to Denmark with 12 HARPies and two drivers. We arrived just on time, because one of our vehicles got lost somewhere in Germany. Everybody participated wholeheartedly in the whole program and made lot of new friends. Thanks to Trina Hill and all of the Dutch HARPies.

Felix Janssen - Dutch HARP Leader

HARP Switzerland

On a Sunday we organized a parent meeting for the HARP parents. The goal for this meeting was to explain the HARP activities, ideals and the fundraising condition for Camberg. Many parents where alarmed and full of questions about our engagement for Camberg. We expected a real tuff and interesting day, but exactly the opposite happened. Many moms and dads where appreciating and praising our work and motivation. We received good advice and inspiration from our parents who attend the meeting this day. Unity between parents and children and a good feeling was the outcome on this Sunday.

Another activity in the Swiss HARP was the Easter workshop .This was not just a ws, it was the first workshop where the HARPies alone were leading and organizing. The beginning of this gathering was very hard.. Some of the Members came too late or really unmotivated. But after a real powerful 21 min singing condition the spirit went up. After that we explained the following program and how they should line up for roll call. The next day we could reach some small HARPies through singing. One could see how they started singing and ended with shouting. The Yute game after was also successful and of nice energy. Sunday morning after the lecture and lunch we went out in the mountains to a nice flat grass plane. We had some ball games and after that we played "capture the flag "in a relay nice area. The next day we cleaned up and ended the WS with a great mansei.

Last weekend we reflected and discussed about the Easter workshop in the senior HARP meeting. It was based on a quiet and peaceful time. We just had some nice games and relaxed together.

Your Jonathan Gubser - Swiss HARP Leader

ETF (European Task Force)

ETF at the Hungarian IRFF Service Project  23rd to 31st March 2002

This was the first IRFF project for many of the participants. The group was quite international, with people from 12 different nations  Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, England, Germany, Holland, Austria, Korea, Norway, Portugal and Saudi Arabia. We were all from very different cultures and backgrounds, some of the Hungarians on the team were also gypsies, which made the experience even more interesting. In addition, five of us were there representing Service for Peace.

The first day was spent getting to know each other through orientation games and activities. First we had to learn each others names by heart. We broke the ice by doing some games in small teams, such as making posters about our expectations of the project and learning to listen to each other. The last activity involved discovering different characters by comparing ourselves one of three different animals: a "cool green fox", a "red hot lion" or a "warm blue St. Bernard". It turned out to be surprisingly accurate. At the end of the day we were divided into four teams of about six people each. So now that we all knew each other (or at least better than before anyway), we could get down to work.

For the first project we were all set to two different locations. Two teams were given the task of cleaning up the garden of a local organisation, called "House of Civil Organizations". We had to rake leaves, remove dead and unwanted bushes and trees, and improve the general appearance of the garden. It was very rewarding to finish and look back over the garden. The results of our work could clearly be seen, and it was very satisfying to see that we had done a good job.

The other two teams stayed back at the hostel to repaint the main hall, the bedrooms and the bathrooms. It wasn't such an easy job, because all the furniture had to be moved, and there wasnt so much extra space, but we were all motivated to finish the job before dinner, because otherwise we would have to finish it before going to sleep. So, everybody really worked hard. Also, people always found something to do without being asked. By the end, everything looked really white, and really new, and we could benefit from our work for the rest of the project.

For the next three days we went to work in a nature park. Our job consisted of removing, piling and burning overgrown and unwanted bushes, therefore, making the area more clear and pleasant.

On our second day we also had the privilege of planting new trees by the river. The mayor of Pécs also came to see what was going on, and helped by planting a tree. On the third day we worked on the river  making it wider so the water could flow more easily. At the end of the day people were getting really muddy, but still enjoying the work. On the last day of the project we went to a different site, and picked up rubbish on tourist trails and picnic areas on a mountain, meanwhile enjoying the nature and beautiful weather. Once we got started it was difficult to stop. A few of us still carried on after lunch, not stopping until it was time to go back on the bus.

Every evening we had different cultural activities connected to the project. We got to know the Hungarian and gypsy culture better through dance and music, we all had a chance to learn some Hungarian dance moves. On other evenings we had presentations about IRFF, by Massimo Trombin, one about Service for Peace, by Agnès Gravrand and one about Branch Friendship Circle by Kriszta, because these were the three main organisations involved in the project. Other presentations were more general, about the city, and about the nature.

The last afternoon was dedicated to closing the project. We had to reflect about the project. The general feeling that came out was that the project should have been longer. It also enabled the organisers of the project to get appreciation for their work, which was well deserved.

The final programme on the schedule was a cultural evening, in which all the teams performed a sketch or song, which we had spent many hours practising and preparing for.

The general atmosphere of this evening reflected the feeling of the whole project by its simplicity but strong effects, and of course everybody received a certificate as to remember the whole project.

We would like to conclude by acknowledging Ági and Sanyi for their hard work and dedication, and Massimo Trombin for his contributions to IRFF, and this project, and of course all the participants, which made it happen. Thank you.

By Agnès Gravrand and Anthea Micimacko Dixon

ETF at the 1st West European World CARP Workshop
Chamarande, France 28th March  1st April 2002

Based on Hyun Jin Nims vision for W-CARP, this workshop was held at a French training center in Chamarande, France. This was the ideal place for this event. It was organised under the theme "Foundation, Friendship, Unity", expressing the desire of establishing a new foundation for Europe based on the cooperation between different chapters by which we will be able to revolutionise CARP in Europe with a new spirit that involves the new vision that W-CARP has.

