Dear Anne-Marie,

Do you think you can put a testimony on your site about how people can overcome relationships barriers (ie: S.T.F?) for both 1st.and second generation.

It's great that people come to expose their relationship with God and True Parents an to counter balance what can be found in some very ugly testimonies. Those who have doubts about True Parents, because negative books, should be made to realize, that their spiritual life should bear similarities to the life of True Parents and True Children, and those who are loyal to them.



Questions and/or comments are welcome on this site.  Testimonies can be posted.

By the way, I am not the only one who can help answerquestions.  To any visitors reading thissite, I welcome anyone who is inspired to do so, to answer questions or tooffer meaningful advice to those seeking answers

It is natural that there may be differences in thinking.  But offering diverse views may help those whoneed all the information possible that can be made available on a giventopic.  It is my hope that individualswho have researched certain matters or given specific problems a lot of thoughtwill be able to give their own personal comments and testimonies so that theirideas can be made available for consideration by others.