The Monkey Girls

BíCUZ Issue 4

Monkey Girls
November 23, 1999

Hello again. How's it going? To clear things up, our names are, Konni and Tamami, weíre second gen BCs, born year of the monkey 1980 and are currently in STF doing this BC outreach thingy as our mission. And also, we have over three hundred people on our list, and the reason u donít seee three hundred email addresses is BíCuz (!!) we send them separately by groups, according to area. To settle all the confusion. Itís our fourth week now. how do u all think weíre doing? Every Issue of BíCuz is posted on BC Zone, so you can all go check that out, if you want. you have to click twice on the news icon on the left column, and the BíCuz icon will come on. Click that and there you are, or here we are, hehehehe. Sad huh..


Things are moving along, basically all the schools have been graduating during the past two weeks, and like we said before, weíre gonna be at the workshop from Monday 29th to Wednesday the 1st. So, oh yeah if thereís anything u guys want to send to the STFers on the road, u have maybe a couple days to get stuff sent to them, if u send it here:
4921 S. Dorchester Ave.
Chicago, IL 60615
Did we mention Sebatian Dorosky was here at Chicago PLA? But heís leaving on the 1st.

Heís on the Promotions team, lead up by Yukinori, with Jelean, Kenji, Kazuko, and Tamami. Basically, we do promo, through posters, community service projects, and the like, etc. Also!!! Yes True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim couple were here on Sat, Nov. 20th and it was just a HUGE OL success. All these political and religious leaders came, and declared their faith in our True Parents. Pretty cool, right? Itís progress, and True Parents looked realLLY happy. !!! If you want to know more, just ask...

Bay Area

Due to popular demand/request hereís Paulís report on teaching.... (official) Hereís the scenario. Lenka and I were only able to teach ONCE. :P Turns out, this third-world, inner-city, charter school for dysfunctional and Poverty level children...are extremely liberal. It is my personal belief that they are Kinsey Advocates. All our facts stated, challenged them, they didn't believe a word we said, and accused us of falsifying our data. Right in front of the kids. Trying to pull of a subliminal message that we are incompetent. So Jennifer and Lenka went there last Friday, and tried to clear up some stuff, brought our sources on our information and etc. Proved the wrong, however, they STILL don't want us back. But we left on good terms at least. There's SOME restoration for ya' :)

Personal Reply (Editorial):

What happened is my personal understanding of how it must be to witness in Hell. All the students and teachers were so stubborn, set in their own beliefs, that when hit with the truth, they exist in a vortex of denial. Perpetually sucking up all realms of logic in their midst. Its their own hypodermic ignorance that spreads like a cancer to the people they teach, and infects the ones they love. I've read many reports from Dr. Sung Hun Lee about what its like witnessing in Spirit World. Basically, a Christian existing in Hell... if Jesus himself went to this one man, and told him the truth, the Christian STILL wouldn't believe. All we can do is Love. I believe that was accomplished well, as Jennifer & Lenka's meeting concluded. With how our relationship ended with "Native American Charter," I believe that we have set a good condition for a victory in the future. On the physical level, we are wiser as to how to deal with this, and on the spiritual level, we have restored their 'hatred' for us. We left with a common understanding, and knowledge of each other.

BASIC BC STUFF... (Ariana) Had a girlsí long weekend out. A sleepover at arianaís and a bar-b-q bash at philiana Limís. Oh well, thank you. Keep having fun. BRIDGEPORT Little known fact: Teddy is the current vice-president of the University of Bridgeport arts association. Thank you Teddy, we appreciate your update. Last minute update (thanks HKonni) Kotun is on the basketball and volleyball team, Daniel writes for the school newspaper, "the Scribe." Keiha and Harumi are the Sunday school leaders for the NEA services, and Eunha is Keihaís assistant. The Japanese sisters are witnessing around the Bridgeport campus. Also there was a chemical spill in Barnum Hall. NEA Weíve finally got an update on the New Eden kids (NEA) from Hyewon (Thanks). "OK....I guess not much is known about new Eden, except bad stuff, but contrary to many rumors, we are all doing fine:) today we just finished an RYS (Religious Youth Service) project in which we cleaned the trash out of ghetto Bridgeport, and were planning to do some volunteer work at a clinically ill home next month. This year there is about 50 students at nea, and around 25 of them are taking classes at the University of Bridgeport. Also we have a new addition to our growing new eden family..eun-ha onnie is our new secretary. ....haha. well that's it. " Hye-won


And wow, down in Alabama theyíve been really busy, we just didnít know. This is a report sent in by Brinda (Thanks) Down in Alabama so far we have had 2 rally type-events. they were a big success we had some important guest come and I think they were really inspired We also had CLUE 2000 seminar with Mr Kittel and Michelle onni Myers at a Community College. That was also a success. We have been invited into a church youth group to teach the curriculum . Also at the end of the summer we had a booth at a local university we gave out blessing candies and pla pledges. I think we got about 10 people sign out to be involved in the on campus group and hopefully be involved in the PLA. We have about 14 bcs here working with the PLA Mobile. Also we are working on getting the CLUE curriculum in the high school that 4 bcs (Jinju, Naomi, Teresa, and me) attend. Sorry that's a lot of info. Well that's bout all.


Oh yeah, Mika, our baby in Cameroon or something, sheís getting over some diseases we donít know how to spell, and we wish her good recovery, and also, hereís her email, for anyone who wants to wish her well, or lost it the first time around.


Danory - Cali winter high school workshop, has been rescheduled, what was to be six days has been shortened to four, Dec. 26th to Dec. 30th. Too bad.

NJ bcs (reported by Naomi)

Have "small groups" and teen nights. Every other Friday we go places like skating and then the other Fridays are small groups. Different bcs' families let everyone come to their house and we all go into small groups and discuss topics. Mr. Sabourin organized this and he's always working hard to make programs for us NJ bcs (just a word of thanks for him.) Oh and he helped A LOT with Camp sunrise and the applications.

Another thing that's coming us for us is the "Il-Shim ceremony." Nothing was posted yet but I heard that all the people that haven't been through the IL-shim ceremony go to a workshop at Barrytown and all the bcs that HAVE been through the Il-Shim can also go. They go through fasting and lectures, etc.

BY THE WAY CHRIS.. we donítí actually know where you are on our group list, so please tell us where uíre from, and maybe we can get off your old email address. thanks.

Birthday Wishes

Another one we missed: Marcella, beloved sister of Shannon celebrated her sweet 16th on Nov. 11th. Sorry and happy birthday!! And Issei wishes to remain anonymous so forget the fact that we told u his birthday was the 16th. And Joletta from Ohio is going to be 16 in a couple of weeks. Sylvia in New Jersey is also going to celebrate her 16th. Guess thereíll be a lot of babies on wheels pretty soon. Just kidding. Weíre just jealous cuz we both donít have our licensees yet.


Well, that seems to be it. as always, we love your responses and updates, keep sending them, but it may end up that our Dec. issue will be delayed until after January, but keep writing anyways. Happy Thanksgiving enjoy your weekend and workshops :)

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