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BíCuz Issue 40 -- Sunshine

Monkey Girls
March 8, 2002

Welcome back to our world.

We know we havenít been the best about updating everyone on all the BC activities recently, but we try. That should be out motto. Anyhow. What jumpstarted this issue was, well a who. Shizuwa volunteered to help gather some info this issue, and I remembered that we ought to get something together. So a million apologizes for our long memory lapses. We still care a lot, and let us know whatís up in your areas. Without further ado, BíCuz Issue 40.


There're 9 MFT Teams still out on the road, most of them are in the Southern US. There're 4 Witnessing Teams in San Francisco, Chicago, LA and DC. We can't really say where each person is because it's undisclosed information. Sorry guys. If you really want to know where your friends are, you might have to ask their parents. But Having heard some testimonies about Witnessing, the people who came back from Russia and of course the Fundraising stories, everyone out there's doing really awesome.


With Service For Peace we have officially started chapter up here in New England. We did everything through Mr. Norbert Szolnoky who is the US Director. I am the director up here. The following are the positions:

Director: Masao Okano
Assistant Director/ Project Coordinator: Josh Perry
Secretary: Eika Kuwahara
Treasurer: JinjuWatanabe
Educational Directors: Kyle Stadelhofer & Mika Kuwahara
Libraian/Reporter: Takayoshi Sugawara

We have also established a board of directors consisting of the Northeast Block Director for our church Rev. Kim (of Boston), the MA state director, the MA A.C.L.C. Director, and the MA A.F.C. Director, as well as a couple parents who volunteered to be on it, whom we go for advice to. We are currently making contacts with other Youth Goups of different nationalities and are organizing projects to do with them. we have been doing fundraisers to raise money for supplies for projects as well as for hats and shirts. As you know we have limited funding thus far, so any donations are completely welcome.(feel free to write that haha) if anyone has any questions about wut we're doing or wants to make donations...even a dollar helps.. haha (im a scrub) they can e-mail serviceforpeace_ma@yahoo.com (thats with an underscore).. we already received a donation from tiffanie,miae,gullinda, nancy and others from the DC area. umm... yea i think that's it... ok well, talk to you later... thank you!


So, Youíve all probably already heard about SNA right? Saturday Night Alive? Instead of taking kids away from the parents on Sunday, they decided to do Sunday school on Saturday nights. Itís a program that starts around 3 oíclock (?) and ends roughly around 9 (and thereís after hours outing in the usual New York BC manner). They had great staff (Mo Sook, Miki, Shizuwa, Tadashi, Romin, Josh etc.Ö.Iím sorry Iím not sure whoís who), a large group of participants with really good guest speakers and fun activities.


(Mitsuru Miyoshi is the new NJ Youth Minister) Once again, for those of you who care, I would like to update you on NJ. Misako and I are working with Sunday School and we want to establish Service for Peace and we'll find a way once I figure out time management because being a full time student who's actually trying to get good grades is not easy, I'm sure all you know. Well, last Sunday, Misako was the presenter at Sunday School and it was really good because she talked about the difference in our STF life and then our everyday life, like our school life. The bottom line was about finding God in little things everyday. So, I was inspired and ya...

So, Have a good day everyone and I'll see ya later :)

IMN, Mitsuru


Hello everyone, MEB (mike-Eunha e Bianca) is trying to organize the March youth devotion cervice. We would like to make this Youth D. Cervice the BEST ONE we had so far, so we thought that was a good Idea to let you know in advance.... so you can make planes including this date! We need Dedicated and Exited teens (Middle school and High School) that would like to be:

Ushers, MC, Main Speaker (Give the Sermon), Chorus, Offertory Song or Music, etc.

We know all of you have talent... we could have a dance... everything you wish to do that can bring a heavenly atmosphere and Make Heavenly Father happy, let us know !!! Remember the youth devotion cervice, is and event that everyone waits for, and you know why? Because you (BCs) are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To participate contact Bianca: 301-464-1655

or write at the youth ministry e-mail: ur2cool2b4got10@hotmail.com

Remember, when you sign up, you make a commitment to be there and to come to the rehearsal that will take place in DC church on Saturday, March 30th. We will a sleep-over, after the rehearsal, that includes dinner and breakfast, cost is $7(for meals).

We will let you know if anything changes. Thank you The youth ministry


This is an excerpt from Garrun's report about BC activities in Tennessee

So regarding the Tennessee BC thing. It would be nice to be little more involved in church functions, but it's not too big of a deal. I think it would be funny if you included Tennessee BC stuff because it's basically my family and another family in Nashville. So, we do stuff for big holidays, and my family has Sunday school every now and then. Garrun "Dimples" Abraham


The last semester and this one as well, has been extremely busy for UB CARP. True Mother had a speech event last semester about one week before Hyun Jin Nim came to nearby Yale for his Crisis and Hope Campus speaking event, which we also organized. There's been new re-structuring plans and all of CARP is more focused on outreach and service. It's definitely one of the most active groups on campus.

