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B’Cuz Issue 29

Monkey Girls
April 25, 2001

Hello all. Hope you have all been well. Many of you have been asking for ideas of what's going down this summer, so you can get an idea of what is available through this issue. Once again this issue is pretty jam-packed with regional updates as well as announcements about the many MANY BC-related events happening toward this summer (Northern Hemisphere). Take your time, skim through, if something catches your eye, read in detail, and if you have any further questions or comments, additions or corrections, please feel free to reply!

True Father’s Speaking Tour

Has so far proved to be very successful. Thank you to all those who have helped in mobilization for the speaking tour. Thank you especially to you BC’s out there (and the STFers!). A lot of kids have had really deep experiences with this speaking tour. There are some inspirational testimonies on BCworld. Check them out. http://communities.msn.com/BCWorld/testimonies.msnw

STF/CARP/HJN Workshops

Current STF teams are:

Nori’s team in Chicago: JoSoon, Takami, Sanghoon and Yasamitsu Mity’s team in LA: Motomi, Sonja, Nam Kyun, Grace, Florent, Jeremy

Hyun Jin Nim is planning a worldwide speaking tour this summer, with three cities in America (LA, Chicago, & NYC). These teams have started preparation for the upcoming Hyun Jin Nim speaking tour, and the LA team is also working on building a Riverside CARP.

Takashi san’s team is also currently attending the HJN workshop at UTS, along with Howard Self, Joe Leonard, Naokimi Ushiroda & MoSook PArk who are the core staff for the workshops.

MoSook is also presently recruiting for next year’s STFers. Unfortunately, the STF website has yet to be completed but please contact her for more information: mopark@hotmail.com

So far the STF summer schedule looks something like this: August 6~8 STF Graduation Workshop August 9~22 BREAK!!!! GO home for 2 weeks (for those people who are doing a second year) August 23~September 12 STF 21-day Orientation Workshop

But as all things with STF, it is most certainly subject to change



The LA BC boiz had a weekend sleepover a couple weeks ago, organised by Ace hyung/oppa. From all accounts it went down really well.

There are always workshops going on here and there as well as an Ilshim.


The DC boiz also had a weekend workshop a month ago. Hope it went well.

More recently, there was a leadership training workshop organised by the youth leaders Eunha, Mike and Bianca. It was from April 7-12 at Camp Fraser, 35 BC’s high school aged DC BC’s attended.

Tath says: "One time Eunha and Bianca woke us up at 2 am to do 40 unity jumping jacks without messing up. We had awesome lectures and this trail thing to connect with father’s heart; we had to carry people on our backs and walk barefoot and build our own huts…it’s the best thing that ever happened to me"

There was also a lecture contest (congrats to my girl Lisa Witter for winning that one) and, of course, yute. By all accounts it was AWESOME. Check out some photos on BCworld.

As well as that, Nancy Maketta (hey babe) wants to ask if any BC bands would be interested in performing at The Garden, BC club in DC, please get in touch with her: a_sweethang@hotmail.com


Had a mini weekend workshop last month. Teddy Hose says:

"…we had a one day workshop last Saturday (this was last month) at the Morrisons' house. It was great, we all got together and it was pretty much all high school age kids here, practically everyone in the Seattle area including Mitsuru Kubo who recently got back from Korea. 2nd Gen veteran Fred Park and couple, Spring and Jonathan Pumphrey helped out as staff, as well as me, Mary, and Yeondo. I started it out by giving a talk on character and how it plays a role in every aspect of your life. Yeondo gave a talk on her experiences on STF and her new perspective in life and people. We then proceeded to have a panel question and answer session where Adrian Wilding also helped answer questions. It turned into a pretty heated debate between those who feel like God's primary concern is keeping the clean blood lineage vs. those who dared to question this concept and felt that He just wants us to be happy no matter what. The evening was great, we played some exciting games. Yeondo initiated "line charades" (a popular one on STF) where one person has to act out a scenario to another and that person to another until the fifth person has to guess what it was (usually way out of orbit)."

Thanks for that Teddy oppa!


Just in case we hadn't mentioned, Mitsuru Miyoshi and Misako Sato are working with Mr. Sabourin for the New Jersey Sunday School programs, and Issei Miyoshi MCeed last week (!) M. Kono and Naokimi Ushiroda also in their free time attend and participate there. NJ has TWO bands, one called "Mr. Sparkle" and they had a concert about two weeks ago.


