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B’Cuz Issue 12

Monkey Girls
April 14, 2000

Back again! How are you all doing? Sorry we couldn’t get this out sooner. Konni had an…accident last Saturday and she’s been too drugged up to write anything until now. This issue won’t be so full-over. We were hoping to get some mini-testimonies from STFers about some of the interesting experiences they’ve had lately but everyone’s so busy…! One day…let’s just be patient. Thanks for all our ‘correspondents’ from around the place. Here it goes…!


What’s happening here? What’s not happening! It’s been an intense couple of weeks. Besides the PLA missions that we all have, we’ve been extra busy helping out the Chicago Church mobilize and prepare for Mother’s speaking tour. For three weeks we all visited different Christian churches, (mostly black). I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a Black church but it’s definitely an experience you’ll remember (can I get an Amen?!) Last Friday and Saturday a bunch of us went into downtown Chicago to pass out leaflets advertising Mother’s Speech. We weathered wind and hail storms. Most of us were soaking wet yet strangely happy that we could somehow contribute ‘directly’ to attending True Parents. We passed out tens of thousands of leaflets. STF to the rescue, yet again.

Mother’s Speech was last Tuesday at the Civic Opera House here in Chicago. It seats about 5 thousand people. STFers all helped by being bus captains, ushers and receptionists. Thousands of people poured in (mostly black Christians). It was like a huge Christian revival gathering. The singing and entertainment was uplifting. Near the end of Mother’s speech, every sentence she spoke was followed by uproarious clapping and cheering. She seemed very happy.

From Friday, April 14, most of us STFers will go to Michigan again for a short workshop. We just reached the half-way point of this teaching period and the Spring Break has presented the perfect opportunity for us to reflect and re-determine ourselves to finish everything off here with a huge BANG. From Sunday we all go out fundraising for a week. Yeah. So we won’t be here for a bit but we WILL be back.

Since last week we have been having new visitors here in Chicago. The European CARP vice-president, AJ, from England came as well as Petra, from the Czech Republic and 4 BC’s all the way from Germany (Nicole, Stephan, Susie, and Thea)! They’ve come to observe how PLA works here. The German BC’s are only 15-16 years old but they took the time out from their Spring break just to come here. They’re even fundraising to pay for it all! Ain’t that inspiring?

We hear Takashi san’s fundraising team is still doing well. They had a condition one day where they were not allowed to talk AT ALL during their run. They’ll be joining us here in Chicago to do PLA work in a couple of weeks.

That’s about it for now from the STF world.


New To the PLS Site

If you've seen our News Section lately, you know it's always got stuff that's new to the site. We keep it updated just about daily, with links to pretty much every news story on the web about teen sex, sex and character education, and all kinds of other news that touches on the messages young people are being given about love and sex. And don't worry about getting lost in a sea of meaningless links, either; each article is summarized with a short abstract and com- plete source information. Plus, the whole thing is totally key-word searchable. Check it out at http://purelove.org/news

New England (Boston)

(From Tokumasa oppa, thank you!)

Hey, this is Tokumasa in Boston. Here's some update for the New England Region.

There will be a second generation camp from June 26th to June 30th at Geneva Point Center on Lake Winnipesaukee (about an hour from Concord, NH). There is a shortage of second generation staff volunteers, so if you (2nd gens college age and up) would like to volunteer, please let me know and I'll direct you to the person who is in charge of the whole event.

The difficulty of balancing school life and life of faith has been a major concern among 2nd gen college students. But we now have a solution!!! Starting next semester, we will be establishing a student center at Boston Church for second generation college students. I discussed the issue with Rev. Kim today (we'll discuss some more later), and it will definitely happen. The purpose of this student center is to provide an environment for 2nd gen college students to practice life of faith (pledge, hoondokhae, educating younger 2nd gens, etc.) while they go to college. The location of Boston Church is very convenient, because it is only a 5 minute walk to the Park Street Subway Station, where trains go directly to all the major colleges. Are you deciding on your college options? Come to Boston!!! Boston is the THE college town, as well as the home of major universities such as Harvard, MIT (the best among all, of course ^^"), Boston College, and Boston University. The cost of living at the Boston Church Student Center will be cheaper than living in a dorm too!!! For more information, please email me ).

Thanx for all your effort, STF ppl!!! Keep up the good work!!!


RYS (Religious Youth Service)

This was sent to us by Daniel oppa in Guatemala. We did not attach the invitations with this issue but if anyone is interested, email us for the invitations or email Daniel oppa directly. It sounds like a really great experience.

This year we are preparing a RYS project also in Guatemala Central America! We are still inviting religious young people to this service learning program. I have attached the invitation( in English, Spanish, German and French) for this program and also the Application Forms. Please forward this to inter-religious contacts and/or other young people who may be interested in promoting or participating in inter-religious projects. In this RYS service program we will be building a primary school. In the RYS educational program we will be discussing many interesting themes like: World Religions, Human rights, development of democracy and many other interesting topics!
If you have any questions or need more information about this RYS in Guatemala, please contact:
RYS Guatemala 2000 Daniel Bessell e-mail: ffpm@infovia.com.gt or bessell@pronet.net.gt Fax And Tel; (00502)333-2197 or (00502)333-3077
Thank You very much
RYS Guatemala 2000
Daniel Bessell’


Kiyomi and some other Bridgeport BCs have been working on a production of "Grease" and it will be playing on April 20th. We heard they’ve been working on it for a while, so lots of time and investment. Good luck!!

And, Harumi taught a theological seminar on the Unification theology.

Hi guys, I hope you aren't thinking that UB PLA has fallen off the face of the earth. Actually, we are hosting a discussion on the topic of "love" on Monday the 17th. I'll tell you how it goes. Hope all is going well in Chicago. We look forward to welcoming all the PLA veterans who are coming here next semester. Say hi to everyone for us. Highmy

Does anyone know what’s been up with NEA?

Anyways. That’s it this week, we’ll be back, with different STFer testimonies so.

Later~ Kone-dog and Tama-chan

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