ALSO! There's a UB Open House coming up on February 18th (President's Day)[Actually just passedÖIt was really nice seeing all of you who came!!] and also planning one especially for 2nd Generation in April. For more information on that contact Tamami at (203) 895-5694 or Tamonkey7@hotmail.com.

UB/CT Youth Ministry

In January of 2002, the Second Generation Committee of World Carp-UB, which consists of BCís attending the University of Bridgeport, started a Sunday school -- on Saturday. It is open to kids in grades 7-12 and meets every Saturday evening from 7-9pm. The first hour of the program is for internal education and the second hour is for nice snacks and activities. The main curriculum of the program is Divine Principle study as well as internal guidance lectures. On days when weíre studying the Divine Principle, we read in our groups and then come together with everyone else and have a big discussion.

The BCís in Connecticut are really great and come from all over the place -- UB area, Japan, Singapore, Uruguay, Korea, and Bridgeport -- yeah! =)

Grace (Hwa Eun) Lee


(Report from Aunt DJ)

We are starting Service for Peace here in Texas and are planning to get a big music festival going through contacting churches with Christian rock bands and dance troops and gospel choirs. We began yesterday and contacted 10 churches.

The new place is coming along beautifully. The kids worked like crazy on it and in 3 days got the dog ugly 3 bay automotive garage totally painted and beautiful, and got it carpeted so South Texas could hold its Holy Wine Ceremony in it yesterday. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Because of all the vested efforts of the students, it really made the ceremony much more meaningful to them.

There is so much more going on, but I've got a lot to do this morning,


Aunt DJ


(Australia, New Zealand and surrounding islands)

Summer Workshop

We had our first ever regional workshop for older BC's in January. Kids came from all over Australia and a group of New Zealanders came as well. It was held at the Melbourne church property for 10 days and included DP and PLA content lectures as well as your usual workshop activities. Check out all the sun-shiney happy faces in the photos on BCland:


We hope to have many more such workshops in the future.


The annual RYS project was once again held for the Aboriginal community at Nambucca Heads directly after the workshop. It was the biggest one held to date with a group of more than 20 2nd gen attending. A play ground was built for a local school.


(Excerpts from a letter from Jerry SSN)

In September when our school year began we had a total of 76 students in the dorm. This Christmas we had to say good bye to 7 of our elder male students, Young Il Loew who just graduated high school, who spent 6 years + in Korea.

Anmar Cromwell who finished 2nd grade high school and 5 years in Korea, went to live with the Loew family in Virginia, in order to finish his high school there. Joshua Tobkin, Masataka Kubo, Takamasa Walton, who just finished middle school and 3 years+ returned to their homes in China, Seattle, and NY. Dale McHale, and Patrick Carlson who finished 2 years+ returned to their homes in Canada and Sweden. We had a big BY BY party for all of them on the 15th of December and it was a sad, sad day. All of these boys were responsible elders and invested so much in their youngers, both in practical daily life as well as spiritual matters. All of them have left a good memory and a good foundation for others to follow.

Also this is the largest GOP class 43 students + one young boy who attends from his home. This GOP class has got to be one of the most loving and open classes we have yet had here in Korea. Some of them had a lil rocky beginning, with homesickness, and culture shock. Some of our European kids had to go through, American culture shock and Korean culture shock, big challenge. But they all came through on top. The main topic among the Goops these last 2 days was, "The year is going by too fast!!" O I tell you these kids have won my heart and got it all a-washed with emotion. This is going to be a hard year to say good-bye to.

GOP Announcement

I am under the impression that many states have yet to receive the application information for this year. I would like to ask you to help get this information out to your state or region members. Although the web site we have been trying to make is not completely done, it does have the application form on it and it can be downloaded and printed out. The address to send it to is DC Headquarters attention of Libby Henkin. She is heading up the committee for selection as well. Her email address is libby.henkin@washtimes.com Please send any inquiries to her and she can help you with all the information you may need. Unfortunately I don't have any of the schools information on this computer here in America. I have asked my husband to send it to me so that I can do a mailing but..... any way the web site name is www.worlstudentgarden.com yes the "d" is missing in world it was a typo when we made the site.. Hopefully we will be able to get the site running before we switch places with the new dorm couple. Any questions for me please feel free to send them to me at this yahoo address. itpl jt


Tokusen Aoki is taking a year off from studies in UB starting up Service for Peace in Russia

"Iím going for 4 days to Khabarovsk to meet some leaders who are going to help me with the plans then to Moscow. Now every day we are making the plans for this year in the 9 we will have a 2nd generation meeting in Moscow for over 15 years and older

the IEF international education......... is going to help me how to educate people in the moral way and they are making very good books"


(If you want the newsletter regularly email them to let them know) We had to cut a lot of parts out because itís quite long, but really, itís good stuff. Ask them to send it to you!

This newsletter is published every month on (or around) the 20th. If you would like to add something please write us at generations@e-sg.org. If you want to know more ≠ www.e-sg.org

IMN, Emanuel
Emanuel Bauer
European Second Generation Department

So, since we were out on vacation for along while, this was a pretty long issue. Keep sending in all the reports of whatís up and weíll try to keep getting out these issue.

Much Love,
The Monkey Girls
Konni & Tamami

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