This sunday is going to be a youth-led service with the BC band performing and Danichi Yoshida giving the sermon…see what being an STF graduate enables you to do! Good luck, brotha.


Had another mini-RYS project just this past week again at Nambucca Heads with the Aboriginal community. Some of the elder Blessed children from Sydney were able to attend as well.

Upcoming Events:


There will be another Blessing workshop ( for already Blessed couples as well as "unblessed" singles) from the 28th of April to the 1st of May. It will include presentations by Inshunor oppa, Limi onni, Andreas Bauer, and Seigfried Klammstiener on topics such as how to prepare for the blessing and the new blessing directions.

NEA-Sponsered FORMAL:

Originally the idea of Christa Berndt, this year a formal has been organised to take place at New Eden Academy for Blessed Children. It will be on Saturday, May 19, and all high school aged BC’s who can attend are invited. So far there are around 150 expected with some OLD BC’s like Mosook, and Hank agreeing to chaperone (MoSook, you’d better wear a dress!) It’s a great opportunity for BCs to have prom-like fun in , uh, a "safe" environment. Dress is formal-ish, with music, catering,and accomidation all provided. For further details contact Yemi Pichard or Nari Baughman (nichtaky@hotmail.com) or check out their announcements and updates on BCworld (under WOWM).

Nari says: "...no, its not a PROM...if thats wut ur thinking. and NO, you are not allowed to bring a member of the opposite sex with u as ur (ahem) date. this formal is sort of just a gathering of peeps from da east coast to like chill and eat and dance and have a good time with all their bc friends. sort of like a prom, but not. get it? its going to be the best party ever. and omg, would u guys REALLY wanna miss this???"

NY Spring Jam 2001

On Saturday May 26, 2001 there will be a talent contest, fashion show and dinner at the Manhattan Center Ballroom, titled Spring Jam 2001.

The theme is: "We Will Stand & Represent" To Uphold: Moral Ethics, Honor and Dignity in the Family, Nation and World"

It has been headed by the Belvedere youth ministry.

Rev Clarke says:

"These Blessed Children wanted to connect this event to True Parents 50 State Tour. They used the word REPRESENT because Teens say it when they are taking responsibility for something they are committed to and believe in with Pride. The Second Generation is very inspired to go out and witness to their friends and peers and invite them to this event. At this event we will inspire and educated hundreds of youth from Churches, Blessing contacts, conference and seminar contacts and "new" contacts. Our First Generation families can use this as a very good follow-up program. Ministers especially that supported True Parents 50 State Tour will see that we are socially active and are substantially building a new culture that their young people can help create. The Second Generation will Rock and Rule the World, let's support them all the way!"

Auditions will be on Sunday, May 6, 2001 at the New Yorker Hotel Ballroom in either vocal soloists dance, instrumentals, bands or group performances. There will be cash prizes of 1st Place - $400 2nd Place - $200 3rd Place - $100

For Information call: (914) 366-4454

Sponsored by: The Family Federation for World Peace & Unfication - New York

PLA Summer Tour

For those of you who haven’t been updated yet, this year’s tour will be somewhat different from other years. It will be in Miami, Florida (one city!), from July 16 to 31. There are only very limited places so if you’re really interested, you have to apply ASAP. Applicants must be 15-17, staff 18 and up For further details and information, check out the PLA web site www.purelove.org and have a read of the PLA Tour Director this year, Eunha Stein/Sapp’s (go Eunha!!) letter purelove.org/tour/letter4.6.01.html or contact her at : tourinfo@purelove.org

You can also apply online, but it has to be in by June 1st so you’d better hurry!

Summer Workshops:

East Coast US

This year the Second Generation Department is holding two major workshops on the East and West Coast. The whole theme of both is "Unity with Hyun Jin Nim" and we are still looking for staff, both team leader and assistants. If you are interested, email us at BC2ndGen@hotmail.com

The times and dates are as follows.

High School wksp is 3 weeks and starts from the 1st of July till the 21st of July. The Junior HS wksp starts from the 13th of July and ends on the 3rd of August. The Elementary wksp will start on the August 5th and end on the 11th of August.

