The Monkey Girls

B'Cuz Issue 26

The Monkey Girls
Is it spring yet?
March 27, 2001

Hi ya'll. How's it been? We've missed you, missed doing Monkey Girls.

Even though there has been some doubts or whatever as to the future of B'Cuz, we deciKonni stick it through and keep going, trying to keep our lil BC Communities connected somehow through knowledge of what's going on in other places. This is despite T. being flat out slave-driven in the newly revitalised 2nd gen department in NYC and stick it through and keep going, trying to keep our lil BC Communities connected somehow through knowledge of what's going on in other places. This is despite T. being flat out slave-driven in the newly revitalised 2nd gen department in NYC and Konni just starting college (finally!). But we love you and B'Cuz it's our baby.

In this issue there are updates about CARP, STF, PLA, all parts of North and South America, the many countries in Europe, ETF, Oceania it's pretty full on so, without further ado, Issue 30 (Most likely around that number)


If anyone hasn't heard, True Father basically declared that anyone who's under 40 (now 48) years old is now part of CARP and under Hyun Jin Nims leadership. He held a 21 Day workshop in Canada, still going on til the 30th, which was for mostly Japanese and Korean leaders because American leaders are so busy with Father's speaking tour.

There's also plans for a workshop for American leaders, which the CARP HQ staff here will be organizing at UTS for 21-days. STF

With Father's 50-State Speaking Tour, most of the STF teams are being mobilized to help out with that. They move around so much, it's hard to really pinpoint where they are right now. One team is in Missouri, one in Wisconsin. Plus two full-time MFT teams. Did we tell you all that Tadakimi Takashima is a MFT Captain?? And Noriyuki Uruga is witnessing captain, now helping out with the speeches. There is also another leadership training MFT team under Takashi san Matsumoto's capable hands. We can tell you who's on that team, can't we?

Kenshu Aoki, K. Tomeda, Kenpei Yamamoto, Yoshiko Takahashi, Kotun Kiely, Kimikami Miyake, Jesse Tenpre

Good Luck guys.

Also, M. Kono has joined the NY office staff at the CARP headquarters. Hes the office manager and apparently, not as good a cook as Konni was. hehe

STF Alumni Association

The focus here has been an STF Website being prepared by Paul Nojima and T. U. (Class of '9) and hopefully will be up for viewing in the near future. Could be very interesting. We think that maybe through communications and knowledge, people can be motivated to get back involved, be inspired to START something, or just plain keep in touch! Much hope.

Also, the STF ALUM had their first ever Outing, originally organized by Mo Sook (but had to bail last minute cuzza the workload at the office) and since it conflicted with other people's school time, not many got to go, but it was nice seeing the sights, just..floating. But we also did our Hoon Dok Hae and even a bit of fundraising, to keep an internal focus on our outing.

2nd Generation Department

So, Yes, there is a big workshop being planned out here at the 2nd Generation Department. We're looking for staff, mostly college age, so if anyone is interested and wants to know more information email us at: bc2ndgen@hotmail.com

On the East Coast, there's one for High school and one for Junior High, and West Coast has a combined one for both High school and Junior high. We're trying to get out all the necessary papers as soon as possible, so we can look forward to seeing you all there!


After many rumors to the contrary, there will be a PLA tour this summer in the USA, currently being planned to be held on the West Coast. For further details check out the PLA newsletter.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the PLA e-mail updates, please visit http://purelove.org/mlm/index.cgi.

This is what the last one contained:

"Welcome to PLA InTouch Updates, the official "almost weekly" newsletter of purelove.org. Here's what you'll find in this ssue:

1. New Video Release! - New stuff you'll love at purelove.org. 2. Pure Love 2001 Information. 3. InTouch - PLA's commentary on pure love in the real world. 4. PLA's Really Bad Joke of the Week.

University of Bridgeport

(excerpted from a letter from Hank Chin)

This is a formal invitation to "Preview Day" as it is formally called on Saturday, March 31st. To my understanding it is the first time the University of Bridgeport is holding an event like this, particularly for Blessed Children. Basically, March 31st is the day of the International Festival, which is the largest and most anticipated annual event at UB. Thus on that day the school is holding "Preview Day" (something like an open house), open for all students to come and attend, which includes a tour during the afternoon and the international festival in the evening. The schedule is not fully detailed and planned as you can see, but the general schedule is as above. The day will include lunch, dinner, transportation, and free entrance to the festival for only $5.00.

