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B’Cuz issue 1

Nov. 2, 1999
K. Rattley

Hi all-welcome to the first issue of B’Cuz. This is basically Tamami and Konni doing our newly appointed mission from Steve (our c.f.) to have some kind of bc connection thing. We’re supposed to keep bcs from all over the world connected with each other and with amazing phenomenon that PLA has evolved into. Hopefully we’ll send an email like this out every week (only shorter) with updates and such.

But for any of this to work we need YOU....after all this is about you. So if you have any new info, updates, questions, answers, details about yourself or other bcs you know....please "willuwriteus" at: willuwriteus@hotmail.com. And you can’t use the excuse that you forgot the email address! (For those of you who have been using the aol account here in chicago, please don’t, it won’t work anymore!) So tell us what’s going on in your life and in your area...send us anything-testimonies, experiences ANYTHING. Hopefully this will evolve into something more than just an email thing. Just for this issue, we’re sending this out to everyone who’s email addresses we have...but we are aware that some people may not be so keen on the idea of another mass emailing thing so if you want us to keep emailing this to you-YOU HAVE TO LET US KNOW! Or you’re off...=) Just a little reply, please.

Okay, now for the updates....


A bunch of bcs are on stf now, either here in Chicago doing pla or on MFT (Mobile Fundraising Teams). Chicago: 2nd year Stfers: Sistas: Eomary, Mitsuru, Kazuko, Teri, Konni,Tamami Brothers: Yukinori, Kazuki, Naokimi, Kenji

We’re teaching the pla CLUE curriculum in Chicago Public Schools-doing all sorts of crazy things besides that (dancing, band, newsletter, visiting other churches...) MFT: Led by 2nd year Stfers: Bowney, Mosook, Hank (HyunMyung) and Danichi Mosook’s team: 2nd position-Motomi, Kazue, Tominari, Chie, Mitsy, Kenji Bow’s team: 2nd position-Tadaichi (2nd year), David (1 1/2 year), Taeko, Shizuwa, Kayo Hank’s team: 2nd position-Hanhee (2nd year), Misako, Yeondo, HoonChul, Gelo, Florent Danichi’s team: 2nd position-Grace, Miki, Hyo Sook, Mantoku, Noriyuki, Jago

They have already completed a 7 day and 40 day fundraising condition, and are now on a 30 day condition. They had a workshop here a couple of weeks ago.

At the end of this month all Stf will meet for a workshop here then we’ll all go funraising for 21 days. An Stf God’s day workshop will start on Dec. 27, location as yet unknown

California Northern:

BC stuff- (Contact Paul Nojima-judgemental@hotmail.com) There were a string of workshops in Cali this summer. BC’s here are also pretty active with pla, having rallies and such. I hear that a few of the older ones (Ariana, Kebos, Philina..) are already coming up with ideas for fundraisers to raise money for PLA Tour 2000. They’re having a Thanksgiving workshop.

PLA- (Contact Jennifer Perry- BayPLA@aol.com)

Jennifer (with Paul’s assistance) has really pioneered pla in the Bay area. They’ve established a Bay area Abstinence Coalition and have plans to soon get teaching in public schools there. They’ve also had successful pla workshops with more planned.

California Southern:

BC stuff- (Contact Eisuke-Ace9jbc@aol.com) LA always has an upcoming workshop or two. They’re having a Thanksgiving workshop and a combined high school workshop (all cali and surrounding areas) for X-mas to which all bcs (esp. older ones!) have been cordially invited to. To fund these projects the la kids have car washes and stuff. Now that’s the spirit. I hope Yoshio had a great party.


hmmm, not really much but the Thanksgiving workshop will be all pla content driven.

Chicago area

BC stuff- (Contact K. Rattley)

CARP has been giving a hand with the sunday school in Chicago. Naokimi and Konni teach the jr/high school class. We’re hoping to have a mini workshop this Sunday and another one for Thankgiving.


What aren’t we doing here?!

DC area

BC stuff- (Contact Mike Roschuni)

Mike and Bianca Roschuni are the official youth pastors of this area. They are heading a DC bc newsletter which will hopefully be finished next week sometime. There was a Halloween Party on Sat., Sunday was a 2nd gen service.




BC stuff- (Steven Chang, Yoshiko Takahashi)

We’d like to hear more about you people here. There was a Halloween party here, too on Sunday night. People even came down from Bridgeport. Sat. prayer meetings have been moved up to 6:30 pm so they can have a half hour of hoon dok hae to create a better spirit.


BC stuff- (informal contacts- Mija Hessell, Daniel Wilencheck)

Basically all the bc stuff is run by Brian Sabrien, as you may know. Naokimi will be going to NJ in the near future to do PLA work there with the bcs


BC stuff-

UB college bcs, nea...you tell us what’s up

PLA stuff-

Highmy is president. They did a pla survey on the college campus.

Southern US


Jinju Watanabe and co. have been doing some pla stufff down there. They’ve got a newsletter, too

Florida- (Contact John Sapp)

John says, and I quote "it sucks". In Jacksonville anyway. Lili Kato is always doing amazing pla things down in Miami.

Okay, we’re still working it out. Give us your input-what you do/do not want to know about. We can send you more info and details if you ask. Just a final note to tell you all that the PLA Tour 2000 is planned already and you can apply online (deadline Jan 1, 2000) at the pla website www.purlove.org . A video promoting the Tour should hit your local bc leaders in the near future.

That’s all for now.

Bye bye

Big-eyed monkey girls, Konni and Tamami

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