West Coast USA

Under Hyun Jin Nim's direction there will also be a major West Coast workshop, which will be bigger than last years’. West Coast includes Alaska, Hawaii and extends out to Texas. It will be 21 days in LA.

New England USA

"We have been offering a 2nd generation camp in New England for the past nine years. We have learnt much along the way!! Camp continues to grow and now that we have some older 2nd generation in our region we are able to work together. Last year we had 110 children and 23 adults and 2nd generation as staff. We include children grades 1-12. This year we also have a service project connected to camp which will involve the high school students. The kids named it "Camp Aurora", meaning dawn or new beginning. We are building a web site which should be up by the end of the month. The web site includes pictures which will give you a feel for our camp. "

Heather Thalheimer

Summer IRFF/RYS Projects:

There are two major projects happening this summer, again in Honduras and Guatemala. Outlined are the basics of these projects and some specific details about each. For further information or applications forms, contact John Gehring jygehring@aol.com

RYS/IRFF Theme: Youth's active role in building a culture of peace

Participants: The age for the Honduras project will be 15-19. (possible exception if accompanied by a parent) , For the Guatemala project the age is 18-25. There are limited positions.

Requirements: All participants need to go through a selection process. Selection is through application, which includes essay questions and recommendations. The project is limited to forty five participants. Some staff positions are available for adults and those 18 and above.

Norms: Participants are expected to be involved in all daily programs that involve the community. No alcohol, drugs or exclusive relationships are permitted. Participants need to be healthy and able to do physical work.

Costs: Air travel is the responsibility of the participant. The admission fee for each project is $350, which will cover the food, housing, local travel and programs during the project.

Language: Of both projects is bi-lingual English and Spanish

GUATEMALA PROJECT (The IIWFP 10th Friendship America’s Project) June 16-28:

Participants will be meet at the airport in Guatemala City where they will be brought to a local Roman Catholic reflection center for the orientation. Following orientation, participants will travel and visit and sight see on their way to the village of Santiago Atitlan. The work sight is located four hours away from the capital and is located on one of the world’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Santiago. After the week of work is completed they will return to the capital and have a time for reflection and cultural visitations and programs. The RYS will help work on several projects related to improving schools in the Mayan community of Santiago Atitlan; this is a community of traditional Mayan families, which faces the problem of overcrowded schools. We will work on light construction, restoration and landscaping. Work will be done with the help of local professionals.

HONDURAS PROJECT (11th Friendship America's Project Honduras) July 2-12th, 2001:

Participants will be met at the airport in Tegucigalpa and brought to the orientation site. International arrivals are expected on July 1st. The work project is to help construct a training center for youth. Work will be done with the help of local professionals. This project will provide for youth and young adults an opportunity to work with peers from over ten nations. The program includes periods of work service, cultural programs, education presentations, sightseeing and team discussions. Participants will come from various faiths and will be in an environment where all faiths are respected and appreciated. All participants will be given an education packet to help them with the culture and environment of Honduras.


Korea (Blessed Children program)

This announcement/advertisement has been put up by the current western program dorm parents, Jeri and Steve Tamayo:

World Student Garden of Brothers and Sisters The Institute of Korean Studies for Foreign Students 612-1 Kwang-Jin-Ku, Kuui 2 Dong, SEOUL 143-200, S. KOREA DORM- PHONE: (82)-(2)-3436-8431 ext 104/205 Home Phone: (82)-(2)-454-9509 E-MAIL: wsgofbands@yahoo.com

Dear Family members, Have you ever wanted to live in Korea? Do you have a vision of our spiritual community’s future? Does it include our second generation? Do you enjoy being a member of this community? Do you feel you have something to offer to our world family? By the way, do you enjoy working with and caring for young teenagers? If you have answered "yes" to all of these questions then you may be who we are looking for. For 3 years now, James Chisholm and Katja Jeney have worked here as a support couple with Steve and Jeri Tamayo (who have been here 7 years). Now however James and Katja have decided to move on and so another couple is needed to replace them. If you are interested in this mission-orientated work please contact us a.s.a.p. You could find yourself over here in a very brief period of time, guiding as well as teaching 2nd generation children, mostly aged between 12 and 16. For those who are not familiar with this program, this work involves counseling, guiding, as well as teaching. But that is just for starters. Actually we’re looking for a couple that might be quite flexible in terms of what they are prepared to do for the students. Preferably, one of the two should have a BA or a BS and would be able to teach 7th to 8th grade Math. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact Steve, Jeri, James or Katja for further details. Yours sincerely, The staff here in Korea

