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B’Cuz Issue 4.5

Monkey Girls
December 5, 1999

Hi, this is Konni and Tamami (in spirit.) How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was pretty good. This will be our last official issue probably for a while. Today we all head down to the workshop site for 3 days then all the STFers (1st and 2nd yearers) will head out on the road until our God’s day workshop. PLEASE still send us all your updates because we’ll be back in 2000.

We’re both really pleased that this is going so well. Most of that has to do with the fact that YOU really answered our call for help. So thank you. We never really made the purpose of B’cuz very clear so I’d just like to give you a quick history and our objectives.

A couple of months ago our central figure here in Chicago (that means he’s our leader, our connection to the vertical, True Parents, etc…) asked Tamami and I to create some kind of information network to keep in touch with the BC world out there. If you know Steve (your lucky if you do) then you know that he’s not a time waster. He would never start a project unless he really felt that it was necessary. Especially because here in Chicago we already have way too many things to do and not enough time or people to do them.

We weren’t sure how to go about it but between the two of us we had a good base to begin with. This is our way of keeping not just BC’s in touch with each other, but with what’s going on in PLA, and esp. what’s going on with bc’s being involved in mission-type things like PLA. It’s supposed to be to inspire, as well as to inform.

What came up is that some people were hesitant to trust some of our content- may be our information is unreliable. All we can say is that we get almost all of our information straight from the source - our main PLA contacts or active leader-type BC’s in the different areas that we do updates on. Of course we do get some more gossip-type information but this was NOT designed as a tool to spread negative energy and thoughts. Most of you all know that kind of stuff anyway, and it’s not true more often than not. Our contacts include the PLA leaders, like Mike Balcomb and Robert Kittel (who are our central figures, too), bc/pla webmasters (www.purelove.org, www.bczone.com, and another one on the way), the official pla representatives in differing countries and areas…basically we make a lot of effort to make sure our info is correct and reliable. We also send this out to hundreds of bc’s around the world (we do it by groups otherwise we could crash people’s computers) including leaders such as Jin Hun Nim and Dr. Hendrics. I hope this clears things up, please keep on sending stuff in. We love doing this but it wasn’t just something that we started up for fun.


Yeon Jin Nim wrote a tribute/testimony about her brother, Young Jin Nim. Most of you probably got it already. I really appreciate that it contained so much personal information about Young Jin Nim which really showed that not only was he a real person, but a really GREAT person. Our gratitude goes out to Yeon Jin Nim for sharing such personal and precious memories and thoughts with us. The 40-day prayer condition for him is still going, feel free to join in.

There should be another BC website on the way. A few BC’s have been working on it for a while now but it looks like it’s almost ready to be unveiled. It’ll have testimonies and other things, so keep your emails open for updates.

Now for some brief updates…


As said, our workshop actually began last night with an orientation. I’m still stuck here in Chicago until this afternoon because my last class is graduating in an hour. (I’m at one of my schools now) It’ll go until Thursday after which we’ll head straight out for fundraising. A few people will remain in Chicago during December preparing for the next stint of teaching PLA in schools from January. This workshop is going to be da’ bomb. Some people have asked if our God’s Day workshop will be open to bc’s who are not currently on STF. That is as yet undecided. Sorry


We had a great little bc workshop here over Thanksgiving weekend. We weren’t even sure if we could pull it off but thanks to the support of a lot of people, esp Mrs. Jenkins, and the leaders Bishop Kim, Rev. Jenkins, etc..(all of whom came over for a while to give us lectures!) There were 19 participants in the 1983-87 born age group. Naokimi oppa and myself were the older BC’s who were in charge of the kids. It was held at our CARP center, from Fri-Sun. I thought it was really good, actually. We had some really good lectures, fun activities and sports. Too bad that it couldn’t have been longer. Hopefully we’ll have more of these in the future.

Tamami wrote a bit about True Parents banquet. I would just like to mention before it that Rev. Jenkins actually heard that True Father said in Alaska, right after the banquet, that if something like this banquet hadn’t gone ahead before 2000, the whole providence in America would have been a failure. Needless to say True Parents were very happy. Bishop Kim also said that he received congratulatory phone calls from around the world because of the success of the banquet.


A group of about 20 bc’s in Miami organized and held a PLA rally downtown all by themselves! It seemed to have gone well despite some glitches (the police put them on the wrong corner) but we really want to congratulate them on their initiative and dedication. You go kids!


When Robert Kittel visited us after the success of the pla workshop in Mobile he also mentioned that there was a group of BC’s down there who fundraised every Saturday to make money to go on the 2000 Tour. They basically sell donuts at a four-way traffic light. They make up to $200 each in one day. Now you really can’t complain about not having enough money to go on the Tour. If these bc’s can do it, anyone can.


There wasn’t any official workshop planned but a huge group of bc’s went up/down to UTS (Steve’s house), including people from UB. Bow's fundraising team was there for a bit, too….

Sorry this is a shorter issue. I have to send it out today or never and that’s all the updates I’ve been able to get so far…

Keep being great, enjoy your Christmas, New Years and God’s days! Be good and keep strong.

Konni (Tamami in spirit)

ALSO, please do NOT send forwards to this address. We have our own separate accounts as well and we don’t want this one clogged up.

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