To confirm or ask any questions please contact me at Ginhm@hotmail.com or 914-693-3573 or 203-576-2255

Oh yes, some of the STF Alum over at UB have gotten involved in NEA/CT Youth Ministry. Officially, there started Sunday School there last month, plus morning service/hoondokhye.

And Daniel Bessell oppa, with RYS, works with the NEA kids as well as UB volunteers to serve the UB community. They just finished planting trees this weekend.


This is a notice from the Youth Ministry of the Washington Family Church that there will be a middle school boys retreat for those boys in 7th, 8th, and 9th grades from friday the 23rd to sunday the 25th of MARCH 2001 at camp Frazier. The Price will be $25. Please e-mail Mike Roschuni back at davvinchi@hotmail.com or call him at (301)464-1655 to reserve your son's spot. There is only space for 40 participants. The deadline was Sunday March 18th. ITPN, The youth Ministry

We hope it goes well! If someone who goes wants to send us a mini-testimony!


(From Kazue Sato's Companions of Faith) Like I said, last weekend the college second generation of Southern Kali had a little get together in Riverside. There is always so much emphasis on the education of the younger middle and high schoolers that many times we forget that we as college students have our own struggles too. The retreat went well except for the fact that on the first day most everybody was involved in this nasty pileup on the way to Palm Springs. Luckily, no one was hurt although Tomos nice car was badly damaged. There are actually a lot of college kids here. Dave Stein just moved here from DC and will be attending PCC sometime soon along Tomo and Tokutada and a whole bunch of other people. There is a serious shortage of college sisters here so if anyone wants to come.... E

CALI has also starting to scout for West Coast Summer Workshop 2001, Eisuke Inose, Kazue Sato, Hyo Sook Allen? in LA.


(Floridian Sweetie Nan Young Hong) Well... its the best weather down here guys.. while sum of you guys are chillin your butts up there we're havin fun in the sun~ The BC's in Miami went on a fishing trip in Pompano beach~ and it was real nice. We rented a boat and went out to the sea~ or maybe it was the ocean. About 8 of us went and 3 adults went with us.. about 4 ppl has sea sickness.. (ewww~) but Taeko and Noriko were still fishing. They each caught a fish but since it was too small they made them throw it back in the water. and one other fish we caught bled too much so they didnt let us take it with us cuz the fish wasnt good to eat. After we had a barbeque and watched a movie~ OVERALL~ IT WAS FUN~!E


True Father's speaking tour started in this part of the country. The first three, in NYC (Bronx), NJ (Newark), and CT (Bridgeport) all went really well. It was reported in the Connecticut Post, and ya, it was positive. Father read from the speech, but did a lot of ad-libbing, which was very interesting, as anyone can imagine..:)

South America

(Our girl, Danielle Boyd) About 3 weeks ago, me and my sibs, along with Christopher Gonzalez and Salvador Gonzalez (the only two bcs we have here) went to Argentina, cañuelas for the summer workshop (oh, yeah, we got summer here!!!). You know, none of us were looking forward to it, since there are no bc's in Argentina, there are only children that their parents joined the church when they were lil babies. It felt awkard... since i don't get along easily with people, and with bc's, it's like FREE or something. I thought that these kids would be... different. that was mean of me to think... but, when I got there, I realized that these kids were pure, and they actually were PURER than bc's! they stood up for what they really did believed in, and they were proud of it all. And they were telling us, how important and lucky we were to be 2nd generations, and it made me realize how much sacrifice they gave to do. Their services and testimonies were good, but that's what really touched me on my FIRST (yeah, first!) workshop ever. It was cool. (don't forget 'bout us lil south americans down here!!!) I've changed my addy to: DJ@wacom.com.uy



This is Konni here Sydney looking pretty good at the moment. We're having a mini-workshop/sleepover/ bashE(in N.Cali terms) this Friday to Saturday. I've got planned a movie, beaching, sports, testimonies, may be a CLUE presentation and a trip to the Sydney holy ground. There'll be 15-20 of the ElderESydney BC's attending. It's the first of hopefully regular events like this. I started teaching the youth group here, too a couple weeks ago. There's another RYS project being planned for the Easter break, probably again with an Aboriginal community. We also have pretty regular groups of Korean students from Sun Moon University working in different activities here as well as a team of young Japanese brothers who are working on Ocean Challenge.

Big plans for little Australia.