Jeri Tamayo would also like to add, "It would be really great to get a SECOND GENERATION couple in the dorm. The Japanese program just hired a second generation Japanese brother who attended the program and graduated into SMU. His wife is Korean. He is 25 years old and he has a 1st generation assistant. We would like to raise up a couple to take our place; we just re-contracted for 3 years. This would give us just enough time to help raise up a new couple. They would come in as a support couple and eventually take responsibility and another couple would come as our replacement and their support couple, when we leave in 3 years."

Both of us monkeygirls went through the program in Korean, it was great, hopefully one of you BC couples out there are interested in taking charge!

New Hope Farm Internship

There is an opportunity for anyone interested to serve an internship at New Hope Farm:

2001 Summer Internship for Second Generation at New Hope Farms

Description: July 1, 2001 through August 31, 2001. Applicants are working students; work will include barn chores, horse turn-out, and grooming. Applicants will also learn how to bridle and saddle a horse and will take part in horsemanship classes, including riding. Room and board is included along with a modest stipend.

Qualifications: Applicant must have a genuine love of animals. Applicant must be healthy and be free from allergies and/or physical limitations (a physician's exam may be required). All applicants must be in good standing with HSA-UWC (because of the serious nature of working around large, potentially unpredictable animals, applicant must be willing and able to follow specific direction(s)). Age must be at least 15 through 21 years of age. All applicants under 18 must have written parental permission and every parent of an applicant must be notified, no matter what the applicant's age. Interviews will be held with each applicant before a final selection is made. Deadline for applying is June 15, 2001. Please contact the name below for forms or notify Pastor Bruce or Minister Daryl M. Clarke.

For more specific information contact Lesa Ellanson at nhfarms@warwick.net or call 845-856-8387 and leave a message.

And Finally….

I found this on one of the Church websites. I just copied some of it, for the whole letter, go to http://www.unification.net/stories/kingori20010226.html for the whole letter.

It really shocked me to hear about the plight of these children, you hear about things like this, but to know that there are actual BC’s out there who can’t eat properly or get an education. If anyone can help, please contact Simon. It was titled Kenya Blessed Children SOS

by Simon Kingori ndirangusimon@Yahoo.com Monday, 26 February 2001

Blessed children of 1989 and 1992 are quite big ranging from 10 years to 7 days old. Out of this group 93% cannot afford to attend any government school neither the basic health care. Their mothers don’t even attend antenatal clinic and postnatal clinic. Majorities of them have miscarriages because of proper of any medical care. Example, our national messiahs wife visited Kenya with her three daughters her intention was to fulfill her national messiahship but she could not stay for more than six months because the children could not go to school neither get the basic medical care. She had to go back to the USA. Out of the four Kenyan national messiahs none of their families stay here because of the financial situation of this country.

None of the blessed children in Kenya have touched a computer keyboard which of course translates into they are not leaving in the era of the fourth Adam. As I mentioned earlier the parents cannot even afford to take them to government schools this children are completely illiterate for the last three years we have been talking about building a church school but all that has remained an illusions. I strongly feel I want to teach the blessed children the basic concepts of the computer i.e. typing, paint brush computer games, E-mail, but surely I need the basic equipment (infrastructure) I am appealing to any organization or families who can donate at least four old reconditioned computers, printers, scanners, UPS, and any other accessories. This is a SOS from Kenya Unification Church to rescue the blessed children of the second generation.

Can anybody out there come to my rescue and help me to fulfill my goal? Right now Kenya is the continental headquarters with four national messiahs. But in reality what are we doing to the black blessed children who cannot go to study in Japan, USA, Italy Korea etc. In short the blessed children in the slums who gets one meal after three days i.e. sukuma and ugali (maize corn and cabbage) they don’t know what is meat, eggs, car, school, hospital, clothing, etc."

Also, we do want to update our mailing list, so if there's other addresses we can add on, please send them in.

Now that you’ve reached the end here we can all breathe a sigh of relief…sorry it was so full-on. Hope you all gained something from it.

Until next time, your most humble sisters (with ever-so-wide monkey grins)

Tamami and Konni

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