The workshop was planned in such a way that all the participants would be able to take ownership, for example, there wasn't a determined leader for each team, but everyday a different member would take ownership of his team, so most of us had the opportunity to "own" our team. We were around 40 participants, almost 50 including staff. All the participants were divided in eight teams. These teams were formed with the idea of uniting people from different chapters, so in each of them as many chapters as possible were represented, bringing together people in different situations with different levels of experience.

The biggest groups of participants were from the host country, France, and UK. Other chapters that were present were Portugal, Germany, and ETF that included Holland and Spain. I attended the workshop as team leader for the ETF group that, unfortunately, was just a small representation of the whole ETF. Our group was formed by Diane, Pavla, Rita, Edgar, Gwion and me, from Slovakia, and Ando coming from Hungary.

When most of the participants were there, we started with dinner (the food was another of the good points of the workshop, reaching excellence), afterwards we met and the teams were created in order to start the program immediately. They had as the first activity the "Hell Training." For this Hell Training, we went out in groups of two teams each. Even though it wasn't really challenging for me, it brought a good atmosphere into the teams.

The next day in the morning, Mark Bramwell gave us an overview of W-CARP and afterwards, Jago and Hannah Speller explained their personal vision of CARP. The different attending chapters had the opportunity to briefly report about their activities and development.

After lunch, as everyday, we had the opportunity to liberate the excess energy accumulated during the morning by playing sports such as yoga or Won Hwa Do, or others like football and American football.

Unfortunately, theres not enough space for the whole schedule, so Ill just go over it, emphasising the main points. For example: UK-CARP shared their organisational system, which could be a good model for the other chapters who still need to establish a solid foundation. There was an IEF presentation, and a really inspiring lecture competition, where we could appreciate the enormous potential of the lecturers. On Sunday, after pledge, we could experience a little the SFP (Service for Peace) spirit, by removing some rocks from one part of the house or cleaning the windows. As ETF, we had the opportunity to share our experience witnessing with the others, and it seemed to inspire some of the participants.

Personally, the most important and inspiring point of the workshop was the continuous interaction, not only through group discussions, but also with different activities such as designing an ideal CARP house, the already mentioned lecture competition, solving hypothetical problems, or planning SFP activities. It made me realise how European CARP is a substantial reality.

The attitude of the participants was generally good, creating a family atmosphere, promoted also by the, not so large, amount of participants that attended.

My impression of the workshop was very positive. After every activity I always had the feeling that it was too short. Now Im really looking forward to start to work in CARP, either in my country (Spain) or abroad.

Thank you for the workshop. INM, Juan Sun Piqué

An Experience with STF in America - 26th March to 6th April 2002

When ETF was in Korea in February, we had the opportunity to have a personal meeting with Hyun Jin Nim. His main message to us was that he wanted us to inherit and learn from the new changes he has recently made in the STF program in America. Starting this year, he wants leaders from all over the world to go to America for training through MFT, and asked that we cooperate with and inherit from this program. Therefore, as I had to go to America anyway to keep my green card, I was able to go and spend 9 days on an MFT/STF team to inherit and learn from them, and hopefully initiate a ongoing relationship of increased cooperation between ETF and STF.

On my arrival in San Fracisco, I was able to meet with Aioki-san, the director of MFT in America, and spend the evening sharing many things about the European situation and discussing possible ways in which we could work together more. He and his wife were so welcoming and interested in the European situation and were so happy to meet me. They really had a true Abel heart of embracing Cain, the older brother represented by Europe, and were constantly serving me and reaching out to take care of me. He kept mentioning he was so happy that I came, and that this meeting had an important meaning since it was the first step in building a bridge of cooperation between ETF and STF.

I was sent early the next morning on another plane to San Antonio, Texas, where I joined one of the top MFT/STF teams for fundraising. Our team leader was a Japanese 1st Gen. who has many years of MFT experience and was such a good leader and taught me so much! All the team members were STF (2nd Gen.) and it was such a great experience getting to know them and understand the American spirit and mentality. Coralie Huard from France, who is on STF this year, was actually also on the team, so it was nice to have another European there. By spending this time with them, I felt I was able to understand them in a deeper way and see them not as Americans who think they are better than us, but brothers and sisters who have exactly the same struggles and challenges as. I felt that we, ETF and STF members, are both as insecure as each other and therefore, in the past, a kind of competition feeling had evolved. However, after working with them I could see that we are on the same team and working toward the same goal, and I realised how much we really need to support each other and unite as America and Europe. We were able to clear up a lot of rumors and misunderstandings and by the end, each of them felt almost personally connected to the ETF team.

One other reason why I wanted to go to America was to grow and be trained myself. I am actually a very inexperienced team leader compared to the leaders they have, and I really wish I had more chances to just be a team member and focus on my own growth and relationship with God instead of always having such a large responsibility. So this time in America was a great opportunity to train myself and become a regular member again. Hyun Jin Nim wants us to send leaders to America to receive training and then send them back to their countries. Unfortunately, I didn't have more time but at least I was able to experience something. I really wanted to make an effort to use the short time I had, and God helped me by challenging me internally and externally so that I was able to face many things inside myself and grow a lot. I also learned a lot about leadership from our team captain, who always gave me so much inspiration and guidance.

The time went by very quickly, but at the same time I felt as if Id known all of them my whole life. We became such close friends so quickly, and that is something so wonderful and special about 2nd Gen. We are really like brothers and sisters even though we've never met each other because we all have something very deep in common. I experienced so much and learned so much in these few days. It was a really worthwhile trip, and I feel so much hope that in the future we can work much more together and support each other to bring about HJNs and True Parents dream.

IMN, Sibeal Hill

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