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B'Cuz : Issue 20-something Feb 4th, 2001

Monkey Girls

Welcome to the first B’Cuz issue of 2001. It’s been a very eventful one so far, hasn’t it? Monkey girl Tamami has been hard at work with Young Joo oppa (2nd gen leader in the USA) trying to re-start the 2nd generation department in NYC. There always has to be at least one of us in that office, I guess.

Just to give you an overview of this issue: Blessing, CARP and Pure Love Convention, Mr. and Miss University, STF, ETF, winter workshop reviews, Europe report, RYS Australia, updates on NJ, DC and websites to check out. Skim through and happy reading!


It's the first blessing since the recent announcement about change in matching procedures. This one was held at the UN in New York City. There weren't many 2nd gen couples but congrats to all newly blessed couples may you have much happiness together in life and GOOD LUCK!

The US has already developed a system for anyone wanted to be matched and blessed. They have to attend a 21 day Divine Principle workshop, a two day Blessing workshop, be interviewed, and receive a recommendation from their regional leader. Once they've done this, they can be put on a list so parents can match them.

CARP CONVENTION (Lasting Love Conference)

The whole idea of the events is to really connect with Hyun Jin Nim's vision, because the future of this movement will be centered on CARP. Hyun Jin Nim provides a clear direction for the settlement age and brings CARP to the forefront of the providence.

The Conference was held at the Sheraton in NYC last weekend.


Yeondo Durst and Jaga Gavin represented the USA. Both did well, Jaga receiving the Mr. Friendly title and Yeondo as second runner up.


- The Christmas fundraising condition went very well. Misty’s team broke a previous STF record making over $3000 in one day with only 4 fundraisers! They each made over $700 and Tadakimi broke a record with over $800 (You go, Kimi!) This was followed by a few day workshop at UTS which, for the first time, included STF alumni.

We just concluded a first ever effort called Mission Desperate for God (DFG). All of the STF were organized by teams and went out from UTS on Jan 2. DFG was designed by Hyun Myung Chin and Mo Sook Park and slightly adjusted by Howard Self and Joe Leonard. The purpose was to give the members a personal foundation of experiencing some symbolic aspects of True Father's course, while exploring some Settlement Age concepts. It involved the teams being taken to separate towns (all in Pennsylvania). The members did not know what they were going to do, just that they were going to experience something challenging, which they all volunteered to do. Only the team leaders knew the basic plan. This required quite a bit of trust. At a spot 7 miles from a designated motel, they were let out of the van. They could take their sleeping bag, a little product, and a change of clothing. They could then hear the instructions for DFG for the first time, read by the team leader. Then, they began walking the 7 miles in the bitter cold. For the three day period, they were given tasks to accomplish. These tasks were all related, in some way, to True Father's course. The basic course was: build and pray in a cardboard church, Find 3 persons in need and share a meal with them, establish a symbolic holy ground, create their own UC flag, all the while fundraising for motels, meals, and a $300 offering. One team even stayed overnight in their shack church, and Motomi's team shaved their heads like True Father in Heung Nam....Everyone miraculously made it back to the destination on time, and spent the evening sharing testimonies and experiences that they've had. The next day, they discussed new ideas for fundraising, made new teams and headed out on the road again.? (actually Howard Self wrote this)

-They then fundraised for the rest of Jan in order to make enough money to attend Hyun Jin Nim's CARP convention where they all stayed at the Sheraton in NYC. Uh huh.

-Future plans, I hear rumors of a new experimental witnessing style? As for now they're finishing up a 7 day witnessing/DP workshop up in the Michigan workshop site.


Had their first meeting & second meeting (just this weekend!), motivated up by L. Cowin (GO L. ONNI!) in response to Howard Self’s prompting at the UTS workshop. Responsibilities have been allocated to willing individuals to come up with things like an STF website, (C'mon Paul/Tadashi! How long does it take you?!)a possible reunion, mentoring programs and the like.


During the month of January the ETF team was also fundraising in the USA to attend Hyun Jin Nim’s Conference. Next they are off to Greece and then Slovakia to witness.


It's late but for those interested in how the various workshops went over Christmas time, here are some comments from participants and staff.

WEST COAST (Danory, Takako, Paul Nojima Etc)

There was a big high school workshop for the west coast kids. Staff included some out-of-area people like Vicky Onishi and Hanako Ikeno, K. Ito and Fred Park from Seattle. There were 96 participants divided into 12 groups. The theme was to realise that "God needs ME". There were lectures by people like Dr. Durst, Rev. Thompson and Uncle Bento but also a good dose of testimonies. Everyone I spoke to rated it at least 8 out of ten.

DC (Jael, Aleks, Dave Stein)

It was very good, even considering it was short. Great job to staff including Eunha and John Sapp, L. Cowin and David Stein.


There was a huge turn out of people from everywhere from DC to Chicago. Unfortunately the workshop had to end a bit early due to severe blizzard warnings. Everyone had differing experiences, and as usual in most workshops, there could have been more staff, but it was beneficial for a lot of people. Mori, who was part of the Junior HS workshop, said it was ‘relaxing and peaceful?

UK (Matt Jubb)

This 7 day workshop had 70 participants even though 20 more wanted to come. The theme for this workshop was borrowed from the CARP moto: There’s no room for number 2, only number one. Kids said it was the best workshop they’ve ever been to.

