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Monkey Girls
March 2, 2000

Thank you to all those people who replied for testimonies and pictures. We'll try to accommodate all of your requests and answer questions. It's just kinda hard sometimes around here because this is only ONE of our missions here. So, lots have happened since our just released issue 8, both in the STF/PLA world as well as out there in the bigger bc world.

Hyun Jin Nim's conferences-

There's a Hyun Jin Nim conference going on this weekend, all our Chicago leaders right now (Ye, Steve, Hank, Mo Sook, Erick, and Naokimi) are on their way there right now it's a World CARP / PLA conference, we think.

There's yet another Blessed 2nd gen couple conference coming up,too. You should really try to get to it. It's scheduled for March 13 at UB. If you'd like to attend (yes u have to be blessed) we can forward you an invitation and agenda email from us or contact Jin Man Kwak oppa


Ah, well, there have been three teams out fundraising up until now. Two of them will be coming to Chicago next week. Takashi san's (he was Konni's first team captain!) magic team started a 40 day fundraising condition last week-they'll be heading toward California. They are : Mantoku, Motomi, Kenji, Grace, Mitsy and Yeondo. Wish them well.

It must be mentioned that a few people have left STF, we always hope that these lost lambs will stray back here soonˇ¦. But there are also new additions. A 16-year old from the UK, Jeremy, just joined STF and this Sat. Jaga Gavin will join his twin, Jago, and the rest of us STF people. Welcome guys!!

The rest of STF will have a HUGE workshop at the Michigan workshop site near Chicago from this Sunday, March 5, until March 11. It's basically a transitional workshop to help those stfers who've been fundraising for a long time (some of them have been fundraising since Sept.!) prepare for a change of mission into PLA. It's going to be an excruciatingly exciting workshop, a lot of preparation is going on for it. Then, from March 13, the new teaching period starts and we kick off in 40 Chicago public schools. Isn't that incredible???!!! We've already taught in over 20 schools. That's THOUSANDS of students who receive hours of abstinence education.


Last week Michigan launched a PLA chapter with a workshop on Saturday. A few people from Chicago, as well as PLA president, Robert Kittel, went over there for a PLA presentation. The audience included many educators and even judges. They were all so overwhelmingly inspired. Some people wanted us to start teaching in their schools from the coming Monday. It was a great way to start PLA in a new state and we wish you best of luck. We also hear that some of those Michigan BCs are inspired to come on the Tour now. That's the spirit!

Bay Area

Had this whole, Valentine's Day fundraising thing going on, for the PLA tour 2000 I suppose. Word was it went all right, not great, just aiite. Take heart, you still have like 4 months to prepare.


Quote Mi-ae, Dcbc news.. um.. like, we're planning a ski trip for the middle of march and like, this all-night cosmic bowling thing too.. so that should be a lotta fun.. i can't wait.. i'm so bad at skiing tho~!.. ahhh.. haha..but yeah.. it'll be kewl~.. um.. like, we did valentine's day fundraising for pla.. a lotta ppl did that.. i'm not sure about what the results of all that was tho.. but we didn't do so good... it was pretty fun tho~.ˇ± Sounds just like her doesn't it? Thanks MIE. Any other details?

PLA Tour 2000

We are sooooooooooooooo happy to hear that so many of you are planning to come on the tour. I hear a whole bunch of people form the Bay area, LA (go Cali!), like all the bc's from DC, bc's from everywhere form Arizona to Texas to Michigan even other countries. Let me tell you, it'll totally be worth it. If you don't have the most awesome experience of your life, I'll refund your money personally. Now, how about it? C'mon y'all. And it's great to hear about bc's taking the initiative to raise funds themselves. If any older, experienced bc's want to help the youngers fundraise for the tour feeˇ¦please support them!

Did those of u who requested photos get them?? I sent them out but there was some difficulties like hotmail accounts and such. Anyhow, if you do in fact, still want them, I'm willing to slave over the scanner for you guys. Only cuz I feel bad that I couldn't get it out before. But oh yeah, there's a website that has awesome pictures that Kenpei took. It's at Yahoo clubs, ˇ°Korea Alumni and Friends I'll look for the link on my email later. And John Sapp's website, have you seen that?? It's got blessing pictures too, and Tokumasa's website too. We'll get all of those for you. http://edit.clubs.yahoo.com/config/sjg?.k=DCA38bcb802HXbUl This is for the Blessing pix on the Korea website www.unf.edu/~sapj0001 John Sapp's www.2ndgen.org Tadashi's 2nd Gen website http://www.angelfire.com/stars/ouja/ Ouja's website ok we don't have tokumasa oppa's on hand, so maybe later after he sends it to us.

Did we miss anything?? Sorry it's not a very detailed update. I think cuz we're so busy we become a wee bit STF-absorbed.

We'll be at the workshop next week and the week after will be totally mad-crazy around here so don't be too worried if issue 10 doesn't come out for a bit. Until then!

Signing off, Your ever faithful and obedient, totally submissive and self-deprecating, deceptively wide-eyed


(tama-chan and kone-diggy-dog)

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