Dear Anne-Marie,

I am retired '97. I was a member from '75 and spent several years on MFT from '77 to 79. I left in '80 but never lost faith in True Parents I just felt I could not do it, serious mental [spiritual] problems. I just made contact with the church in July this year after an experience I had while viewing Father's speeches on the internet. I e-mailed Damian and he sent me the address of a church leader here, I saw the brother and we made plans to start some businesses etc. he says that he does the matching himself, so I don't know about what is a matching staff? I live here on a tourist visa and I wonder if I should stay here or go back to the states. Maybe this is a question that can't really be answered for sure but I just thought you could give me your opinion. Thanks, often people have question they don't feel comfortable to ask their abel person or anyone for that matter.

Matching of older members has been arranged by central figures in thepast, so I suspect that your central figure is right when he says thathe can do the matching himself, or maybe he means that he can haveinfluence in the arrangement of the matching for you.  I believethat the matching needs to be approved by the Korean Regional Directorand the blessing will likely be performed by that Korean Director aswell.

Do not make any rash decision about the country to live in at themoment.  If your primary focus is the blessing, your may want tokeep your status quo at this time.  You and your eternal partnercan decide later on where the best place is to live as a couple. This is only a suggestion.  In your particular case, it may bewise to consider spending some time in the U.S. for the right partnerto be found for you.

Take care of yourself, and may God bless you,