Also note Matt Jubb has been asked to be the official 2nd gen leader in UK…punks rule, right?



I asked Inshunor oppa, who is in charge of the European 2nd gen (including the first ever ETF team) about what’s going on in Europe, he responded:

"We organise ourselves through the HARP here, in the western European countries this means mostly BCs aged 12-19. We just had a HARP leaders meeting with around 30 participants where we talked about the year ahead and well, everything that just had to be talked about. standard, money, cooperation, parents, school, etc. it went really well.

This summer, based on last year's success, we are planning two major HARP workshops (we are splitting them up according to age) and two 21 day mobilisations. If you are interested in receiving regular updates (which we pass on to elder 2nd gens by email now and then) let me know. We have some blessing workshops planned, probably for May and November. Then an IRFF project in Albania in April.

I'm glad you've heard some good things about Europe. In America, for some reason I do not really understand, the belief that "there is nothing going on in Europe" is widespread. You must have different sources..."

Well, now no one has any excuses for saying that…if you want to check out more about what’s been going on in the European 2nd gen community, go to their website…it’s got some good testimonies, too. (www.e-sg.org)


I (Konni) just returned from the first ever RYS project in Australia. It was for 5 days in Nambucca Heads, a small town 6 hours drive north of Sydney. A group of more than 40 people worked together with the Gumbangerr Aboriginal community in order to create a peace garden and restore a bus shelter. It was a rich and rewarding experience to learn about the Aboriginal people as well as the many different cultures and religions of the participants. The schedule was jam-packed, sweating it out in the sweltering Australian summer digging holes and painting, going down to the beach for a quick swim, sharing with our groups and preparing to perform for the culture night. I think it was a great experience for all who were able to participate. We are already looking to have another RYS project in the same area sometime in the future. I'll send out more details as next time we hope it will be bigger and better, and that some of you people from overseas will be able to attend. I've written a testimony about the project for anyone who's interested, please ask. Or go to BC world under the "Testimonies" discussion list, I posted it up there: http://communities.msn.com/BCWorld&naventryid=100


I stole this from what Jay Baer posted up on BC world, with some minor editing. Hey Jay!

"Under the organizationingness of Eunha Stein slash Sapp, (you all wish you had her as your youth director person) and Mike and Bianca Roschuni and with the help of all the hard work of all the BCs over here doing all this fundraising stuff which we are still doing, and I think Rev. Schauffler did something too, but i dunno, but anyway, the MD Youth Group has opened an official BC Youth Center! Yay! Woohoo! *Aplause* We have already had some things donated like a pool table, a refrigerator (you all wish you had a refrigerator), some furniture like couches and stuff, I think a radio, an entertainment shelf where you put the TV and speakers on, and yes, a TV to put on the entertainment system shelf thing (i think). Well anyway, its gonna be really cool, and our goal is to eventually get a bigger place with actual property and stuff and like a gym and a basketball court and fields and stuff like that. Eunha says its really possible, all we need to do is raise $200,000. And we already made $86.86 last week from our food stand at church, so were steadily on our way to our goal (only $199,913.14 left) But yeah, Febuary 1st was the official opening and its gonna be real cool so yeah."

Very nice, you other areas had better get your acts together and follow suit! =)


Couple of words from Kiwako about the New Jersey Sunday School:

"The whole curriculum is Christian. it's a book/program made by this Christian group in Cali, and what he (Mr. Sabourin) does it that he follows it, gives us Christian music CDs (which are quite nice actually...), and whites out the Christian words with DP words on the dittos and worksheets. we have had one DP teaching lecture, and we're starting to get Mitsuru onni and Misako onni and guest 1st gen to speak, which is all good.

Also, new developments are turning out, Matt Jones oppa gave a testimony style sermon-talk this week and He, Yun Hee onni, Dohi Ang oppa, and Jin Hee onni may start to get more involved with the youth ministry.

Plans for a real New Jersey church are also coming along.


The BC band performed for the God’s Day celebration. I heard good stuff!

The elder BC community is really coming together more now, esp. as a result of Danichi Yoshida’s excellent leadership skills. The Chicago kids even managed to attend the UTS workshop in NY. They are all currently studying Introduction to the Divine Principle to lecture practice in pairs for Sunday School.


BC WORLD (www.communities.msn.com/BCworld)

A lot of you already joined this website. It was started by Will DennKonnind is a good site to check out if you want to get connected to BC’s from around the world, if you have any questions or comments, want to chat to BC’s etc Will just recently reorganised the site so you can post up messages according to category. And nd is a good site to check out if you want to get connected to BC’s from around the world, if you have any questions or comments, want to chat to BC’s etc Will just recently reorganised the site so you can post up messages according to category. And Konni has her own section WOKM (what’s on has her own section WOKM (what’s on Konni’s mind…wouldn’t you like to know?)

If you haven’t already joined, check it out!

WORLD CARP (www.worldcarp.org)

A few months ago we sent out a request on behalf of Mike Balcomb, World CARP president, for any ideas on updating this website. We hope some of you responded. But in any case, the new one is up and running. Check it out to find out what’s happening with CARP world-wide. CARP is basically the youth movement of our church so I think it’s definitely worth while to see how much is going on and possible activities you can join in on.

Ah, that’s enough for now, right?

Thanks to everyone who helped with this issue. Until next time, love and best wishes,

The Monkey Girls
(Tamami and Konni)

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