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B'Cuz: Tour, Blessing, Young Jin Nim

Monkey Girls
November 12, 1999
B'Cuz Issue 2

Read this all our west-coast buddies... UPDATE!!!! The PLA tour is now only 1200, by the end of MARCH and it includes Europe and Moscow!!!!!!

(If you don't want to be on our list, please send an email stating that, or else we won't bother to take u off, cuz it's real pain trying to guess who wants it and who doesn't, and who check their email or whatever ETC.....)

Hey everybody. It's us again, the big-eyed monkey girls, Konni and Tamami with the second edition of B'cuz. If this is the first time you're getting this then...we are on STF now and this weekly email update is our side mission. How's it going? Oh yeah thanks for all your responses. We forgot to give some great big shout outs to some lovely people who really helped us out...Mija thanks hunny...Paul we love ya. and good luck.... Tokumasa (last name??) oppa who's been giving us great tips...Steve and Kotun....JiEun onni for the inspiring Russia report... Harumi onni with her updates (and ub present thanks!! tk)...thanks and well, those of u that are feeling a lil lack of LUV, well the only way u'll get any is if u give a lil, right??

So, well, we've been hearing a whole lot of rumors with Young Jin Nim's ascension, and it's really sad... I mean it's sad enough that he's gone, but we think we as BCs should know better than to make faulty conclusions based on "external" circumstances.... There's a lot of stories out there, but this is the truth...

-It was an accident

-It was indemnity for the failure of Christianity for not uniting with TP, failure of Korea, Japan, and America to unite with TP, failure of third Israel (Blessed Families) in uniting with TP -Young Jin Nim had been driving for five days straight before the incident -Young Jin Nim was very sensitive to spirit world, and died in EERILY similar circumstances as Dr. Sang Hun Lee..... (hmmm)

-Police have ruled out suicide ( for those of u who may STILL be skeptical.)

Personally, we've both taken this tragic news with a sad heart...esp. as BC's because we all have a connection (true children included). There is a world-wide 40 day prayer condition for Young Jin Nim...If you can at least remember to mention him in your prayers it would be wonderful. (If you would like more detailed information on this topic or anything else we mention, please just ask!)


News of the blessing? Applications are now available. We know a lot of people from stf are planning to go. Actually we just had our first lecture about the Blessing today (whew!!) but everyone on the MFT teams, we're not really sure what will happen to them. Oh yeah we also took our HIV tests, hahaha. Okay, IMPORTANT! This is almost definitely the last Blessing where True Parents will be matching couples. I'm not sure about the details, but from then on matching will be done by parents. You knew that, right? As for the age cut-offs, we've heard a lot of rumors but we'll give you more official news when we get it. We won't say anything unless we know it for sure, so take heart J <3

As For News......

STF- We're having a combined 1st and 2nd year workshop for Thanksgiving. If you want any mail to get here the address is 4921 S. Dorchester, Chicago, IL, 60615.

BAY AREA- congratulations!! Paul and Lenka are teaching PLA in their first school (7th 10th and 11th)they're planning on fundraising with wind chimes to keep their projects going (wow, hey us too) they had their second Abstinence Coalition meeting on October 16th. we're proud of them and we wish them total luck. in BC events... ??

NEW YORK- well we got some more information on how their Sunday school works, which just started a few weeks ago. Kotun, Steve and Yoshiko are now the Mceez there, Teddy, Christa, Yasumitsu, Yung, Sung Shim, Kensu, Tolyn, are the group leaders/assistants. They are also working with the New Jersey church occasionally..and some other churches too, and plan to have "an eventful Sunday school" Great. J

BRIDGEPORT- seems like the BCs are real busy over there... Tadashi was voted in as Freshman year PRESIDENT!! whoa hey and this is for the whole university. we knew he had some kinda potential. I guess it just wasn't fundraising.. hahaha just kidding....J NEAers got together to form a band?? What we want to know is, do you compose originals?? OH and the Steins (save one HEY DAVID!!) have completed their move to bridgeport.. Eunha and Chris came here to visit us here for one day.

ALAMBAMA- they have organized a "PLA day" at the civic center every month, where people are invited to hear C.L.U.E. Robert Kittle (PLA prez) will be going down there to speak quite soon. they are also going to approach the Mobile school board, and are also working with other youth groups.

FLORIDA-apparently does not actually suck. Aemi is starting a PLA chapter at her own school, at the request of her school counselor. John Sapp reports that the Florida government has launched an abstinence campaign, even MTV is now showing abstinence ads (Alright!!)

DC-the newsletter is finished and it's really good, but you'll have to contact Mike if you want a copy. Great job guys!

By the way www.bczone .com a VERY good site. Check it out. byebye 

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