Well, this is Konni againEhis is a little short something about a trip I made to Fiji last month for a week, representing PLA. I was invited to speak at the two main teachers' colleges in Fiji (it's the place Castaway was filmed) and it went extremely well. I got to speak to hundreds of young teachers-to-be and a group of girls decided to even quit smoking after a presentation. yeah. Fiji is in the midst of all this political upheaval but hopefully I can go back around the end of next month to do a fuller longer session of CLUE teacher trainingEet it out into the schools. They were all really inspired by the message and when I showed the PLA 2000 tour video to one group they were very excited and demanded that a PLA tour go to Fiji as wellEmay be in a couple years time, right?


Emmanuel Bauer oppa, Inshunor Joergensen oppa and Daniel Bessell oppa all sent this to us, the European Second Generation Newsletter. (Thank you!!) Sorry we could only put out excerpts, and we missed a lot, but if anyone would like the whole thing, feel free to ask us, or be put on the mailing list directly by emailing generations@e-sg.org www.e-sg.org Read on, activities in the European BC World.

ETF (European Task Force)

The first 2 weeks of February ETF stood in the Chicago CARP center, doing witnessing and preparing for Father's 50 states US tour. And of course in that time Valentines day couldn't be missed to sell some roses.

After that they came to Frankfurt and Grace Hill held a 2 day special workshop with them. Next ETF participated the Austrian "FaschingsEweekend meeting in Vienna and a ISAE evening discussion on Sunday organised by Andreas Bauer. But after that they couldn't wait anymore to get to the final destination: Banska Bystrica, the battle field for the CARP witnessing!

This is a excerpt from Hannah Alexander:

Everyone's own personal growth has drastically grown since we went to a workshop in Germany, where Grace Hill straightend out the emotional stress people were feeling. It has been good, so far, here in Slovakia. Witnessing has generally been positive. I have met some really good potential church members. Man, I sound so first generationish.E

Is that a bad thing, Hannah? =)

United Kingdom

On the 17th-18th of February all the Elders and Regional leaders got together to get to know each other and generate new ideas and enthusiasm for our jobs. Much like the HARP leaders meeting in Schmitten, we based ours mainly upon that. We tried to help everyone understand what we are asking them to do and support them in doing it. Especially for the Regional leaders, we tried to gain the right attitude for the members they will be caring for, along with new ideas of activities they could do in their regions. As regional leaders will now be having a much larger role than before, which they should prepare for. We will also let everyone know of the new ideas and things we are implementing now, such as membership fees and the flow of information.


This month, we started to publish a magazine. It's called HARP Spain Press and completely made for HARP members. Bea (Spanish HARP member) had the idea of this new project and everybody agreed and participated in the first magazine, the second is about to be finished.


HARP meeting with Inshunor Joergensen


In February we had a 3-day workshop in Chamarande (where the PLA stayed) to learn especially how to teach DP, and also to have one day of fundraising. 21 of us attended this w/s and I can say that it brought us closer to each other, and on that special unit-base, we could raise a high spirit.


This month started off with our first committee meeting. One of the main topics was the Leaders Meeting in Schmitten and the other one was planning the carnival meeting, which we had later on in the month. The carnival meeting on February 24th and 25th turned out to be much bigger than we thought it would be. Altogether over 60 people participated in it. It became an international meeting with the whole ETF team, several Germans, some from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, also a participant from Switzerland, and Emanuel Bauer.

OUR MISC. CORNER (messages you sent in)

Hey there! Emmanuel Blanchard wanted me to forward his e-mail address to any of his old friends, and I thought maybe you could just include it in the next issue of B'Cuz. Thanks a bunch. -Limi -

Emmanuel BLANCHARD <emmanuel.blanchard@ferma.fr

There is a new site for Unification Church members that tells their email addresses, AOL instant messenger screen names and ICQ numbers if they use those chat programs. Please have a look and make sure that your details are correct and complete. If you do not want to be on the site then please email me and i will take you off. Please tell all your Unification Church member friends about the site because its brilliant but it could be better if everyone would just spread the word. At the moment the site has just under 2500 people but it is destined to grow. The site is http://www.unification.net/chatlistings. Please have a look, and forward this message to all your UC contacts. Thank you for your time.

Free Teens is a abstinence-promoting group, similar to PLA, started by Richard Panzar (yes a member) and they have a webpage up,


Check it out.

Dear Friends of Free Teens, We are very excited to announce the creation of our new teen section "My Story" on our website at http://www.freeteens.org/stories/messageboard.htm. If you are a teen or know teens, we are very interested to hear from teens and to include your/their stories.


Some Monkey Wisdom:

"The life of wisdom must be a life of contemplation combined with action.E

So true. Please keep sending us your replies. We love feedback and we'd love to hear what you're up to!

Much love,

The Monkeys

a.k.a T. Kawamura and Konni K. Rattley

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