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B’Cuz issue 8

Monkey Girls
March 26, 2000

Well, it’s been a while, eh? Since everyone came here to Chicago and the new teaching period started, both of us have been insanely busy. If you heard details of our schedule, you’d understand. But for all that, things are going very well. This issue will be more of an STF/PLA update because we haven’t been able to spend so much time or energy keeping up with other areas updates…this is just what we know so…please feel free to keep responding and letting us know what you’re up to. And we’ll try to keep B’Cuz going.

Hyun Jin Nim

Well, the Forth Adam has been working over time to really re-kick start things in the movement, especially with the youth and 2nd gen.

On the second weekend of this month a conference in NY where Hyun Jin Nim was appointed to be put in charge of World CARP / PLA. On Apirl 1 Hyun Jin Nim will be officially inaugurated.

There was also the 2nd Blessed BC conference held this time at Bridgeport. Unfortunately, our PLA workshop was going on at the same time so only Naokimi oppa was able to attend as an STF representative. There were more people who attended, with people signing up to assist in many areas.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!…Hyun Jin Nim will be arriving here in CHICAGO next WEDNESDAY, March 29.


This takes us to Chicago and stf in general. Right at this very moment everyone here is ‘restoring’ the Dorchester house we all live in. It’s a million years old and everything is falling apart so a long-overdue fix and clean up is being done. I was just helping rip the wallpaper off and Tamami’s re-painting a bathroom. I (kounny) twisted my ankle playing b-ball this morning so I’m stuck in the office. That’s why I’m doing this. God works in mysterious ways.

The PLA/STF workshop was from March 6-11 and it was brilliant. All the MFT teams converged at the Michigan workshop site and we held an intense MFT to PLA transitional workshop. Basically the structure of PLA here is now in two distinct groups: the education team and the public awareness team. The education team are the teachers in the schools…currently more than 40 Chicago public schools! The teachers are in three teams under Mo Sook. Again, the teachers teach in pairs so here is a list of the teams and the pairs:

Hyun Myung’s team (Da Bomb team!!):
Hyun Myung and Miki
Misturu and Florent (from France!)
Tamami and Noriyuki (from Israel!)

Konni’s team (the best team!!!)
Konni (me) and Hoon Chul
Tadaichi and Kayo
Misako and Tadakimi

Jago’s team(the third best team):
Jago and ?
(Jago’s teaching with 4 different ‘student teachers’…all of them non-UC members but college student volunteers we recruited!!!)
Shizuwa And Jeremy (he’s a new stf arrival from England, he’s only 16!!!!)
Hanhee and Gelo

We already taught 2 weeks (8 more to go!) but it’s been an AWESOME experience. Everyone’s learning so much and bonding with the little ghetto kids….I love teaching!

The other half of PLA here is the PA team under Naokimi oppa. They live at a different center close by but come here during the day. They are the Outreach team, under Danichi, Kazue, John, and Teri and the Promotions team under Matt, Eomary, Hyo Sook, Jaga, and Jelean. They do all kinds of PLA-related stuff to promote what we’re doing, including school assemblies, community service, corporate fundraising, event organizing, and recruiting new PLA members (that’s how we got the new student teachers). They still have a lot of pioneer work to do…but it looks very promising.

There are also the PLA office workers: Lulu Sanchez, Kazuki and Chie.

Fong teaches a couple times per week. Kenji and Fong are starting to organize for the upcoming graduation flower fundraising campaign.

Lest we forget the incredibly hard-working fundraising teams. Takashi san’s team (Yeondo, Mantoku, Grace, Motomi, Tomonari, Mitsy, and Kenji T.) will finish there condition soon then hopefully will join us all here in Chicago for the PLA experience. We here some of what they’ve been doing-massive conditions, they bring in a team average of at least $2000 a day!

The whole 2nd generation movement is now finally rising up, stf is just a part of it. You tell us what you’re up to!


Just yesterday (Friday) all the stf people here attended a fellowship meeting organized by Rev. Sutchar for the 2nd gen in the Chicago area. Besides us, there were a few younger BCs but hopefully in the future there will be an even greater attendance. Rev. Sutchar was inspired esp. by the success of the Bay area’s youth fellowship organization.


The bowling party was good but they cancelled the skiing trip becuz it was too warm. "They're doing some kind of "'Free Teens" presentation these days at church for the sixth graders I think. They've been doing it ever week for a while.

Kathy and Josh and some other ppl i think hav been helping out. Richard is doing all that. and he asked me to talk to the lil kids next weekend or something." Quote Mi-ae …(thanks hun)

Newly updated Free Teens Website…http://www.freeteens.org Check it out….

Well, that’s all I really know at the moment…sorry but we ARE trying. Remember…the summer is FAST approaching. If you haven’t signed up for the PLA TOUR yet, you had better hurry!

Thank you all for your hard work. It’s not easy sometimes, but remember to keep connected so you know you are not alone.

Until next issue (keep your fingers crossed!)

Big-eyed monkey grrrrrllllssss!!! Konni and Tamami (in spirit!) Ps. sorry we’re real busy but keep sending in updates and we’ll get this thing up and running again soon. 

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